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Daily Update: WKC

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Okay there are several of us playing so let's post where we're at...

I'm only at level 7, but I have the property deed and am just hunting to get to level 8 where I can get the first hunt. I actually found another troll on Balda-whatever plain and beat it, but used up all my Revival Powders  :o

I'm a mage, and running out of MP is a serious issue. I need to have Mana Powders or whatever, but I need some serious cash. Heheh. I don't know what level I should be to move on with the story.

Can't wait for the multiplayer stuff!

Well, I am thus far in the Nordia Tunnels at every character Level 11. My character is a mage too, but I always control my avatar to make sure I don't run out of MP so quickly.

I'm at level 7 along with Eldore (whatever his name is) and Leonard, with Yulie at level 6. Takes forever to level up with just fighting the kibbles. I did fight a couple of the treants upon Sunny's recommendation. Near where they are located I found a chest with the Hickory Bow and decided to use it. Seems like my mage's magic does nearly the same damage with the bow as it does with the staff, yet I can use the bow for 0 MP cost, so added that to my character.

I agree it is a matter of MP management. My character was doing about 125 damage on the treants with Fireball, whereas the melee characters were hitting 16-28 damage. All told, I'm sure per battle the damage is about the same, but with magic I will just have fewer hits.

I have to say, I am really enjoying this game so far. Right now, I am Level 19 at Greede's Underbelly and I have 13 hours with this game clocked. This could go up well up there with my favorite RPGs, based on what I've played so far; it has a few (if any) Final Fantasy XII features in Level-5's own unique way. My only criticism is that there is no scan (Final Fantasy's Libra in a case) feature...

My avatar is always in battle, being a full-time mage. Using spells from Heal All to +Eruption, +Comet, etc.

Great minds think alike!! I'm too in Greede and what a beautiful city and the music is incredible here.

I too am a mage, level 19! I also am training some bow skills, when I run out of MP heheh.

I think I got your friend invite Ally, but I didn't recognize the email til too late and erased it, so send me another one.

I did the first guild task today and would have done the next one but there was nobody online to do it with in the multiplayer.


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