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Official Guidelines for Quiz:
Remember then as they will be followed.
1) A riddle may be go about any Final Fantasy game, but the riddle must indicate about which game(s) the riddle is going
2) Up to 3 hints must be given, with a minim of 8 unsuccessful guesses in between.
2a) After a minimum of 30 unsuccessfully guesses the riddle may be declared unsolved.
3) Once a riddle is solved the riddler must post an explanation of the answer and an updated Score Board. (please make the riddle italic and the explanation bold)
4) A TS (Temperature System) is used to indicate the status of a guess, Cold/Warm/Hot.

Point distribution
1) After a correct guess that person will be rewarded with 1 point, should he guess it before any hints are given he'll be rewarded with 3 points.
2) Should a correct guess immediately follow the first Hot guess points will be distributed accordingly, 1 point for the hot guess and 2 points for the correct guess.
3) Should a riddle be declared unsolved no points are given, this to prevent riddler from making unsolvable riddles. Should the players agree 1 point may still be awarded to the riddler.
4) When posting the score board make the people who gained point bold.

Recommendations for Riddlers:
1) Avoid creating riddles which can only be solved by knowledge of other FF(s) than indicated the riddle is about.
2) Avoid creating riddles which can only be solved by trivial references like Bestairy's.
3) Riddles should be in-game. Avoid making references to the real world.

Should I go with the riddle I've made yesterday?

Opal Ring?

Final Fantasy XII

With an expensive ring on me
Different from a sword
Still able to damage
But where the light not comes
There lies the true power

Opal Ring: Cold

Shadow Gilgamesh:
Tiamat, Yaizmat?

wish I could remember the other ringed wyrm's names ::)


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