Author Topic: System/Ability changes (Possible SPOILERS)  (Read 3522 times)


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System/Ability changes (Possible SPOILERS)
« on: March 23, 2012, 11:29:14 PM »
Role bonus is much lower, about half of what it was in FFXIII.
They have a ton of new auto-abilities that raise damage; most of these don't stack with each other though.
Powerchain appears to have been buffed.

Other than the new skills, they appear to work the same.

Role bonus starts very low; at Bonus Boost II it's a bit lower than it was in XIII.
I don't have any info about accuracy for the spells themselves at this time, unfortunately.
Wound and Woundga
All skills inflict Wound damage.
The normal spells received a slight damage boost.
Curse makes a target take 33% more Wound damage and lowers Keep.
Deprotect and Deshell are a smaller bonus.
Dispel attempts to remove 2 buffs per cast.
Endless Nightmare (damaging move that slightly boosts debuff duration)
II/Heavy skills are physical, with higher attack multiplier, cut and keep.
No Daze or Slow outside of Feral Links.

Role bonus is much lower.
Most buffs seem to have longer base duration, perhaps to compensate.
-Ga buffs are cast on the whole party, but wear off very fast.
Brave and Faith are basically equal to Bravera and Faithra in the previous game: big boost with a short duration
Vigilance is now Wound damage -33%, Keep+20;  There is no way to raise Cut in this game outside of the "Pressure" passive
Endless Blessings adds ~8 seconds to buff duration.
No one learns Barspells or Haste.
Enaero replaced Enwater.

Role bonus is lower.
I'm not sure how much is Raise itself vs. Improved Raise II, but characters revive with more HP.  Max seems to be 50% (in FFXIII Lightning with Improved Raise II capped at 36%)

Role bonus is more front-loaded, and doesn't protect allies quite as much. (9% vs 15% in FFXIII)
Role Bonus has a Wound Damage lowering effect.
Lost all evasion related abilities: Evade, Counter, Elude 
Steelguard increases resistance by 5% per hit. (1-2% in XIII)
Element Guard lowers elemental damage for the whole party by 33%.
Can't say for certain here, but it appears Entrench's bonus may be higher (My Metalligantaur is doing quite a bit more damage than it "should")

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Re: System/Ability changes (Possible SPOILERS)
« Reply #1 on: April 02, 2012, 12:37:10 AM »
Ability Groups


Related Passive: Improved Guard, Improved Guard II

Counter (JP: Revenge)

Related Passive: Improved Counter, Improved Counter II

Ward (JP: Barrier)

Related Passive: Improved Ward,  Improved Ward II (Snow only)

Debuffing (JP: Weaken)
*Deprotect II
*Heavy Deprotega
*Deshell II
*Heavy Deshellga
*Poison II
*Heavy Poisonga
*Imperil II
*Heavy Imperilga
*Dispel II
*Heavy Dispelga

Related Passive: Improved Debuffing, Improved Debuffing II

Debilitation (JP: Obstruction)
*Curse II
*Heavy Cursega

*Pain II
*Heavy Painga
*Fog II
*Heavy Fogga

*Related Passive: Improved Debilitation, Improved Debilitation II


Related Passive: Defensive Maintenance,  Defensive Maintenance II (Ultros only)

Augment (JP: Strengthen, Reinforce)

Related Passive: Augment Maintenance,  Augment Maintenance II

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