Truly Admirable Runes of Magic
By MK Emaster

Runes of Magic is a free-to-play MMORPG, it is one of the most popular in its genre, and it reached over four million players by 2010. The game features fantasy theme, a non-Anime style MMORPG just like its sister World of Warcraft. Runes of Magic is free to download and free to play, with the option to use real money in exchange for virtual currency known as Diamonds, used in a special item-shop. Runes of Magic released a total of three major patches (Known as Chapters) and various constant updates by 2010. The game features a unique customization for character appearance, with variety of colors and gears to equip. There are two playable races, the Humans and Elves, and eight classes that can be combined to form 24 unique characters with different skills. A character can have two classes at the same time when level 10 is reached, and more skills are unlocked, which are upgradeable via Talent Points.

Runes of Magic is set in the fictional fantasy world of Taborea, and the game quests takes place within the Elven Island and the main land of Chandra. There is no strong plot present, or main quest which reveals the plot as you advance, only chained quests with odd and repeating story present. There are hundred of quests to do, from daily quests and message delivering, to dragon slaying and item crafting quests. The variety of quests are unlimited, they can be done in any order too which may cause minor disruption. Some quests requires the player to engage in combat with monsters in the wild, this is where the fun part comes, the combat is generally the same as the one seen in World of Warcraft. A mixture of physical, magical and skills attack can be used, the monsters A.I is moderate and most of them are distributed well on a level term. The combat interference is a simple click and watch control type, with no action button mash-up. Runes of Magic have a level cap of 60, the first 20 levels are easy to reach until the player get passed 30, after that it is all about good questing and farming experience points.

After finishing a monster killing quest you will have to confirm your completion for the quest, mostly you will have to talk to NPCs that are scattered throughout the maps, specially in the various farms and towns. Talking to NPC in Runes of Magic is not something you want to do, useless NPC rarely have something useful or even sense-able to say. But don't worry, you will get the chance to engage in social interaction with real people through the chat channels, and the friend system. You can also buy items and trade it with friends to marry them through the new relationship and marriage systems. Another great feature is the pet system, where you can buy or hunt for pets with various shapes and races, then feed them, make them produce goods or just aid you in battle. That with the new newbie pet, whose job is to help newbies through items and tips.

Runes of Magic got tons of items, weapons, and armors. It also got mounts to ride and cut distances, and most of it can be trade with other players or can be placed in the great Auction House for sale, you can also bid and buy great items from other players through the Auction House. There is also the item shop, where elite items are sold for Diamonds, Rubies and Tokens, you can then store them in your bank box or in your furnitures in your house. That is right you can have a house, a guild and a guild castle too. With various guilds around, guild wars are present, alongside PVP matches and duels.

The Graphics aren't that much of hype, but they are okay and serve the purpose. The textures are great and various, highly detailed too. All this combined in a bright environment that gives you the mood to play more and feel it as a reality. That with some great music, which sometimes my ruin the mood with constant sound bugs. You can play this game over and over with various characters and you will not get bored, keeping in mind the number of patches being updated every week. As a final one, I would say this is a really good game, a free one and it got 10/10!

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