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Old DreamCast (?) Game

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Hi there, so recently I got Re-Volt back for my pc and I immediatly remembered this other rc game I used to play.

I do not remember much but from what I remember it was like this:

Cars had Hp
We could pilot boats and Helicopters
There was this one lvl where the house was full of roaches and you had to drive the heli into the toilet to destroy the mother roach.

Thanks in advance :b

Dreamcast.. we got the N64 instead :x

There aren't too many dreamcast games, I figure. So find a list, and start looking for the genre racing or action.

Aight. Thanks :)

I've never had a Dreamcast before so I don't know but if you could remember more information of the game I could probably find it for you.

Toy Racer


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