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The SNES is back!

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The SNES i back as a handheld. Hyperkin's upcoming Supaboy, is a fully functioning SNES handheld which plays the original cartridges from Nintendo's early 1990s home console. At least, it does in the US, where it's compatible with old Famicon games. Hyperkin is yet to announce a PAL release for the device, but they have confirmed that it's going to release in the US somewhere in the Summer.

Also it provides with a cable to hook it up to a tv and you have the ability to plug in 2 Controllers to play with a friend like in the old days.

Here are some picks to keep you busy.

Hyperkin as already released a handheld for the NES, so if your interested in that go to their official site.
I know that i am going to dust off my old SNES games.

I would say I'd be excited but being able to get a perfect condition SNES from any retro games store or just online from a gaming site that sells retro games and systems, I'm not excited what-so-ever personally. Though the idea of a LEGAL portable SNES is pretty cool :). Zombies Ate My Neighbours on the go XD

The only real add-on here would be that its portable. I've bought a Retro Duo myself. They might cost around $60 dollar, but for that money you've got a device that can play both NES and SNES games. While at the same time being region free as well ;D

With a bit of luck it supports NES games too.

i wonder if you would be able to buy snes games in shops if it comes out


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