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Gold Saucer Hall of FameThe Games and Winners

Final Fantasy XII Esper Hurt & Heal- Ultima
Ivalice Races Hurt/Heal (FFXII-FFXIIRW)- Aegyl
Final Fantasy XII Ultimate Weapon Hurt And Heal- Tournesol (unofficial)
Final Fantasy VII Character Hurt and Heal- Tifa
Final Fantasy XII Character Hurt and heal- Reddas
Final Fantasy X Character Hurt and Heal- Rikku
Final Fantasy VII Materia Hurt and Heal- Phoenix
Final Fantasy IV Character Hurt and Heal- Rydia
Final Fantasy XII Black Magick Hurt/Heal- Scourge
Final Fantasy VI Main Character Hurt and Heal- Shadow
Final Fantasy X-2 Dressphere Hurt/Heal- Dark Knight
Final Fantasy IX Character Hurt/Heal- Freya
Final Fantasy X Aeon Hurt/Heal- Anima
Final Fantasy Villains Hurt/Heal - Exdeath/Neo-Exdeath
Final Fantasy VIII Guardian Force Hurt/Heal - Bahamut
Final Fantasy Music Hurt/Heal - Battle on the Big Bridge (unofficial)
Final Fantasy XIII Hurt/Heal - Fang
Dissidia Final Fantasy Hurt/Heal - Golbez
Star Ocean: The Last Hope Character Hurt/Heal - Reimi Saionji
General Final Fantasy Summon Hurt/Heal - Alexander
General Final Fantasy Game Hurt/Heal - Final Fantasy XII
Kingdom Hearts Worlds Hurt/Heal - The World That Never Was
Final Fantasy Jobs Hurt/Heal - Dark Knight
Final Fantasy II Character Hurt/Heal - Minwu
Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings Esper Hurt/Heal - Shiva
Kingdom Hearts II Nobodies Hurt/Heal - Samurai
Final Fantasy V Character Hurt/Heal - Galuf Halm Baldesion
Kingdom Hearts Character Hurt/Heal - Larxene

Current Hurt/Heal(s):

FFTogether Character Battle Competition

FFTogether Character Battle Competition 2008
Winner: Auron
Runner-Ups: Roxas, Riku, Yuna

FFTogether Character Battle Competition 2009
Winner: Bahamut
Runner-Ups: Vaan, Balthier, Golbez, Ashe

FFTogether Character Battle Competition 2010
Winner: Reimi
Runner-Ups: Lightning, Golbez, Terra, Caesar

FFTogether Character Battle Competition 2011
Winner: Link
Runner-Ups: Altair, Golbez, Reimi, Moogles


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