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The Last Remnant Walkthrough dedicated to FFT?

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Hello fellow FFT members,

as of recent, i am finally done with school, and i got about 3 months until university starts, YAY!
With so much free-time, i have thought about a project i wanted to do for a while, but never had the chance: A TLR walkthrough. I have alot of knowledge about this game and some people actually called me "the TLR encyclopedia". Though until now, i never got the time, and i am always feared for some reason.

I'd like to do voiced too, i probably could, but when i talk english in such kind of video, it sounds so scripted. Not free in any sense :(

What are your thoughts about this? Any things i should watch out for in walkthroughs(tips from fellow walkthroughers/Lets Players)

And because i so  <3 this forum, i would like to dedicate this walkthrough to the forum somehow, though i have no idea how  ;)

This is a great idea! I have of yet to finish that game...

Yuichan, you honor us with your idea. I'm a big fan of Last Remnant (one of my favorite games of this gen), and I'll watch anything you post. I particularly like unusual strategies or unique combinations of characters.

ooo, unusual strategies... hmm.... no idea as to how to implement that, but i can go for unique combinations(using characters which are less used).

still, i wish i'd know how to dedicate it to this forum, since i ahvent done much as of yet.

would you be able to make it easy to understand usually i don't understand any of the other walkthroughs


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