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The hardest classic game you've played

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Shadow Gilgamesh:
i thought this would be good because old games always seem harder than new ones

mine would have to be kid icarus, that game is SOOOO annoyingly hard, an angel who can't fly......hooray
but it is fun, for a while till you've died a few dozen times ::)

The hardest? Probably Mother 1/Earthbound 0. Its a bit easier once you get going but in the beginning, making it even to the first city can be tough. D:

Rune Elias.. But I don't think anyone ever heard of this. I couldn't find anyone else me who heard of this, and I don't think there's any other version beside Korean. I remember that this game was very, very dusty at a corner...

Well.. The game was perfect hell for me, I lacked dex to play.. Too low level... ..Plain hell. I couldn't even complete whole game.. And I still remember that I took almost 5 hours just to reach first save point. One of the rare games I gave up playing after suffering 200 hrs+

Mreh... Gauntlet for the SNES. Used to get SUPER lost in those maps.

The First Zelda, died so many times while fighting Gleeok. >:(


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