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Final Fantasy XII / Re: Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age
« on: August 05, 2017, 01:35:08 PM »
Great work on Cerobi Streppe Rob, it's helped me out so much.

Thanks, ZK......good to see you again  :)

Final Fantasy XII / Re: Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age
« on: August 02, 2017, 12:46:46 AM »
I would like pprincess to get a PS4 as well. :)

I'm in a bit of a frenzy at the moment. I don't know if I'm just rusty or what but Barheim Passage was downright terrifying in NLBLLG. :o I'm not talking about New Game- (Weak Mode) but a real playthrough like on original PS2 version. No, Water, Holy or Hastega Motes. :'( I was scared to death Vaan was going to level up. Gone are the days of picture perfect, flawless Firemane and Mimic Queen battles for me. Made it out, but it was rather messy and ugly. Perhaps I'm just not the player I used to be. Lol! :D

I was like that at first and what made it worse was I was streaming live too. Everyone could see how rusty I was and how much was hidden away inside my head. But that's all it's hidden, not forgotten. It won't take long before it all comes flooding back and very soon your game will start flowing like it used to.  :)

Final Fantasy XII / Re: Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age
« on: August 01, 2017, 07:15:10 PM »
It is so great to see people coming back and updating their guides. It was hella work back then eight years ago, and as much or more work to do so again. Grats to Tirpitz, FF12GM and Chaos, others I may not know of for putting out updated content. Wish I could help, but I don't own a PS 4.

Get "The Boy" to buy one; tell him it's doctor's requirements for both him and you  :D

That's one of the issues with using Cure values and not the numbers provided by the RNG. However, if their list starts before yours, they could simply cast Cure until they get a match.

Unfortunately, Chaos, their list is starting after mine so they are missing the values.

Ashe's Cure Values start WAY in front of the ones I get on my PS4. For those who are also having problems look at the following post from me on GameFAQS for full details on this:

The only probable solution is for me to write a new section and determine everything again for those whose list starts well in front of mine  :-\

Final Fantasy XII / Re: Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age
« on: July 30, 2017, 08:26:09 PM »
I must have checked your twitch at least 50 times over the last few days. Offline.

Trying to decide on if I want to make any challenge videos again. Since all my other videos got deleted it would be nice to have something for reference other than memories. Then again I ask myself what's the point? I'm torn.

I'll be on twitch within the next 15 minutes

Did cold start. Started normal new game. Cleared NPC and saved. Loaded main save and setup on deck. Dashboard out. Cold start then finally got 97, 94, 95. Reloaded deck autosave. This spawned chest. Waited for boy to stop midrail on second pass and success!  ;D

Nice. But my guide is for Cerobi Steppe chests not Seitengrate. :p

No worries at all.

I got the second string of numbers from the guy referenced in your guide. He uploaded an alternate video for those who couldn't get 88, 97, 90. I must be doing something wrong because I can't get 97,94, 95 either. Tried first on a new game minus save then normal. I'll start from scratch and try again.

Sometimes the RNG starts further down than normal. If that happens you just have to reset and try again. Here is a list of the Reks cure values where all of my sets of 3 fall into:

86 87 96 94 86 93 96 90 97 90 92 96 87 93 92 88 94 97 87 88 97 90 92 87 94 94

Just start casting cure with Reks and after 2 or 3 casts you should see where you are in the list. Keep going until you get the three you want. I have underlined the 3 you were looking for. :)

Rob, that's twice I've been mistaken for xAshe10x. First, pprincess in stream now you? I'm disappointed. Lol!  :D

Anyway, I tried for what seemed like an eternity and never could get 88, 97, 90 or 97, 94, 95.

Sorry, Ashe, my bad with the Ashe10 error

Are you sure you're resetting to a cold start before loading Reks? Options Square is not good enough. You have to press PS button, options, close application and then start the game up again.

Also I can't see a 97 94 95. It doesn't exist in the guide at all. In fact, in the list of numbers I gave for Reks's cure values, the number 95 doesn't appear at all.

Try the cold start.

One random number is used to determine whether or not he spawns.

