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We'll start off with: Coke vs. Pepsi

Now let me give a stupid example: Coke and Pepsi are on an island in the Pacific, with the nearest land being hundreds of miles away, and neither soda is able to escape. One will win and face its next opponent. The other will "die."  :D
Next poster decides who wins and pits the winner up against another thing of their choice, and the next poster decides that match. So if Pepsi won (which I highly doubt  :P), then it could be Pepsi vs. Ireland, and if Ireland won, then it could be Ireland vs. whoever. It can be any person, place, or thing. It is your chose.

Let's Begin!  :D

Coke wins! for being the original :D

next is Coke vs. Skittles

p.s. hope im doing this right

Coke wins.

Coke vs Orange juice

Coke still wins. o_o

Coke vs Sprite

Sprite wins ;D

Sprite vs Fanta


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