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Coliseum rules
« on: June 05, 2013, 08:23:20 PM »
In this board I will regularly (most likely once a week) post a boss battle from the Final Fantasy Series. The idea behind the board is to post your strategy to defeat the boss. Once a few strategies have been posted we can compare them and come up with the most efficient way to defeat the given boss. This input will later on be used to fill up the bestiary with helpful information for those who have yet to play the game.

Notice that there are often different ways to beat a boss as most people have different play styles and use different characters. The whole point isn't of this board isn't to find the best strategy, but to cover an broad area of strategies. Including not only strategies for a normal play-through, but also speed-runs, low level games or any other popular challenge for the specific game.

Note that this board may contains spoilers, so be warned when you open a topic of a game you haven't played/finished.