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Well I hope you forgive me for the long wait, but I've got some serious delay because my work is screwing around with the holiday roosters. Actually they are still not done with them, but I've decided to no longer wait for them.

Anyway, we've pinpointed a date on which we'll try to hold our marathon. I'm not sure when the holiday is finished for everybody, but I was hoping we could create some event around the weekend of the 14th and 15th of August. Anybody who wants to help us out and is capable of streaming around the given date is welcome to join.

We have yet to decide if we are going to hang up a theme around this marathon, but I guess we'll be capable of deciding that together. Again hope I haven't let you guys wait for to long.

You know i will. Don't yet which game i am gonna stream, butt i'll figure that out later. Oh and my parents are leaving on vacation on Friday the  13th, so you planned it perfectly for me ;)

heh only way i'd be able to stream would be if i was at my grans and for this date i know i'll not be so sigh.. I'll still take part in the marathon with the roles i've already said if you allow me.

Well that's part of the plan Sixty :D

BTW Sixty how do you like the sound of a really long game session. Because if you would be capable of getting your other game mates to join, we might have the man power to do something big.

Something like a 48 hour session in which we'll do all Ratchet & Clank games for example. This was just the first thing that came in my mind, but it just sounded like a fun thing to do ;D

It highly depends if my brother is going to do nothing or not, because he gets mad whenever I upload or stream something.

If not, I'll do The Last Remnant stuff or something else.


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