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FFTogethers summer marathon 2014

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Okay I'll think you guys know the drill by now. As every year, this year we'll also be trying to hold hour annual marathon event. And as usual we'll be trying to find as many people as possible to help out.

First of all let us again start of with trying to figure out who wants to help out and which games people are interested in. If you can't help out but like to see a particular game post it as well, might always give an idea to the rest.

The dates aren't set yet, but they will most likely be around the summer holiday again. I'll just have to figure out the best working dates for us all ;)

Like the last 2 years I'll be hoping we can do something like a 3 tier "speedrun" again. So far I've personally finished both second and first once, so despite having the feeling that this year is going to be my downfall it will most likely be good fun :P

i suggest that during the marathon FFX HD will be streamed. many already know it so it can be used as an speedrun race, and its a new version so its fresh. It might be fun to stream some FFXIV as well.

also as usual ill stream, i just don't know what exactly yet.

Well the record for FFX is a good 10 and a half hours and, my when I'm doing a speedy run I clock in at around roughly ~20 hours (this time is done by basically skipping the shippable cut scenes and never stop to grind stuff, but with abusing rikku for the last few fights).

So yea know what kind of sit you sign up for with that game :P

I'm participating, but haven't decided what game I will play.

Btw. I've also finished both first and second once. :P

Well if its gonna be FFX I've got high hopes to do really good. If there is one FF that I can play pretty well its FFX. But its only worth if the other people also know the game decent enough, otherwise the game is to long to keep it "interesting".

Dirge of Cerberus would also be a decent candidate for a 3-way run.


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