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This is the thread dedicated to discussions on anything related to Books/Poetry/Literature of any form.

It doesn't matter which books you talk about, whether it's Tolkien's LOTR series, or Spot the Dog!

You all know angel's rules on threads like this, so keep to them!  ;)

Well let's get this topic off the ground. What are everyone's favourite books and why?
Mine is Lord of the Rings. I love books with an old, fantasy setting and massive amounts of detail in them.

   I love any book by Raymond E. Feist set in the world of Midkemia. They were the first proper books I read, even though I was only 7 at the time. So, i've always been into the more Adult side of Fantasy, preferring to stear clear of books like Harry Potter, and similar books.......

I'll post a list only if people ask for's stupendously long

My Dad first read me LOTR when I was 6. I kept stopping him so he could explain parts to me ^_^.

LOL that must be quite funny, looking back.  ;D


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