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Title: Party+Guest stuff
Post by: kokushishin on December 12, 2016, 05:23:55 AM
Demo doesn't really apply anymore and it's helpful to put all this together instead of scattered notes

All three can be taught First Aid (recover 20% HP when low), which can then be improved to Expert and Advanced.


Primary Arm: Greatsword
Secondary Arm: Shield

* Tempest: double hit
* Reflex: counter+interrupt
* Antagonize: kick and interrupt
* Engage:  preemptive attack
* Intercept: block with shield

* Dawnhammer: greatsword attack
* Cyclone: shield attack
* Royal Guard; shield up and grant Cover to Noctis
* Impulse: greatsword sweep

Link Attack: tosses Noctis up for an air attack

Survival:  Gladio can find more items like potions after battle.  Automatically levels by walking, camping etc.

Exclusive Gear:
Megaphone:  +10% HP recovery to party
Black Belt: +50% damage to Large enemies


Primary Arms: Dagger
Secondary Arm: Spear

* Analyze: automatically scan weaknesses
* Venomfang: damage+Poison when Noct is attacking
* Lancet: counter+ drain when low on HP
* Regenerate: heal ally

Mark: set warp point
Libra Elementia: target weakness
Regroup: moves close+ heal/rescue; Stalwart on critical
Enhancement: grants Noctis elemental buff enemy is weak to (Flameboost, Frostboost, Stormboost); higher duration on Critical
Overwhelm: focus fire on target, allies Deathblow
Sagefire: fire daggers

Link Attack: jumping spear

Cooking: Ignis can make food at camp; gain recipes to add more options.

Exclusive Gear:
The Good Chamberlain:  auto-Hi-Potion on Noctis if he drops below 50% HP
The Grand Chamberlain: auto-Elixir instead


Primary arm: Guns
Secondary arm: Machinery

* Bulletbind (damage+Bind)
* Kickback Blast (big gun/cannon shot)
* Scintilla: counter+stun
* First Shot: first strike and tech meter
* Shock Drop: electric air combo
* Ballistic: rapid fire+interrupt

Piercer: piercing shot+ 2nd hit lowers defense
* Recoil: machine attack
* Starshell: distract;  light damage and possible debuffs vs. daemon
* Gravisphere: gravity gathers enemies in
* Trigger-Happy: CHOOT EM CHOOT EM

Link attack: Noctis and Prompto switch weapons.

Photography: Prompto can take photos at certain spots, with more options as it levels up. in battle it takes 1 tech bar.

Exclusive Gear:
Target Scope: +50% damage vs "small" enemies
Camera Strap: +5 to photo limit


Cor Leonis
Primary Arm: Kotetsu
Secondary Arm: Kikuichimonji
Attire: Crownsguard Fatiques (+20% HP)*
Carbon Bangle  (+150 HP)*
Niella Bracelet
Protective Amulet

Link Attack: he throws one of his swords to Noctis

Technique: Lion's Roar:  1 bar.  Slash with energy wave

Primary Arm: none
Attire: Casual Outfit (immune to several statuses)*
Accessories: Power Wristband (+50 Str)

Link Attack: Moogle Throw

Technique:  Eclipse 2 bars.  For most enemies it is a Gladio-assisted somersault kick ala Kamen Rider,  Magitek she flips over them and kicks. 

Primary Arm: Stoss Spear
Attire: Dragon Mail
Electric Actuator
A-1 Class Powershield
Inertia Controller

Link Attack: Jump, seems to have long range.

Technique:  Highwind (JP:Air Superiority) 3 bars, very fancy jump attack.  Critical adds ?
Other:  Her Rescue is a slap

Sarah (Chapter 5 quest )

Technique: Salvation; 1 bar

complete quest to get Sarah's Shortsword.

*Presuming it is the same version as what your party can equip.
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Post by: kokushishin on March 30, 2017, 06:11:56 AM
-Episode Gladio-

Rage: damage multiplier, builds from taking hits or blocking, max 4.0.  Depletes over time and with attacks.
Valor:  builds from chaining attacks, used to perform Glaive Arts.

