Final Fantasy Tactics Review
By devilman108

Final Fantasy Tactics is possibly the best Final Fantasy to ever be released. There are flaws, but they take NOTHING away from the game’s enjoyability. A wonderful story, amazing gameplay, and tons of jobs and skills to work with. So you don’t have to sit and read 3 pages of a single review, I’ll tell you in a moderately short amount of reading why this classic game is a must own for Final Fantasy fans and casual gamers alike.


The first thing people pick at is the graphics. For a PlayStation 1 game, it has very good graphics. Even though it may not look like it at first, the graphics really define the game. The character portraits are very well done, the spells are amazing, and the animations are very clear. The only possible flaw is that they aren’t the absolute best quality by today’s standards. In total, the graphics get a 82% for not being the best, but still having great animation and effects.


The gameplay is by far the best part of this game. The battle style set a new tone for Final Fantasy. A grid-style layout with all the strategy requirements expected and then some. You’ll spend hours battling over and over just because you can’t get enough of the battle system. The jobs and skills available are amazing. There are well over 400 different abilities, skills, and spells from which to choose. Attack, Passive, Reaction, Movement, and Secondary are the sections of available skills, and the 19 different jobs make for an endless number of combinations to try out. The probabilities of success, the struggle as you try to avoid attack and find the best way to handle each battle will make you fall in love with this game. So, because of the magnificence of the battle system, and all the possible attacks and commands, this game gets an amazing 96% for gameplay.


I’m going to go right out and say it; this game has an unbelievably amazing storyline. Twists, turns, and surprises are waiting around every corner. There are sad parts, shocking parts, and many funny parts to give you the giggle you need now and then. And not only is it good, the story is incredibly long. Not so long as to bore you, but long enough to keep you from thinking “It’s over already? I don’t want it to end!”. And even after it’s over, you will want it to continue. Because of the length and awesome quality, the storyline of this game gets an impressive 92% for Story.

Music and Sound

This game has one of the best soundtracks ever made for a video game. The sound is clear and precise, all of the sound effects perfectly match their contexts and sources. The music is unbelievable, you’ll want to sit and just listen to the music repeatedly. The battle theme keeps you in the fighting mood, and the story music sets the perfect tone for each and every scene. The credits music alone will make you cry that the game is over. For having such an amazing set of sounds, and having such a strong soundtrack, Final Fantasy Tactics gets a staggering 97% for Music and Sound.


The characters match up with the quality of this game and deliver great dialogue. They are all filled with emotions and are all very smart. There’s the Fun, the Nice, the Smart, the Mischievous, the Backstabbing, the Snobby, the Traitorous, the manipulative, the manipulated, the people who just want to do the right thing, and the people who are all about helping people. The characters add so much to the storyline, barely a single character is boring or uninteresting. You’ll be kept on your toes wondering who’s going to do what next. For such great characters, FFT gets a great 88% for Characters.

Re-Play Value

Oh the Replay!!! This game is so long and amazing, when you tell yourself that you just HAVE to play it again, you notice even more intricate things and seem to enjoy the game more then the last time. There are so many items to discover and quests to do, you’ll just have to get it all over and over again. This game almost never gets old. If you ever get bored, you can set it aside for a day or two, then it will become more and more alluring to start back up. I’ve been playing this game constantly for 7 years and it’s still not the least bit boring. And with all the possible combinations and challenges available, there’s always something new to try. For such amazing Replay Value, Final Fantasy Tactics gets a 98% for Replayability.


This game is amazing and a definite must have for anyone who likes a good RPG game. With all the things available to be done in this game, you’ll want to play it a considerable number of times. This game is one that you just have to try out. I first tried out this game and thought it would be either WAAAY too hard or really bad altogether. I was proven wrong within the first few battles and I’ve stuck with it ever since. Even if you don’t think you’ll like it, you still need to try it out. The story, music, and gameplay all come together to create something that dishes out hours upon hours of enjoyment.

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