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The Rules and Guideliness
Remember that these rules are here to keep this a nice and friendly forum. Breaking one of these rules will lead to a warning (or if you really did it an appropriate suspension). After receiving multiple warnings fitting measures will be used. In the worst cases this can lead to a temporary ban or even a IP-ban, so don't say you haven't been warned.

No spamming
A post falls into the category of "spam" when it adds nothing to the topic in question, contains few or no words, or is generally of no interest to anyone. We have a special board to talk about random stuff, so there's no need to spam the rest of the boards.

Never double-post
Generally you are never allowed to double post, we have an edit button so use that to add something to your previous post. There are however a few causes in which we'll accept double posts:
- The first posts contains more characters than the forum can handle.
- In game topics its allowed to explain the game in your first post and start of the game by creating a second post.

No flaming
A comment is classed as flaming when it insults or is designed to otherwise offend another member. We don't ask you to agree with each other, only to respect each others opinions and thoughts. Also using foul language in posts (be it censored or not) will also be classified as flaming.

Do not bypass the Censor
You really should use any of these words in the first place. Though as simple defence we have a sensor which picks up some common words that doesn't belong on this forum. Words that got picked up will be replaced with *Bleep*. This censor is relatively easy to bypass, but doing this will be seen as a serious offence. For more information look at the "extra explanation" tap.

No pornography or otherwise indecent content
Posting unsuitable images, writing or links to such material is prohibited. As a general rule, anything that isn't work-safe should not be posted, but if you must post a link that may be borderline then make sure you provide adequate warning about its contents.

Exercise good grammar and post etiquette
This is a discussion forum, not a chat room, so please make an effort with your posts. If a reply is rendered almost impossible to read because of poor punctuation, spelling and all-round messy typing, then it's no better than spam, even if you might have something worthwhile to say.

Mark spoilers with the spoiler tag
We all hate it to be spoiled so don't spoil games for others. All spoilers should therefore be marked between the spoiler tag. Abusing this tag for anything else but spoilers isn't accepted.  For more information look at the "extra explanation" tap.

Don't abuse the Private message system
Though we have a private message system don't abuse it to send of spam. If you do so it will be seen as spam and proper measures shall be taken, including blocking the PM system from your account.

Plagiarism is forbidden
Any member who attempts to take credit for someone else's work, be it art, writing or graphics. Plagiarism is unacceptable in the real world and will not be tolerated here. When posting artwork it's also advised that you don't "forget" to mention that some or all of the picture may have been copied or traced. Links that go directly to copyrighted are also forbidden en shall be directly removed.

Illegal Activities
Talking about Illegal Activities is strictly forbidden. If there is just one thing that I hate most it is people that use illegal measures to achieve their goals. Links or conversations about this shall be directly removed. Even sending a personal message regarding this subject is forbidden.

One account only
There can only be one account per user. If you use multiple accounts from the same IP they shall be deleted. If there are more members in your families that want to have there own account on Final Fantasy Together must contact me directly after registration by sending me an PM about this. But if I think the account is been used by the same person I won't hesitate to delete both accounts.

Restriction on Advertising
Members that join up solely to advertise will be banned and have any links removed from their posts. If you've been a active member however, you're allowed to include links in your signature and promote your site in this topic: click here. To be deemed as an active you must at least be an "Hedge Knight" or higher. Another exception to this rule is when you're site is already listed in our affiliates.

Exploiting the private messaging system for advertising purposes will also earn an instant ban. If you ever get such PM you are encourage to hit the "report to admin" button below the PM. Only the admins will receive you're identity and we as admins promise that we will keep this a secret.

Images, Signatures and Avatars
To keep the loading time and Bandwidth usages as low as possible we have the following rules regarding the Images, Signatures and Avatars.

The maximum size of an Avatar is 125px by 125px (though this forum will automatically resize any avatar that's bigger than the maximum size)

To prevent people from making giagantic signatures we have the following limitations.
- You may not use more than 4 lines of text.
- You may only have 1 images in your signature.
- The maximum height of an signature is 200 pixels.
- The maximum width of an signature is 500 pixels.

Though we do not specifically post rules for images we ask of you to reduce the amount of images to the bare minimum. This to keep the loading time of the forum at an optimal speed. And remember that you can always post images as a link.