Author Topic: New PvP Encounter Preview - Seal Rock (Seize)!  (Read 73231 times)


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New PvP Encounter Preview - Seal Rock (Seize)!
« on: July 18, 2015, 08:46:11 AM »

In patch 3.05 a new pvp map will be introduced, so get ready to join the grand Companies of Eorzea for the battle the island of Seal Rock!

There will be 3 different spawn points just like the Frontlines, however at the start of the match it will randomly choose 1 of the 3. This way there is more variation in the every match. From what i understand so far the game is kinda like capture the flag. There are Allagan Tomeliths that have data in them which you need to retrieve, there are 3 differents ranks: B, A and S. Higher ranks off course give more points, you can also gain points by taking down members of the enemy team.

Rank B

Rank A

Rank S

For more info go to the Lodestone

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