Do you happen to have a list of the spawn order of the chests for us who know how the RNG works?

I just did it by trial and error. I started at a certain point with Reks and looked to see which chests spawned. Then I reloaded, moved the Reks cure values on one and looked to see what spawned that time. You can see by the list of Reks's cure values how far I moved on to get certain chests to spawn. I ignored a lot of spawns because if I was down to the last chest or two I wasn't interested in the chests if the one I was looking for didn't spawn. I just wanted to have a list that included every chest at some point which is why the cure values to spawn the chests are all over the place.

Congratulations on successful completion of your project. All your contributions are worthy assets and the community benefits greatly.  :)

Thank you kindly, Zhako. Good to meet up again :)

I've been working on this for a while and finally completed it last night. It is now hosted here on FFT and this is the first website to get it.

Unfortunately, after uploading it I found a bad error and have resubmitted the corrected version to FFT. It will probably be corrected at some point today when Bram sees it but in the meantime, if you do use the guide, take note of the following:

If you do the chests in the North Liavell Hills area, enter from The Terraced Bank and NOT from South Liavell Hills. I was originally working on the chests after being in South Liavell Hills but it rained so much I moved to the other end. I forgot to change the text in the guide.

The guide is pretty simple to use and, as far as all the testing I've done is concerned, it all seems to work fine. I don't want to think about how many hours I spent doing that  :-\

This thread can be used for you to make any comments about the guide that you want to or to ask questions if you need to. I will make sure to check in a lot to see if there's anything that needs addressing. If you find an error please point it out so I can either correct it, or correct YOU  :P

This guide is going to save you more hours on this game than you would believe which gives you more time to enjoy the game and less time farming items with stupid percentage chances. I hope you like it and remember this: There are NO stupid questions....only stupid answers so feel free to ask me anything about it.  :)

EDIT: I've just been informed by Bram that the corrected version of the guide in now up  :D

Final Fantasy XII / Re: Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age
« on: July 30, 2017, 10:56:12 AM »
Guys, there is a serious error in the guide. I have corrected it and re-uploaded the guide so wait until Bram says he's done it. Either that or don't do the North Liavell Hills area yet because that is where the error is. Well you can, just enter from The Terraced Bank, NOT from the South Liavell Hills area.

Final Fantasy XII / Re: Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age
« on: July 29, 2017, 09:32:14 PM »
Oh guys....are you in for a surprise REAL soon.  :o

Final Fantasy XII / Re: Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age
« on: July 28, 2017, 03:40:06 PM »
Ah, it's soooooooo nice to have the old monica back. At least people will know who's posting now   :P

Got 100% and Platinum trophy this morning!  ;D

Gratz! Now do it again under a different username on your PS4 and get those trophies once more  :D

Btw, Ashe, I'm not streaming at the minute because I'm doing a ... er ...."project" for now but I should be back sometime this weekend.

Final Fantasy XII / Re: Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age
« on: July 24, 2017, 01:07:20 AM »
The following is taken from GameFAQs (Credit DonkeyPunchJr) and gives great details on why certain jobs should be paired with others:

.::God-tier combinations::.

These are the combos that add up to far more than the sum of their parts - so powerful they're practically broken.

Hunter/Breaker: Hunter's ninja swords are one of the best weapons to use with Genji Gloves, and Hunter/Breaker is arguably the best way to do so. This combination gives you 3x swiftness, a decent ranged weapon (hand bomb), all 4 breaks, Genji gear, high strength and HP, and ninja swords.

Hunter/Samurai: Not as strong as Hunter/Breaker but has one huge advantage - this is the only combination that allows for Genji Gloves + Yagyu Darkblade (Dark element weapon) + Black Robes (which boost Dark damage by 50%). In other words, this is THE ultimate Yiazmat killer. You can also easily heal any teammate with dark-absorbing gear by attacking them!

Hunter/White Mage: a nearly invincible healer/tank hybrid. High HP, shields and Main Gauche (a dagger that gives you a whopping 50 evasion) combine with access to all the buff/healing spells to make this the best tank in the game. Even better, you can use the Drain spell to damage enemies while healing yourself.

