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computer help please....

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ONI will be shaking his head at me ...... ;D

I remembered I had an old flicker account went into it to try and upload my pics

everytime I press upload , I then get into my documents ...I can click on a pic , but then when I press review to check it is the right pic I get a message to say it has crashed.

every time

on the side there is a free download to make it easier and I maybe thought it was an update seen as I hadn't been on the site for a couple of years..

so I clicked on to download it ..its a flash adobe thing

well as soon as I get going I get this warning saying do I want to continue because of potential threats and my anti virus will be closed off for a minute ..and this can happen and that can happen ..

so now I daren't do it ....

can one of you put my mind at rest please  ;D

everything on my screen is getting blurred a black trail next to it ..

what does this mean please ?

thankyou for anything you can give me  8)

Metal Chocobo:
If it really is an adobe flash update then you should be safe for the few seconds those take to install, just be absolutely sure first.

If the screen's blurred, it might just be broken, I'm afraid :/ otherwise it's probably something in the settings for the screen itself rather than the computer.

thankyou chocs

what I think I will do is try again , then come back and tell you exactly what it says ...I am not good with this stuff at all ...

I wondered myself if the monitor was on its way out , I have another one so no worries on that score ...

thankyou for your help and I will be back with the rest of it  ;D

Sorry Les but I don't know how I haven't seen this or else I'd have answered earlier.

For the blurring it can be different things:

- Monitor Settings messed up: in that case there should be a reset/refresh button somewhere to try and fix it.
- Video Card: try to update your Video Card Driver
- Ghost Signal: but I doubt it...

As for the Flickr issue:

I never used Flickr before but this coulld be caused by so many things conflicting together..

The first thing that comes to mind could be your Browser.... IE?.
I don't know what Browser are you using Les but my general advice is to use Firefox and forget the existence of IE.
This might fix the issue right away or maybe not but most of the time it's always Browser related.
As for the Upload Manager (guess that's what you mean) you can live with that since you can perfectly upload without those programs that most of the time just tries to install other 3rd party programs/set internet preferences into your PC.

If you could give me some more information I'd be grateful.

thank you oni ..I haven't had chance to go back on ...but I will

I have had a twiddle on the buttons on the monitor and I changed it to French and the colour green  :D :D :D :D
so now the trails are a dull green ...but I am back to English  8)

ahh now

I just read your post again ..I saw a reset button and thought it meant reset the whole computer and I would lose everything  ::)

omg can I not know this stuff

right I will try that ..oh its so complicated


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