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Role-Playing Forum / Cult of Karnn [Started / Y]
« on: May 26, 2013, 05:00:13 PM »
The lights and noise of Agoranth at night could scarcely invade the dank, shadowed back streets. A weak-willed visitor, drawn from a tavern by one of the Master's more visually appealing servants, now stood entranced before three hooded and robed figures.
The central figure stepped forward and robes ebbed away from a slender hand as it gripped the visitor's skull. The visitor did not flinch, his mind away in some merciful oblivion as the foul ritual was completed.
The figure withdrew the hand and retreated back into the deep shadows as the now lifeless visitor fell to the ground.
A deep voice spoke quietly, "A remarkably easy catch, pity it was wasted on someone so powerless. Serris has proven quite valuable, but we must find some means of determining the strength of her targets to help her choose better. Perhaps a few more like her would also help our cause."
A barely visible flick of a hand and two robed figures disappeared into the night. The lone culprit remaining paused for a moment to consider subtle power detection and measurement before the final robe fluttered and the night claimed it too.

Lyca darted quickly through the crowds, his shoes making almost no sound on the flagstones beneath them. The crowds parted quickly, as they tended to when Brothers were heading somewhere in a hurry, but it helped that there was a giant hot on Lyca's heels.
"Another one, and so close to the Temple?" Sounded Roddigan's voice from both behind Lyca and echoing off the walls around him. He had gotten used to that voice more than twenty years ago, but that Roddigan's steps made as little noise as his own never stopped being eerie. Something that size should not have so much grace.
"Not really all that close, that's just how the gossip is spreading. Victim was seen in a tavern popular with the merchants and bankers. Only just onto our side of the city. Was found in a back street not far from there."
They arrive at the scene quickly, Lyca nods to the local constables and quickly leans down to touch the body, his mind seeking through it for the signs they had come to expect recently.
Exactly what they had expected. Energy and even life force drained dry.
Lyca stood back up and nodded to Roddigan before immediately signing to him to keep quiet. There was enough speculation without one of the First Swordsmen yelling "CULTISTS" at a volume that for most would be the top of their lungs.

After walking a few streets away, trying to avoid being followed and others listening in, Lyca stopped to discuss the crime with Roddigan.
"Just as we expected. No power, no life and an odd magical remnant that suggests mind control. Didn't seem all that powerful a person, though." Explained Lyca.
Roddigan replied in a surprisingly normal voice, which Lyca assumed he believed to be whispering and he appreciated the effort, "Powerful people would attract too much attention. If a powerful man of the city wanders into an alley then people will see and they will remember who lured him there."
"A valid point, which explains why they tend to avoid locals as targets, it could also be that their friends and family are among the locals. However, I meant powerful in the magical sense. The mana reserves of this man make him a poor target for draining energy when there is so much risk involved."
"Ah, then perhaps they cannot tell how much power the target has. Detecting and measuring it without being seen would not be easy. Or perhaps the one doing the luring ans the one doing the draining are not the same person."
Lyca nodded, "That would make sense. They target any traveler with magic and then drain them dry. We should discuss this with the Mages."
"Because if they want to drain people for power, they will want to get the most power per person. If there is a subtle way to do it, then the Mages will know and then we'll know who our cultists are when they try it."

Role-Playing Forum / Cult of Karnn Application
« on: May 24, 2013, 06:59:29 PM »
A Traveller’s guide to Agoranth

Welcome, traveller, to the great city of Agoranth, seat of the Ascarian Empire and built on the ruins of the Kalor Slave-Master city of Karnn.
Here lives our Emperor and here you can find all that is great in our nation. Perhaps you seek the Brotherhood of Swords for training or assistance? Maybe you have come seeking the wisdom and knowledge of the College of Mages. Perhaps for festivals or to find goods one cannot find elsewhere. Or maybe you are among the foolish few who dare delve into to the cursed ruins beneath the city, in search of the lost treasures and sorcery of the Kalor.
All you seek can be found here, and within this text I shall provide an overview that you might be a little better prepared for what lies within.

Life in the city:
The city is broken up into districts by various walls and gates. The Grand Palace stands proud and can be seen from the plains around the city. The main gates of the Palace lead out onto to the great square and the main road to the gates of the city itself. The square and the long road are the focus of many festivals and parades and the streets are lined with stores and inns. Side streets will lead you to markets and specialist stores but such a pattern is common in the city, if you wish to wander down these roads, then you know what you are looking for.
Coming off of the square, through the Eastern gate, you will find the College of Mages and its great library. Further down this road, you will encounter the Eastern Noble District. Mostly dominated by Elven nobles, the expensive mansions here are the home of many wealthy and powerful people of the city. The district continues to the Lower East Gate, beyond here the houses get less grand and much poorer the closer you draw the harbour and the river Agor which flows along one side of the city.
That region is best avoided. The air is thick with desperation and the unwary traveller will likely lose their purse or their life.
The Western side of the city is the home of the Merchant Guilds and the banks.  Much of the housing is average, certainly not poor but lacking the luxury seen on the Eastern side. Almost pressed against the Western Wall is the Brothers Temple, one of the only buildings in the city that has stood since it was called Karnn. Here you may find the Brotherhood of Swords practicing their art in the grounds before the Temple.
Beyond the walls of the city flows the River Agor, and there are small villages along the roads, but with the dense forests and frequent bandit attacks, the wise traveller would be wary of moving beyond the city without assistance.

