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The 3-Dimensional Era / Re: Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII
« on: July 03, 2008, 04:27:22 AM »
PSP is nice for Skype and for long waits in offices.

The 3-Dimensional Era / Re: Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII
« on: July 02, 2008, 11:27:03 PM »
I have it plus the strategy guide but am still doing FFXII. Will get to it at some point. I love the way it looks and what I can tell about the gameplay.

Zodiac Job System / Re: The Seitengrate Bow
« on: July 02, 2008, 11:15:19 PM »
It's well worth getting the bow. At the very least, I want to try using it and see what it does. But, I've now zoned more than 2 hours and STILL haven't got a second chest! After awhile I get to where I want to go do other things.

Zodiac Job System / Re: The Seitengrate Bow
« on: July 02, 2008, 09:42:33 PM »
I'm saying I'm about to fall over. Or fall asleep.

This is a true story I told GM last week, it totally happened.

One morning I took a nap and dreamed I was zoning for this bow, and in the dream I was using a white controller.

All of a sudden the controller started to electrocute me through my hands and up my arms.

I fell on the floor with my hands gripping the controller. I started having a heart attack and a stroke. Could feel my arms going numb.

Somehow I was able to let go of the controller, but my hands were still up in the air. I was gonna die, and I called out to my son.

"Help me." I managed to whisper.

"What?" He couldn't hear me, and leaned down to listen.

"Help me." I managed again.


"Save my game!!!"


Zodiac Job System / Re: The Seitengrate Bow
« on: July 02, 2008, 09:23:34 PM »
Well, I have more than 55 hours in on the bow so far, and 50+ chests.

------------------> Bang Head Here <----------------------

Zodiac Job System / Re: The Seitengrate Bow
« on: July 02, 2008, 08:29:57 PM »
Check out the new Mod discussion topic. A mod chip can be turned off when you boot up the machine, so you can still play your regular games.

Zodiac Job System / Swap Magics and Mod Technicks for Import Games
« on: July 02, 2008, 07:20:42 PM »
We've got a number of people going with import games, and the biggest issue for most people is "how can I get my machine to play import games?"

The truth is you can play any PS 2 game on your machine. To determine what mod technick or swap magic is right for you, check the following steps.

1. What machine have I got?

Look here and figure out which model you have:

2. I want to use Swap Magic, which one do I buy?

A. First determine what model of PS 2 you have (step 1). Then visit a retailer website with your model number, and check out the Swap Magic disks for your machine. As of this writing, the most current is version 3.8, but most PS 2's probably need one of the 3.6 sets.

Cheapest price (DISKS ONLY)

For using disks without a Swap Tool, visit this YouTube tutorial:

Use Swap Magic without Tools

B. Now, if you have an old Phattie, you will need a Swap Magic tool to unlock/lock your tray.

So, buy this set (NTSC and PAL)

It comes with the Slide Tool. If you're savvy though, view some photos of the Swap Tool and cut one yourself out of an old Gamestop membership card or an expired credit card.

Swap Magic Tool Only:

Tool Only:

C. You can also install a new flip top cover on your Phattie, if you're squeamish about removing the front door:

Flip Top

D. Don't like any of Flip Tops? Are you hip and savvy with tools? Then for your old Phattie you want a new case with the flip top. These new flip top cases require that you take off the entire old black case and insert the guts of your Phattie into a NEW case that comes in cool colors like Clear, Clear Blue, Clear Red, Clear Green etc.

Clear flip top case

This is just one retailer, there are others on the net that have clear pink and other colors.  :)

E. Wait, I've got a SLIM PS 2!!!

If you're in the UK or Europe, you will need special plastic tools in addition to the disk. For UK buyers, go here, and go quick because some UK retailers are discontinuing selling Swap Magic (copyright and PS 3)

Elsewhere in Europe, check out this list of Swap Magic Retailers, and find the set of Swap Magic that includes the Slim Tools for your Slim machine, or if you have a Phattie and want a retailer closer to home:

2. Mod chipping.

This requires that your PS 2 be opened up and a computer chip inserted. This will by-pass the region check and play any import. Expect to pay $40 US equivalent for the chip, and then find an expert Playstation shop to put the chip in for you.
Here's a mod chip site that helps you figure out what you need:

There are a number of places to buy mod chips, and you should also check Ebay once you know what you need, as you can get a real steal on a PS 2 chip now that the PS 3 has come out.

3. Armax. You might have heard that Armax will play Imports. For this you MUST buy the Armax EVO set, which will set you back about $80 US. Don't buy any of the cheaper Armax sets, they DON"T have this feature!

Are your eyes rolling up with all this technical mumbo jumbo?? ::)

Just drop pprincess a PM and jot your model number and she'll give you the details.

Check out YouTube, there are plenty of vids on how to use all of the Swap Magics, flip tops and even how to mod chip your machine. Definitely check out videos first if you're thinking about taking apart your machine and make sure that is what you want to do.

Art work / Re: CUrly
« on: July 02, 2008, 06:42:20 PM »
You people done wore him out with your siggy requests.  :D :D He's probably in recovery.  :D :D

Zodiac Job System / Zodiac Wheel
« on: July 02, 2008, 06:13:29 PM »
Here is a link to a photo of the Zodiac Wheel, translated into English, and it's by Zeppster497, so I'm borrowing it for now because it's the only one I know of. If anyone wants to make one of their own, we will post that one instead of this:

How to Use the Job Wheel

When you select your characters' job classes and their license board, the zodiac wheel will come up first.

