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Let's Play Skyrim New Video #2 1/28/2012

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MK Emaster:

Hello true believers! Its been a while since I last did any LP and been a while since I came by FFT <3 <3
Now Sadly, this forum (LP and Game Streams) is kinda dead, sad. But nonetheless I shall revive this place and make it much more fun  ;D

So I will start a new series, and guess which game its? that is right, SKYRIM  :D
Though don't expect this to be any regular walkthrough, in fact I started mid-game and not from the beginning. This is more of free-roaming with quests done now and then under a comedy veil!  ;)

Hope you enjoy it, I'm doing it with Tariq, he knows English well but prefer to speak in an accent for the laughs XD

Let's Play Skyrim Part 1 [Prostitutes and Whorehouses]
Let's Play Skyrim Part 2 [Naked Hunter]

Good luck with this! ;D

MK Emaster:
Thanks man! Hope to get some people to watch this :D

MK Emaster:
Somebody please lock and archive this, I think I will no longer continue this :(

Why not? For some reason i just discovered this topic.


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