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FFTogether's Winter Marathon (organisation and sign up)

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Well I had a good moment when we where celebrating New Year with a bunch of people from different regions and I'm hoping we can redo it this year as well. Like last year I'm looking for people who are willing to help us out with streaming games between Christmas and New Year.

Like last time we'll be using our two screen set-up again. Meaning we'll have a main stream for the non stop gaming and a second stream for commentary or other fun activities.

So if your feeling to help us out sign up here, or if you have some good ideas for this years winter marathon you can also make your comments in here.

I'll be looking to Sixty again and see what we can bring up this year. I'm hoping we will be able to do something big like last summer again. My body was totally broken after gaming for 51 hours (with only 5 hours of sleep), but the fun factor was huge never the less. ;D

I Doubt I can actually go and do something like i did for the summer marathon due to it being after Christmas but i'll chip in when/if I can.

I am in offcourse, maby we can try to do Crystal Chronicles again.

what date should it be around

As long as we get a date arranged and we start promotions early, there's no reason why this marathon shouldn't be successful.


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