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Post your Xbox Live gamertag, Steam, PSN name, and Nintendo Wi-Fi Friend codes!

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Rules for this topic: Post only the afformentioned things in the title, and nothing else. You can carry your discussions somewhere else.

PSN: Someddrnoob
Steam: Someddrnoob

i just have all Sony platforms so i only have a PSN


Shadow Gilgamesh:
metroid prime hunters-0344-6547-8263
pokemon pearl-3608-8878-0144
pokemon battle revolution-2578-1825-3582
mario kart ds-3437-0710-7539
mario kart wii-3695-0704-7983
super smash bros. brawl-1934-0583-5589
bleach:dark souls-0087-5857-0906
i also have ff3ds and pokemon mystery dungeon blue/explorers of darkness,but they have lame online so if you want those PM me
PSN shadow gilgamesh but i got no online games >.<

also to keep this like a phone book of online gaming as someddrnoob requested there is a topic for setting up nintendo game matches titled "nintendo wi-fi friend codes"

EDIT: my DS games are down because we had to switch to WPA security, so untill i find a way to get a second wi-fi up on WEP i only have Wii games

Only have a Playstation and my PSN there is "Da_Cloud" (Now if that's a big surprise :P)

Don't have that many multiplayer games though and about half the games in my trophy list are actually games from my friend.

PSN: Oniangel_


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