Grand Theft Auto IV review
By MK Emaster

GTA IV is a successful video game in the Grand Theft Auto franchise, it is considered the best and sets to be the most realistic action game ever made. It has the most amazing engine and cityscape design, with unique characters and peds roaming around the fictional city of Liberty City. GTA IV talks about the journey of Niko Bellic, an eastern European immigrant, to Liberty city seeking the American Dream with the help of his cousin, Roman Bellic and his desire to seek revenge. Soon Niko figure out it was all lies, the claims his cousin told him about his wealth, and start to get in dirty jobs with Hove Beach's criminals, shark loans and Uncle Vlad. Niko rises through ranks as he advance in the story through a chain of missions, he meets Brucie, an over hyped chop-shop owner, who become one of his closest friends. Niko then moves to the second portion of Liberty City where he engage in a bank robbery, a homicide and a new job with the Mafia. He meets another close friend along the way, Packie the Irish and his crazy family.
After Niko discovered the sad fact about his first girlfriend Michelle, who was an undercover agent spying on Niko, he started dating Kate MCREARY the sister of his Irish friend. Niko then continues his journey of revenge against an old enemy through a number of errands for the mafia, the Irish brothers, and the police. He ends up with the option to whether kill or leave his old enemy, and the story ends with either the death of Kate or his cousin.

The plot as viewed above is interesting, it contains a couple of plot holes, but it is still a nice tight well-written plot. It has all the drama elements in it as well as some comedy elements. The game is set in the fictional city if Liberty City, the recreation of New York in real life. It got all (we can say most) of the elements of the Big Apple, starting from the Statue of Liberty (Happiness in-game) to Harlem streets and New-Jersey. The peds success to portray most of the stereotypical residents of New York, with the violent and dirty GTA flavor added. As it is with most gta games, kids and animals does exist in GTA IV as well as the wide open lands and forests from GTA San Andreas.

The Graphics are amazing and jaw-dropping, most of the texture are realistic as well as most of the models, which tend to get low poly in some places and objects. The particles and effects are amazing as well, you aregoing to enjoy firing a rocket into a sedan with it doors blasting off, and a realistic smoke animation. The physics are great too, exaggerated in some situations though, when Niko is thrown of a helicopter for instance. Some consider the Physics engine to be annoying, specially when quick gameplay is desired.

The voice acting and sound effects are good enough to listen to twice, though some voice acting can get real annoying with odd lip and body syncing. The game's music and them, alongside radio music are epic and have a wide range of taste, you will also have the option to add personal music in the PC version.

The best part about GTA IV is the gameplay, there are countless actions and results that can happen when playing in this sandbox game, a ped can fly above a foodstand while a police vehicle is burning and grenade just exploded. Niko can run, swim, jump, steal and ride a wide range of vehicles, trucks and helicopters. The game got a new aiming system and a better reaction animations, try shooting a ped in his leg while he is running fir example, he might trip over, die or even scream depending on the situation. Driving is fun with a realistic driving engine and amazing collision animations. Niko can also enter most shops around the city and wire a car after smashing its window by his foot.

There are more in this game than what said and known, it is a game of it is generation, you should not miss this. I would go for a 9/10 as a final score.

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