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FFTogethers summer marathon 2013

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Okay I'll think you guys know the drill by now. As every year, this year we'll also be trying to hold hour annual marathon event. This year being slightly different as its our 5 year anniversary as well, so lets try to make it a party we won't forget ;D

First lets get going with the people who would be interesting to help out. The games you guys are interested (maybe even a common theme). And so on.

The dates aren't set yet, but they will be around the summer holiday again. I'll just have to figure out the best working dates for us all. (which will probably be a date where my or sixty's house is parents free :P

My personal goal would be to have an even better opening than last year. The 3 tier semi blind speedrun was quite a lot of fun to do and for as far as I picked it up also fun to watch, so lets try to get one this year as well ;)

I'll be streaming. I'll get a slight upload speed boost in one of the following months, so there shouldn't be any quality/lag issues. However, I have no idea what to stream. All the games I can think of that would fit the theme (JRPGs and some other Japanese games) are way too long to do in one sitting. Maybe I could cut it in parts.

I believe that this year we where trying to get pretty much all streamers in 1 house if possible. I suggest to stream Final Fantasy games this year. We are FFTogether after all, so maybe that FF7 complete again, or just start at FF 1 and take them all.

So in my opinion the theme would be Final Fantasy. What do you guys think?

I'd take FFXII in that case. I've played a few others, but this one would probably be the easiest for me.

so i assume that it would be possible for you to come to the Netherlands?


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