Magic and the College of Mages:
As you are likely aware, traveller, all those who practice magic are required to register for a license. Here in the city, one may also apply for tutelage under the Master Mages of the city. The College accepts applicants of sufficient potential (or sufficient influence and wealth) twice a year, at the solstices, more out of tradition than practicality.
The College is led by the Archmage, who acts as the Emperor’s advisor on all magical matters as well as governing the College itself.

The Brotherhood of Swords:
The Brotherhood has existed since the Kalor ruled the nation. They were sworn to server the Empire and its people with their skill. When the slaves rose up, the Brothers felt that the Empire was best served by the death of the Emperor and helped the rebellion to overthrow their masters. Since then the Brothers have kept their oath and watched the Empire, acting in allegiance with the ruling Emperor but never swearing an oath to them.
Then Brotherhood usually recruits children or orphans to raise in the sword arts and rarely accepts applications from adults.
They are led by their Swordsmaster, who has the final say in any assignments the brothers go on.

History of the City:
It is a well-known fact that the city is built on Karnn, the seat of the former Kalor Slave nation. The Kalor sorcerers would tattoo or carve great runes of power into their flesh to grant themselves immense power and with this power they had enslaved the other races to build their monuments and their cities. When they were overthrown, records of these runes were hunted out and destroyed, even those bearing the marks were killed and burned.  The newly freed races were terrified that their former masters would regain their power and reassert their authority. Now, the Kalor tattoo themselves only as a tradition. Many of their runes remain, but without the great runes of power, they impart no benefits. The uprising was over two hundred years ago, but the Kalor are still commonly treated with mistrust by the other races.
There are theories that records of the runes might still exist in the ruins beneath the city, but few are willing to pursue them. Not many would know how to use them, and even fewer would trust them with the knowledge.

The Ruins:
One of the great attractions of the city is the tunnels beneath it, remnants of streets and buildings of the former nation. Lost treasures built and gathered by the hands of slaves, forgotten wisdom and artifacts of power are rumoured to lie within. Many people petition for the right to enter the ruins, and it is often granted, but the ruins are not safe. Protective seals and spells that have gone untended strike out at the adventurer, and it has been reported that things live in the ruins, things that have proven difficult to kill. The Empire feels no need to clear out these spells or creatures since they seem uninterested in the surface world and keep people from finding anything that the great purge might have missed.

Now, go, traveller, and enjoy what the city has to offer. It is a great nation of the free people. The Emperor is kind and fair, the Guard are friendly, and the food and drink are exquisite. The festivals are grand and glamorous, and the Brothers and Mages put on quite a show.
I hope you enjoy your stay, traveller, as I did.


This manuscript was found on the body of a man bearing the hallmarks of a Cultist victim. Clearly not a native of the city as can be seen from his dress and the lack of recognition from locals. This text also provides clear evidence that he was from elsewhere in the Empire.
No doubt his research brought him undue attention, or perhaps led him somewhere that made him an easy target. Following an interesting lead or contact, perhaps? He may have wanted to mention the cult in his book.
A pity, the Empire at large could benefit from an introductory text to the City and its general layout. The text offers no clues to the Cultists themselves, but may be passed on to the Guard and filed away as evidence, depending on the decision of the Swordsmaster.

- First Swordsman Lyca Anterrius


Where you come in:

You character, for one reason or another, will be within the city of Agoranth, where a deadly cult has been draining the life from the citizens. Seek the Cultists, serve them in their quest for the power of others or pursue your own goals within the city. The character sheet looks like this:


Feel free to add any categories you deem necessary. The races are fairly standard; Elves, Men, Dwarves and require no explanation apart from the Kalor.
The Kalor are slightly taller than the average for Men and have a slight blue tint to their skin. They are naturally gifted in magical arts and tattoo or scar themselves with runes, but these are merely ceremonial without the lost power runes.

I think that covers everything. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

RP Graveyard / Dragon Slayer[Started(Y)]
« on: April 04, 2011, 06:31:44 PM »
Janus eased himself down beside a grand old tree and pulled an arrow that had embedded itself in the shoulder of his coat.  Chased out yet another town.
He inspected the flesh where the arrow hit. There was no blood.  Pulling back the coat he discovered a layer of shiny, reflective scales infesting his shoulder.
“Wonderful,” Janus sighed, “Good news, you aren't about to bleed to death but you are turning into a cold-blooded monster.”
After re-adjusting the coat, Janus began to drift back through a less than lucky day.

