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Author Topic: Final Fantasy XIII-2: Love it or Hate it  (Read 6340 times)

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Final Fantasy XIII-2: Love it or Hate it
« on: May 04, 2012, 04:27:05 AM »
Obvious spoilers ahoy if you have not finished Final Fantasy XIII-2!!!

Final Fantasy XIII-2 was released to answer fan's complaints about the first game. For those that didn't enjoy Final Fantasy XIII or were disappointed with some aspects of it, I'd like to hear your thoughts about the sequel if you played it!

Please don't only post "I loved it" or "I hated it." If you are going to post, please post a full opinion. I'm not asking that you post an essay stating every single aspect of why you loved or hated it, just that you elaborate more than just blatantly says "It rocks/sucks."

I just finished it yesterday, and I loved every second of it. It was a significant improvement in all aspects that FFXIII lacked. While I wish I could have played more than just Serah and Noel for the entire game, I grew to like them, even moreso than the original characters from FFXIII.

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Re: Final Fantasy XIII-2: Love it or Hate it
« Reply #1 on: May 04, 2012, 01:40:56 PM »
I've played through it fully three times now (all 160 fragments each time) and loved every moment. Caius, in particular, I thought was a mysterious, imposing and engaging antagonist. Knowing all the secrets of time makes it near impossible to guess what truly drives him (I know he repeatedly says Yeul but I'm sceptical). Not to mention that transforming into Bahamut makes him one of the FF greats by default :D.

I know people have, and will continue to criticise the ending. But the way I view it is how it literally screams 'YOU'RE GETTING A SEQUEL' and that makes me happy. Maybe Noel and Hope will team up with Fang and Vanille?

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Re: Final Fantasy XIII-2: Love it or Hate it
« Reply #2 on: May 04, 2012, 05:07:31 PM »
i loved it especially with poker and whatever the other one is called even tho i completely saw what happened in the ending coming

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Re: Final Fantasy XIII-2: Love it or Hate it
« Reply #3 on: May 04, 2012, 06:51:56 PM »
I loved it, significantly over Final Fantasy XIII. The characters were much better this time around, and were instantly likeable from the get-go. I thought Serah and Noel had great chemistry and worked extremely well together. While I was disappointed that there was no one else for the entire game to play as, they were both very well-developed, especially Noel in particular.

Caius, as already stated, was a tremendous villain and a step up over Barthandelus. He's an imposing villain who spends less time on the sidelines and more time making sure he's making your party's lives a living hell. At the same time, he had a tragic side to him, forced to witness the one he's been tasked to protect die over and over again while he can't do anything about it. He also made a brilliant foil to Noel.

About the gameplay, everything was an improvement. From something major like the lack of linearity, to those little annoyances in the battle system; I can tell Square Enix put a significant amount of effort into answering fan's complaints. I enjoyed the monster catching system, and I thought it added much variety to a small party that consists of only Serah and Noel.

Er... tl;dr - Square Enix answered many of the things I found wrong with the first game, and made what made the game great even better. For that, I loved this game.


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Re: Final Fantasy XIII-2: Love it or Hate it
« Reply #4 on: May 04, 2012, 07:06:27 PM »
You can read my thoughts about the game in my review, and my thoughts about the game still stand.

The gameplay is an incredible improvement, I loved the freedom that was offered this time around, and I enjoyed the characters and soundtrack. My only complaints would be the story and dialogue, which for the most part is full of cheese, cliched and cringe worthy lines.

Of course, there was the ending, because I personally do not want a Final Fantasy XIII-3 before Versus, so that "To Be Continued" better mean something else. ::)

But overall, massive improvement over FFXIII in all aspects except story, and this is coming from someone who enjoyed FFXIII.


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Re: Final Fantasy XIII-2: Love it or Hate it
« Reply #5 on: May 04, 2012, 08:08:52 PM »
you still think they are gonna release versus?