Glaive Arts:

Razor's Edge


Maelstrom- spin attack

Dual Master- (unlock) multihit with 2 swords, follow up to Maelstrom

Genji Blade (+hp, multihit coup de grace)

Rugged: (Vit up, health down, drop rate boost)
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Post by: kokushishin on July 02, 2017, 07:37:14 AM
-Episode Prompto-

Overkill (melee)

Secondary Weapons:
Sagitta Sniper Rifle
Rapidus SMG
Alsa Bazooka
Lumen Flare: can set up finisher

Bullet Arts:
Selfie Shot
Trigger Happy (unlock)

Dragoon Dive


Lion Heart gun- more damage when HP is low

Tundra (HP and Vit Up, Ice Res Up, Fire res down)
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Post by: kokushishin on July 31, 2017, 05:28:29 PM

Rush Link is back as of 1.13.   It also sounds like the old weapon abilities will exist in some form as of Comrades.
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Post by: kokushishin on August 05, 2017, 10:24:53 PM

Heal- default heal
Blast- default magic attack
Barrier- hold button to put up a shield ala Regis and Nyx.

Ally Warp- can jump directly to an ally
Warp Chain- instead of a flat damage upgrade from striking farther, you instead get a boost from parrying and then Warp Strike. Also, some weapons have boosts from or just benefit from the warp (easier to break parts, a lot of hits for the status weapons etc.)

Weapon abilities
____bound:  Attack is elemental by default

Curative spell ____: replaces/upgrades Heal
Temper (+attack)

Offensive spell ____:  replaces Blast

Combo spell _____: named spell replaces normal followup attack.

Warp Combo ___  automatic spell on Warpstrike.

Petrifier-small chance of inflicting Stop
Deathbearer- small chance of inflicting instant Death
Flurry Rush- damage up with consecutive hits
Last Stand-damage increase at low HP

Undaunted- Damage increase vs Large monsters
Undaunted II
Undaunted X

Brink Boost do much more damage when at critical HP
Brink Boost II

Charge Boost boost damage of charge attack
Charge Boost II
Charge Boost X

Tempting Tango- dance boosts charge

Critical Boost
Critical Boost II

Face-off Boost  damage up when you are not outnumbered
Face-off Boost II
Face-off Boost X

Parry Boost more damage when countering
Parry Boost II
Parry Boost X

Prime Boost more damage at full HP
Prime Boost II
Prime Boost X

Rush Boost: gain +1% per attack, max 100
Rush Boost II
Rush Boost X

Trachyon Boost  Warp-Strike damage up
Trachyon Boost II

Turnabout Boost  +damage based on # of enemies
Turnabout Boost X

Combosmosis recover MP based on combo
Combosmosis II

Charge Strike: Savage Swipe- charges Critical
Charge Strike: Savage Strike
Charge Strike: Clearout- AOE

Supercharge Strike- boost charge, exclusive to Dreadnought

1000 Needles- turn charge strike into needle attack
10000 Needles

Blade Dance- dance boosts charge, exclusive to Dancing Blade

Air Supremacy  boost midair attacks
Air Supremacy II
Air Supremacy X

Helmsplitter  lower defense
Helmsplitter X

Crusher more damage for appendage
Crusher II
Crusher X

Bonecrusher-chance to lower Attack
Bonecrusher II

Finisher final hit does more damage
Finisher II
Finisher X

Manastrike consume MP to do more damage
Manastrike II
Manastrike X

Threatstrike: provoke on combo opener

Penetrator:  ignore a portion of defense
Penetrator II
Penetrator X

Flash of Steel- add wave to attacks, exclusive
Lion's Roar- stronger version of Flash of Steel

Strong-resist Strength down

Intimidator- more damage vs small enemies
Intimidator II
Intimidator X

Sapient- less chance of Magic Down

Last Chance crit up at critical HP
Last Chance II
Last Chance X

Everspirited- immune to spirit down

Eversturdy- immune to defense down

Sidestep- can evade during combo

Lifedrain recover 10% of damage dealt
Lifedrain II
Lifedrain X

Soulsiphon II
Soulsiphon X

Jitterbug- dance boosts attack and defense, exclusive to Dancing Daggers

Poisontouch X

Stoptouch II
Stoptouch X

Deathtouch ii
Deathtouch x

Warp Saver lowers cost of Warp

Barrier Saver lowers MP cost of Barrier
Barrier Saver II
Barrier Saver X

Deathward- boost Barrier when in critical HP, Ruby Shield exclusive?