1. Use the Directional pad to move the wheel from symbol to symbol. Each highlighted symbol will also appear in the middle of the wheel so you can see it better.
2. Hit Square button to view the symbol/license board you have selected.
3. Compare each license board with the English translation by Sephirosuy (see the FAQ sticky topic here on the IZJS Discussion Board). A good way to begin to view them is to see where the initial Battle Command starts for each character, and then scroll around the license board to see what that job will get.
4. Hit X to exit each board and go back to the directional pad to spin the wheel and view another symbol/license board.
5. If you want to select a job, exit the license boards by using X button until you are back at the wheel. Make sure the symbol/job you want is highlighted. Click Circle to select. Move the arrow to the FIRST (Yes) selection and push Circle again. If you change your mind, select the Second (No), and then hit X to go back.

Once you select a job from the wheel (not from the actual license board, from the wheel), then you can click on the license board and start buying licenses.

Your selected job will have the character's picture underneath the symbol on the wheel. There are shrines associated with each of these jobs in Japan.

Zodiac Job Wheel
White Mage: 白魔道士 Aries Ram. White demon Taoist: 执 illumination 盘 Symbol looks like 2 curved rams horns. Uses Rods, Great Swords 1- 2  and Daggers 5.

Uhlan: ウーラン Taurus Bull. Gold Cow Shrine | 枪 骑 loyal retainer: 执 illumination 盘 Symbol looks like a perfect circle with two curved lines horizontally at the top. Gets Spears + Black Magic 5-8.

Machinist: 機工士 Gemini Twins. Twins shrine | Machine manufacture loyal retainer: 执 illumination 盘 Symbol looks like a Roman numeral 2 (II). Gets all Guns, all Measures, a few mid-range Handbombs.

Red Mage: 赤魔戦士 Cancer Crab. Large crab shrine | Red demon soldier: 执 illumination 盘 Symbol looks like numbers 69. Gets Maces, Great Swords 1-2, variety of magics.

Knight: ナイト Leo Lion. Jishi shrine | Knight | 骑 loyal retainer: 执 illumination 盘 Symbol looks like a lady's long hair with flipped up curls on the end. Gets all Swords.

Monk: モンク Virgo Virgin. Virgin shrine | Monk | Case 斗 house: 执 illumination 盘 Symbol looks like an M with a ribbon on the end (compare with Scorpio which looks like an M but with an arrow on the end). Gets Poles.

Time Mage: 時空魔戦士 Libra Scales. Pair of scales shrine | Spatial-temporal demon soldier: 执 illumination 盘Symbol looks a fallen tree with a hump on top. Gets Bowguns (crossbows), Swords 7-9, Gets Haste/Hastega, a few other magics.

Breakers: ブレイカー Scorpio Scorpion.  Heaven 蝎 shrine | [bureika] | Destruction 坏 person: 执 illumination 盘
Symbol looks like an M with an arrow on the end. Gets all Axes and Hammers plus all Breaks.

Archer: 弓使い Sagittarius Archer. Human horse shrine | Bow using | The bow arrow hand: 执 illumination 盘 Symbol looks like an X, I think it's supposed to be crossed arrows. Gets all Bows.

Black Mage: 黒魔道士 Capricorn Goat. Demon 羯 shrine | Black demon Taoist: 执 illumination 盘Symbol looks like V8. Gets all Staves, all Black Magics, Handbombs 2-4, a couple of Green Magics.

Samurai: もののふ Aquarius Water Bearer. Treasure bottle shrine | [hu] of thing | Warrior: 执 illumination 盘 Symbol looks like two lines of water waves. Gets all Katanas, Masamune, and Blood Sword.

Shikari: シカリ Pisces Fish. Pair fish shrine | [shikari] | 猎 person: 执 illumination 盘 Symbol looks like the letter H. Gets all Daggers, all Ninja Swords.

Some things to keep in mind:

1. Characters come with a few skills already, regardless of the job you pick.

Vaan: has Steal, wears a dagger
Penelo: has Cure, wears a dagger
Baltheir: has Steal, First Aid, Libra, wears a gun
Fran: has Cure, Fire, wears a bow
Basch: initially has nothing and is half naked (fill in later)
Ashe: has Cure, wears a sword.

Keeping these initial skills in mind, you can easily get through the Barheim Passage and Bhujerba without having Ashe and Penelo in your party. Fran's Cure is very handy, I was worried nobody would have a Cure spell without a White Mage.   

2. Check out Magics and new Break Attacks to make sure your party has most every type of spell, if possible. You will have to give up something, hopefully it is nothing you will miss.

3. Missing skills can be made up with items, game has lots of new items.

4. Interestingly, Penelo's initial job, if selected while she is in Giza with Vaan pre-palace, does not show up as selected when Balthier and Fran join the party. There can be a second person with the same job as Penelo.

*I hope somebody can improve upon this page at some point. (it won't be me!). We can modify this page for something better if a member wants to work on it. Hopefully this is at least enough to get players started.

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