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This thread concerns promoting other sites. It isnt as plain and simple as posting anything and everything in order to just promote your site. There are guidelines that need to be followed and adhered to.

You must read the rules and guidelines before you make any posts.

Also here is an example, which should give you a idea how to promote your site here.

--- Quote ---Site Name:FFTogether.comOpened on:     2 July 2008Type:An fan-based site with forumTopic:Final Fantasy
Come check out the site that I've made. Its called FFTogether and covers the entire final fantasy franchise.

I'm currently still working on the main site itself, but the forum is already online. FFTogether has a great friendly comuntie that provides more topics to talk of than only final fantasy.
--- End quote ---



Metal Chocobo:
Site Name:
Opened on:      I dont know when it opened
Type: A site for the sole purpose of parodying the yugioh TV series
Topic: Yu Gi Oh

I didn't make this site, but you should look at it if you ever watched the TV series. Some swearing but thats about the worst thats on it

LOL i LOVE that series!

Zodiac Killer 99:
Site Name:
Opened on: I don't know when the site opened but the ref part opened yesterday
Type: A site where you can get free game consoles and ipods and other cool stuff
Topic: N/A

Site Name: Fantasy RPs

Opened on: November 7th 2008

Type: What was intended to be a site for role playing, but what soon developed into a full blown site.

Topic: Mainly Role-playing, but also normal chat, gaming, art and literature,

Links: Sub-site (Original) -

          Main Site -


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