True Crime: “Great Game, but needs a lot of improvements!”
By MK Emaster

This game is pretty much realistic because of both, the story and the graphics. This game pictures NY as it is in the real life, with all of the landmarks. The pedestrians are the nicest part to complete the game, the player can interact with them in many ways, the ability to frisk them and arrest them is the best. The way Activision wanted this game to be is brilliant, but it turn out to be awful with the massive number of glitches. Glitches that can occur in row!

The graphics and models are very detailed and their texture is in high quality, the characters models are kind of weird in the connection point between head and torso. The cars are very detailed, and the ways they get damaged are very realistic. The buildings are very detailed too, they just look like they were ripped off from NY directly. Overall the graphics in this game -almost- looks like the one seen in GTA IV. The City-Scape is really realistic and attractive, you should take a deep look in the scape.
The lights and how it reflects on each buildings is realistic, but might show some materials like wood as glass! The shadows in this game can be disappointing. Sometimes when the player walk on stairs and the camera view is at the bottom, you can see the Shadow on the floor, showing that the stairs are light-through so shadow ignores it as an obstacle. Cars have a very bad shadow two, sometimes it shift from right to left regardless of the position of the light source! This game uses a streaming engine, that means there is no loading then entering in-door or exiting it to an out-door, except some few store that offer you something to purchase.

Animations aren't the best part of the game, most of them were the reason why this game didn't have more players. Some of the character animations are seen in Spider-man 3 on the PS2, obviously Activision used the same animation pattern in both games. Some Animation might get weird when it is being blocked. The way the main character moves is kinda weird too, especially when he get to running stat, his animation will seem fast but his movement is slow. Another bad thing is that you have to wait for the pre-recorded animation to finish before you can interact with it ie. you can't punch a thug when he is flying from a kick. Also when you are too close to walls you can view the interior of Marcus. I don't know if they meant to do that, but it rocks! Weapons will lay vertically like there is no gravity sometimes! speaking about gravity, it is very low in this game, when someone is dropped by a kick and hit the wall or a car before he fall, it may take longer time than it usually takes! The animation isn't really matching the current played sound, so you may expect a thug to move his hands before or after talking.

The Sounds and Music are fine, but sometime doesn't match the animation. The music is varied from hip-hop to rock, metal and Dance.

Probably this part is the most important, other than playing the storyline there is a lot to do. You can frisk peds and clean the sectors of NY from crime. You can earn money and purchase weapons, upgrades, fighting styles, music, food, and cars. The shooting part is the best, with every weapon there is a different effect. Melee weapons are the most weapon that you can find around, from crowbars and pipes to swords and sledge hammers. The driving part is the worse, since you can't control the car like it is on a road. You will feel your car sliding time to time. The good thing they provided cabs and transit system for those who dislike driving and to save time, the city is so big that you will need a long time to drive from China town to Harlem, really long time. You can collect various evidence in this game in various location and depends on the environment or the situation. Marcus can swim too, but only for few minutes. The good thing is, when Marcus dies, you will not lose any of your weapon or money. Just a leg or two that will be replaced! Hey there is even a strip club and dance club in this game!

The Plot at first is very attractive and good, but as you advance you will realize it repeats on the same pattern: Intro, your player meets the boss, information collecting, chase and boss fight. There are some extra changes if you start the game with different case.
The Plot is really tasteful and contains a lot of action and drama at the very first part of the game, but soon it will start to lose that and you might feel this game is repetitive and silly. The plot talks about Marcus Reed, a Gangsta turned into police that worked for his in-custody father "King". Marcus will shakedown the very top of the criminal syndicate in NY to find out who is the mole in the NYPD that was responsible for his fellow detective. You will encounter a lot of unique characters, from mad ladies that put you in an Asylum to friendly and abusive taxi drivers. The bosses in this game are mixed from different nationalities too. There is the mad Asians that do illegal smuggling in the Harbors, maniac Goths vampires that chase you to death, black gang that leads the crack business, Italian mobs that acts madly to conquer the city's crime network and the white mad madams.

You might get used to this game in 2-5 days or 48 continuous playing. The story mode along with side-missions can be done in 50-90 hours if you got the right weapons and skills, and there is the open free play, where you can clean street and answer police calls.

In the end I can say this game tries to give it best, but fails because it didn't see it mistakes and little bugs that grew bigger and bigger. If you want to waste 4 hours a day for video gaming, I recommended this game for you! Action and ghetto players try other video games!

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