Just that morning he had been healing the wounded in the slums of a town called Hew, he had heard reports of a dragon attacking their farms but as always the reports claimed it to be far larger than it truly was. It was barely taller than a dragonling, in the end it only took three hired mercenaries to kill it. Thankfully he had been on hand at the time to help with the gouges left by the dragon's claws. As the soldier rested, he had drained some of the blood from the beast. It was no help, but he had already guessed as much. He still had much of it left though, perhaps he could use it to find a weakness in the older ones.

His luck had not lasted though.  Someone had wondered at his experiments with the blood, and he had explained his wish to learn a dragon weakness, but the suspicion never really faded. One night he was caught without his coat when a patient was rushed in, with an apparently a lethal snake bite. Janus had fed him an anti-venom that would clear it up in mere hours and quickly soothed the bite itself with magic. The worried family had kept quiet about the all too visible scales on his arms and left, but rumours began to spread.

By the next evening, he Janus was running for his life. The very people he had cured were hounding him. A man almost managed to cut him down, but his poor footing had knocked him off-balance and the sword slid harmlessly off the scales on Janus's arm. The outcast recognised the soldier's face as that of a father who had brought his son in with influenza. Janus had cured him with little effort. The only other soul quick enough or skilled enough was the archer who got him in the shoulder with arrow. The same man who had been poisoned and believed doomed by other doctors.

Janus had escaped not long after. In good time too, he could feel his magic reserves dwindling and he could smell a wellspring not too far away. As he rose to make towards it, he felt something being jabbed at his back. He rose, turning to face the highwayman who had stumbled into his resting place. He was surprisingly well dressed.
The thief noticed the arrow on the ground and the tear in the coat and smirked, “Looks like you've had some pretty rotten luck today, stranger. It ain't about to get better neither, hand over all your stuff, particularly your money.”
Janus felt his senses slowly leaving him as the hunger took hold. “You're right, I have had a bad day,” He managed to say, “but I suspect yours is about to be a lot worse.”
Janus spat a foul black substance into the highwayman's face. Surprised, the highwayman yelped and swung wildly with his blade. Janus knocked it out the man's grasp and grabbed him by the throat.
The thief looked on in horror as the blacks of his supposed victim's eyes turned violet and his mind faded to black.

As Janus regained his senses, he noted the pile of clothing coated in dust before him and sensed something odd amongst the remains. He found a small pendant that was presumable around the man's neck and his eyes widened in amazement, “You had a manastore? I wonder who you stole it from, if I charge it at the wellspring, I could probably feed off it for my entire stay at the next town. Perhaps my day wasn't so unlucky after all.”

Written Section / Sanctuary (Age rating 15)
« on: January 18, 2009, 03:19:19 AM »
I started writing this earlier and got pushed into posting by a friend ;D

This will contain copious violence, my strange homour, people, spirits, sex jokes(but not sex), weapons, fusions, 1st person writing, nudity, the word bleep, demons and many things besides.

I rate it at 15, so I can write it as I want but still stay within reason.

Here it is ;D I'd like to know what you think of it.

Current Generation / MMORPG
« on: November 13, 2008, 03:10:20 PM »
I know everybody here likes Final Fantasy, but does anyone play online RPGs? (besides FFXI)

I've tried runescape, Secret of the Solstice, Adventure Quest, Mech Quest and I'm back to playing Wonderland Online.

So, what does everybody else play?

Sandsea / 2 + 2 = 2
« on: November 06, 2008, 06:12:41 PM »
For no truly justifiable reason, I am going to algebraically prove that 2 + 2 does not necessarily equal 4. How? Like this:

Let us assume:
a = b

this means that a X b = a X a = a(squared)

for the sake of space Im going to write (squared) as ^2, so remember that

anyway, this means that:
a X b = a^2

If this is true, then it must also be true that we can add -b^2 to both sides
a X b -b^2 = a^2 -b^2

with me so far? Good. Because this is the complicated part:
we take b as the common factor on the left, giving us:
b(a-b) = a^2 - b^2

then, if we break the right hand side into two equations, we get:
b(a - b) = (a - b) (a + b)

since there is an (a - b) on both sides they aren't affecting the result, so we can remove them, giving us:
b = a + b

so, if we now assume that a (or b) is equal to 1, then b (or a if you did it the other way) is also equal to 1, this gives us:

b(1) = a(1) + b(1)
1 = 1 + 1

which means:
1 = 2

so, in conclusion:
2 + 2 = 1 + 1 = 2
2 + 2 = 2

Behold! And be very, very confused....

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