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Yo everyone!

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Sup guys? Just a random FF fan passing by.
I first found out about Final Fantasy when I was 7-8 (don't remember much) on the SNES. Final Fantasy 4 was my first one.
Since then I played all sorts of titles (from the main series to the spin-offs) and became a fan.
If anyone is curious, my Top 3 would be FF 6 (SNES, which is also FF 3), Dirge of Cerberus and FF 8; that could change since FF 15 is coming out, but we'll see.  :P

Outside Final Fantasy, I also like the Tales of/Metal Gear Solid series a lot and my favorite console is the PS2!
Well, thank you for having me!
(Also, sorry for my english, I'm from Brazil)

Ohai new friend!

Since the release of XV, I've been checking here more often now to see if anything pops up.

Glad to see people still come here!

It feels quite weird to say this as I haven't been around lately, but welcome to FFTogether!

Glad to see you like FFVIII! It's a game I have a lot of fond memories with. :)

Thanks for the warm welcome guys!

(I played FFVIII pretty recently, about 1 year ago, but It still managed to become one of my favorites)

Welcome to FFTogether, VCent! :D

Always nice to see fellow FF fans show up here. I have to say that Dirge of Cerberus is a pretty uncommon choice for Top 3 Final Fantasies. Btw. your English is fine.


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