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Re: Final Fantasy XIII-2: Love it or Hate it
« Reply #6 on: May 07, 2012, 07:10:59 PM »
as far as i've gotten (about halfway) i can honestly say (without bais because i love the series regardless of how bad the playstyle is) that i have loved it

lol i've even looked up something for it. people just never cease to astonish me. there's a simple way to hack your save on XIII-2 whereas there was no way to do it on your XIII save. i'll not go into detail but suffice it to say that i know that one of my friends has done the hack and it is an incredible cheat.

the only time i'll ever use that hack is after i've finished the entire game on my first playthrough XD i just like going through each FF game multiple times using different cheats (PS1 and PS2) or hacks (PS3) to see how different the playstyle becomes

so, i give the game a 9/10 (mostly because the hack is on it i took away the 10th point) for playstyle
i give it a 8/10 for story
i give it 9/10 for graphics
i give it 10/10 for DLC

if you wish to know anything about the hack, you can PM me lol i know how to use it and where to get it

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Re: Final Fantasy XIII-2: Love it or Hate it
« Reply #7 on: July 31, 2013, 02:02:19 AM »
I think it is a decent game but I don't like it any where near as much as the first game. It has certain "improvements" that people have been asking for, but to me they are superficial and not what is important to me from the series. Towns, sidequests (other than monster hunting), and minigames i didn't care for in the previous games in the series. Story and gameplay is what i mainly care for, and I usually ignored sidequests that don't have to do with fighting something, and minigames. I also didn't like large towns or castles because they always took to much time to get through to get back to the story or gameplay. I didn't like how the exploring is more like level select in this game either. The graphics were also downgraded in this game it seems. Some places look good, but overall it's not as good as XIII, including the character models.

I also didn't like how you are stuck with only 2 characters, that I don't like as much as the previous cast, and a monster. You are limited to only 3 monsters, where the main characters can have up to 6 roles. Also the main cast and the 3 monsters have less skills and less useful skills than characters in the previous game. Even though you can develop them how you like and they can end up differently, they still have less uses than the characters in the first game. Having 6 fully fleshed out characters give much more team customization than 2 static party members with less abilities and 3 monsters making up a 3rd member. Also I don't think the new crystarium is an improvement. The original had you think about what to get first, and the level cap made you rely on strategy to defeat enemies rather than overpower them with grinding. With all the sidequests in this game, you will easily overlevel.

And my main problem with this game would have to be the difficulty. It really is so easy, about as easy as Final Fantasy VII, which I consider the easiest in the series. But I think it poses more of a problem with this game considering the Paradigm system is made for difficult battles. In XIII you NEEDED to think which paradigms you needed and to actually switch between them in battle, in order to excel at the game. In XIII-2, cerberus (com-com-com) actually killed most of the random encounters the fastest. Casting buffs and debuffs were not worth it for most of the game even with bosses (unless you had that big goblin sentinal guy to cast all the buffs except Faith), and staggering actually took to much time in random encounters. Even the Long Gui was easier than the Adamantoise from the first game. Without the challenge, the Paradigm system doesn't work the way it should.

Being able to switch leaders in the party is an improvement I don't really care for. The leader dying not making you lose I didn't care for either. I played Shin Megami Tensei a lot so I was used to it (and in those games there are no retries). I don't like anyone dying so I always retry battles until I can come up with a strategy were no one dies anyway. But the instant paradigm switch IS nice, but considering switching paradigms isn't a big deal in this game, this improvement isn't a big deal either.

I also don't like how the game starts a whole new saga. It doesn't continue with the same themes of the first game, and is pretty much a completely different story. That said, it is interesting and Caius is a pretty good antagonist. But It's missing a good theme which is what I like about the previous Final Fantasies including XIII. XIII had a gnostic, anti-dogma, anarchy, Gallic War theme going on, and I REALLY loved that. XIII-2 still has the gnostic theme but it's still in the background and is missing all of the other themes.

I wont even get into how having to buy the DLC to get the full experience isn't right. But I will get into how the DLC is better than the rest of the game. It actually brings a bit more challenging battles. And the Valhalla Lightning DLC has to be the best part of the game IMO. I really like that fight. It's an example of what I was talking about. The fight is difficult (under level 9) and requires you to actually use all of your paradigms and abilities. This is were the system works.

The music is awesome though. Almost as good as XIII's soundtrack. Very close so I'm not dissing XIII-2's soundtrack at all. Except for Gogmagog's battle music (Limit Breaker or something like that). I will dis on that one. It's like Devil May Cry 3's battle music which I grew so tired of from hearing it over and over again, and Gogmagog is making me hear it again.

Like I said in the beginning, it is a decent game and I had fun with it. It's just that being the sequel to XIII, which is my favorite, led me to have high standards for this game.

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