Black Mage/Monk: perhaps the ultimate offensive magic user. Monk upgrades your Black Mage with 3x swiftness, tons of HP, and access to White Magick 9-13. Being able to exploit Holy weakness is a huge advantage, and the best staff (Staff of the Magi) boosts Holy damage by 50%. This combo also has excellent physical strength, which especially comes in handy earlier in the game before you get all the really good offensive spells.

Black Mage/Red Mage: Another contender for the best offensive mage. Red Mage gets the most powerful elemental spell in the game: Ardor. Unfortunately he gets no fire-boosing gear to make the best of it. This combo lets you use the Flame Staff to boost Ardor by 50%. Oil + Ardor + Flame Staff makes for the highest damage move in the game. A good selection of healing and buffs on top of it.

Samurai/Knight: The syngergy here is incredible. Samurai's katanas do damage based on both strength and magic. Samurai has very high magic power, along with the magic-boosting mystic armor, but has just mediocre strength. Knight has excellent strength and strength-boosting heavy armor, so this combo will greatly increase katana damage. But it gets better. Knight unlocks a bunch of excellent White Magicks, but has lousy magic power. Samurai's magic ability will make those spells far more effective. What's more, this is the only combo in the game that allows White Robes (50% damage boost for Holy element) + Excalibur (Holy elemental sword) + 3x swiftness, making you the ultimate undead slayer.

Samurai/Monk: Similar to the Samurai/Knight combo, this combines Samurai's high magic power with Monk's strength (highest in the game) to greatly boost katana damage. Monk can unlock White Magick 9-13, which benefit from Samurai's excellent magic power.

White Mage/Machinist: This is a nice upgrade for your healer. Machinist gives you lots of HP, 3x swiftness, eventual access to Hastega, and guns (which do fixed damge regardless of your stats, making them ideal for a weak healer-type character). Guns give you a way of doing some decent damage during downtime from healing/buffing. What's more, you can equip Dark Shot + Black Robes to boost their damage by 50% AND heal allies with dark-absorbing gear. Just be sure to set up your gambits so you don't heal any dark-absorbing enemies. If you want to use guns, this is the best combo to do so.

Knight/Time Mage: Time Mage gives the slow Knight 3x swiftness, a ranged weapon (Bowguns), and some decent magic power to make the best of his White Magick. Plus Time Magick, of course. This combo makes for a great attacker with lots of support abilities.

.::Other great combinations::.

Not as absurdly powerful as the above, but still potentially very useful in the context of a party.

Time Mage/Monk: Similar to Knight/Time Mage. Only reason it's not in the "God-tier" category is because you can only unlock his White Magicks once, and Samurai and Black Mage are better contenders for that.

Archer/Red Mage: Archer gets the fire-boosting Burning Bow to boost Red Mage's Ardor spell. You also get 3x swiftness and all the item lores. Overall this isn't as powerful as the Black Mage/Red Mage combo, but it's a good choice if you already have a Black Mage/Monk and you don't want to double up on the Black Mage job.

Uhlan/Time Mage: A great heavy attacker/support character similar to Knight/Time Mage above, but with no healing abilities.

Knight/Archer: Knight benefits from the 3x swiftness and ranged weapon, Archer benefits from the high strength. Not as good as Knight/Time Mage, but decent if you've given Time Mage to someone else and you don't want to double up on jobs.

Uhlan/Archer: for the same reason as Knight/Archer.

White Mage/Time Mage: The ultimate healer/support character. Great if you want to dedicate one character to full-time healing and buffing.

Samurai/Uhlan: katana damage benefits from Uhlan's high strength and heavy armor. Uhlan's Holy Lance benefits from access to holy-boosting White Robes.

Samurai/Breaker: again, katana damage benefits from high strength and heavy armor. Great combination if you want a katana user with all the breaks. You also get hand bombs for hitting flying enemies - a nice benefit for Samurai, whose only ranged attack is Shades of Black (which frankly stinks compared to a proper ranged weapon).

Samurai/Time Mage: upgrade your Samurai with heavy armor, Time Magicks, and a ranged weapon

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