Sentinel-chance to take 0 damage
Sentinel II
Sentinel X


Resilient- resist all statuses somewhat
Immunity- immune to all status


Everyone's Grudge improves damage when the party's HP is critical
Everyone's Rancor
Everyone's Enmity

Master Thief- drop rate boost

Immaculate- don't get dirty

Chaosbringer, turn charge into thrust, exclusive to Kain's Lance

Electropulse- Offensive spell replaced with attack that costs kilowatts, Pulse Bow exclusive
Spare Change- Offensive spell replaced with attack that costs Gil,  Zenigiri exclusive

Royal Sigils
The Tall's Sigil: Aura (Attack up buff, stat changes)
The Oracle's Sigil: Healing Light (curative spell range and potency boost)
The Rogue's Sigil: Aerial Ace (Airstep, aerial attack boost, stat boost)
The Pious's Sigil: Multicast (cast two spells, passively boost MP recovery
The Just's Sigil: Omniguard (improved Barrier)
The Wanderer's Sigil: Cheer (buff up to five times, stat changes)
The Warrior's Sigil: Untouchable  (adds Vacuum Wave to Dodge)
The Wise- Dragoon Drain: offensive spell becomes Jump, curative to Lancet
The Fierce-Rampage warp and charge, Rockbreaker offensive, fill meter for All Creation
The Father-Revitalize: trade HP to heal allies
The Clever- Spectral Arms change spell to arms, randomly chosen
The Conqueror-Elemancy: when you have an elemental weapon you have a sort of AOE field effect
The Mystic-Graviton:  offensive spell is Black Hole, which draws in and hinders enemies
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Post by: kokushishin on November 03, 2017, 04:55:44 PM
-Episode Ignis-

Really fast dash, hook for "warp"
Can Counterstrike after using Impervious.

Total Clarity- consume meter to target and attack all within range

Tactical Arts
Overclock: double element boost, costs 2  tech bars
High Jump: AOE jump attack, costs 1 tech bar
Quick Recipeh (unlock)-
*Terrible-poison, nulls total clarity temporarily
*Bad-weakens total clarity and damage
*Great- fills Total Clarity, faster tech gain
*Perfect- as great, but also temp. invincible

Unlockable Gear:
Spelldaggers-  always exploit weakness
Crownsguard Casual- Strength Bonus

Alba Leonis (primary)
Tenebraen Raiment (attire)
Last Rites: AOE Thunder damage, costs 1 bar
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Post by: kokushishin on November 23, 2017, 06:12:14 PM

Comrades partners

Story Mode:




*Kenny Crow- he is always 10 levels higher and uses his fish as knives. 

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Post by: kokushishin on December 14, 2017, 04:05:55 PM
Swap Party Member (Version 1.19+)
each are on Ascension Grid for 20 AP

Shield Block instead of dodge
unique shield effects don't apply, but MP boosts do

Reload meter instead of MP
Pistol and Rapidus SMG are stronger at close range
Bazooka and Grenade can inflict Burn
cover instead of dodge

Total Clarity
MP used to auto-dodge (he can counterstrike afterwards)
Flamebound dagger: multihit at full Total Clarity
Frostbound dagger: small AOE, better at full Total Clarity
Stormbound: dash attack of sorts, extra damage vs Shocked at full Total Clarity

Chapter 14 Exclusive accessories
The Tall's Talisman: Valor gain Up
The Clever's Talisman: Crit up, Rapidus SMG infinite ammo
The Wise's Talisman: Total Clarity gain up
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Post by: kokushishin on June 09, 2018, 06:54:37 AM

I think that's all the Comrades abilities added, at least for now.
Title: Re: Party+Guest stuff
Post by: kokushishin on September 05, 2018, 07:22:06 PM

Couple minor tweaks, haven't really had time to catch up on this or ZA.
Title: Re: Party+Guest stuff
Post by: kokushishin on October 01, 2018, 04:35:35 AM

New stuff from newest update
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Post by: kokushishin on March 27, 2019, 09:38:35 AM
Episode Ardyn

Descension :
Royal Arms
Rising Phantom
Dark Tornado- burn spectral to do damage/Enervate
Spectral Charge- burn MP to recover spectral
Phantasmal Leap
Royal Retribution- fully charged warp attack

Shadow Step->Phantom Fade

Cerberus-0: sniper rifle

Mutant Rakshasa Blade - 4 hit warpstrike
Ardyn's Ensemble (Outfit) dark resist;  buffs Str if Noct takes dark damage

*Meteor Strike
*Flames of Rage
*Hellfire (final battle)