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Bypassing the Site Censor
As you will know there are words which will be picked up by the Site Censor and masked out using the word 'Bleep' for the part of the word deemed offensive. I am going to use an example here to show you what is acceptable and what is not.

I'll use the word 'KILL' which, for this example, is deemed offensive (which of course it isn't but I'm not going to use a real offensive word).

1. If you were to type KILL then the Censor will replace it with 'Bleep'
2. If you were to type KILLING then the Censor will replace it with 'Bleep'ing
3. If you were to type KILLED then the Censor will replace it with 'Bleep'ed

Now if you don't want the word 'Bleep' to appear then in example 1 you must type ****, in example 2 you must type ****ing, and in 3 you must type ****ed

The following are not permitted:

K***, K*LL, K1LL, K**L, K*LLER, K***ING and anything like that. The root word here is KILL and EVERY letter must be masked out. The following are acceptable:

****, ****er, ****ed, ****ing

As you can see, all of the letters than belong to the root word have been masked by an asterisk. You don't have to use an asterisk; you could use something like 'X' or '?' for example ? ? ? ? ing or X X X X er.

Anyone using anything that is an attempt to bypass the Site Censor will be considered to have broken Site Rules and will be warned. I advise anyone who gets a warning to take note of it because if the warning is ignored and breaches of the rules continue then the member responsible is likely to face further action which may lead to a suspension or even a ban.

Please bear all this in mind next time you post something which contains a word that is likely to be deemed offensive.

Spoiler Tags must be used in topic titles, and within posts.

The definition of a spoiler

1. Anything that might give away a plot or an part of the story
Correct way of marking this spoiler: Always use the spoiler tag.

2. Secret or hidden character identities
Correct way of marking the spoiler: Always use the spoiler tag.

Names of characters are okay, but NOT hidden identities.
Boss names okay, as long as they are not a shocker in the story.

3. Any information/strategy/tips/cheats
Correct way of marking this spoiler: Use the spoiler tag.
Exception on this are Help topics where people are specifically asking for help.

This includes:
--defeating bosses
--solving puzzles
--who to talk to next in the game
--cheats, tips, getting to a game area early

Reason: Some people want to try and figure things out on their own, so put your tip/strategy/cheat in a spoiler tag.

How to use Spoiler Tags.

We are asking people to LABEL their spoiler tags, so that people have more information on the spoiler before choosing to read it.

A labeled spoiler tag will look like this:
Spoiler: Strategy to defeat ... (click to show/hide)

Spoiler: True identity ... (click to show/hide)

To put a label on a spoiler tag, you'll need to ad a few extra words within the tag itself. When using the spoiler tag the following code will appear (without the *)[*spoiler][/spoiler*]. By placing "= " behind the word spoiler in the first tag you can mark a spoiler tag with a label. If done correctly the tag will look like this (again without the *) [*spoiler=][/spoiler*].

Penalties for posting untagged spoilers
Penalties depend upon the situation, and include:

1. Severe Warning: Any further violations will lead to stronger sanctions.
2. 1 to 3 day suspension from posting.
3. Temporary/Outright ban from the site for serious spoilers. (only in the worst cases)

We take Spoilers seriously because they cannot be undone. While flaming is also a serious matter, an apology may often be enough in some situations. However, once a game is ruined for a player, that damage cannot be erased.