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Tales of Xillia coming to North America / Europe in 2013

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"Namco Bandai announced at the Japan Expo in Paris today that it will bring Tales of Xillia, the thirteenth mothership entry in its Tales role-playing game series, to North America and Europe in 2013.

During a stage event at the expo, series producer Hideo Baba said “there’s a good chance” the west will see Tales of Xillia 2, scheduled for November 1 in Japan, if sales of Xillia perform well."
This is a rare occurrence, but I'm excited for it nonetheless.

Ah, that's cool to hear. Nice to see they're still interested in bringing some of the Tales games outside of Japan.

I'll be looking forward to this one, then  :)

This is surprising news. I thought we were lucky enough to get Graces but Xillia as well? Nevertheless, I'm glad Graces f's sales in the west managed to satisfy Namco, given that the series is still fairly obscure and it had little to no advertising up until three months before release.

Hopefully, they advertise Xillia just a little bit more.

Yeah! I can't wait to play it  ;)

Graces F seriously disappointed me, and I'm not sure if I'm gonna get Xilia if its anywhere near as grindy as Graces F.  The battle system was decent, but the characters weren't likable, and the story was very mediocre.  The rest of the game other than that was terrible.  I hated the character development, and itemization in that game with a passion.


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