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Title: Defeating Emerald Weapon
Post by: CVL14558 on July 19, 2013, 04:52:30 AM
i know people have their combinations and such and it's easy to defeat Emerald in the first place (unlike that Ruby which i myself have only beaten once :3) but i figured we should all talk about what it is to actually prepare for the fight

my strategy for killing it has always been the same.....manipulate current hp with Demi + Cat's Bell for Lucky 7's
i used a slightly different strategy this last time (i made a video of it here
Spoiler: "Youtube" (click to show/hide)
i know the sound sucks because i used hypercam and my emulator but oh well i'll be putting some good FF VII music on it and re-uploading it) but it's basically the same thing

If you don't wanna watch that 17 minute video, it's alright, i will explain the setup here anyway

Before we get started, these are the things you will need:
Cat's Bell (at least 1 but 3 is preferable so you can get all three to the hp needed at the same time)
plenty of potions and hi-potions (okay, so not a hard thing to do)
Omnislash Limit Break (go kill that battle arena :3)
Highwind Limit Break (the crashed Gelnika is your friend)
Ungarmax Limit Break (yeh, we don't use catastrophe)
Obviously Cloud Cid and Barret :-)
W-Summon/2 Knights of the Round (better if you have both setup [1 char with w-summon knights other with another knight]

Before we even do anything, the first thing you should do is get each character to have their limit breaks ready (fill the limit bars guize :3)

First, if you utilize the first manipulation (using demi + cat's bell) you can easily make the last 2 digits into 77 and from there it's all about using potions and hi-potions to get to 7777
the way i did it in the video was very luck oriented because i've never gotten lucky enough to get "exact" hp manipulations to use "materia equipment" strategies to make the last two digits into 77 but that's how it goes

anyway, for the demi+cat's bell, you just demi yourself to below 354, then move around with cat's bell until 354 (REMOVE THAT CAT"S BELL NOW or it'll screw things up), demi(2) yourself to put at 177 then it's a simple matter of healing with hi-potions and potions to get to 7777 (it's fine to have 9999 max hp when doing this) and you have to be quick with killing the enemies when doing this

now that they are at 7777, the rest is easy.

Choose your Materia Combos You want to use in battle (i'd suggest using master of magic and summon if you have them or using a HP-Plus Materia otherwise to keep from making that hard work you did for the 7777s go to waste)

Equip with Ultimate Weapons (or your personal preference of weapons. i like the way they look though)

Enter the Battle like this and Emerald Goes down in about 6 minutes (underwater materia not needed)

so here's what happens

64 Lucky 7's Berzerk-like attacks (HP damage = 497,728)
Use Omnislash (15 lucky 7's hits) (HP damage = 116,655)
Use Ungarmax (18 lucky 7's hits) (HP damage = 139,986)
Use Highwind (18 lucky 7's hits) (HP damage = 139,986)
KotR 1x (13 Lucky 7's hits[if char is hit though this damage amount is changed]) (HP Damage = 101,101)
KotR 2x (same as above) (HP Damage = 101,101)

Emerald Dies in this case right then and there (although i've managed to hit harder using KotR on a non-lucky-7's at max level with max stats (see below) and the max level + max stats allows for 1 KotR to kill Emerald)

now if KotR is used without lucky 7's, the damage fluctuates
if the hits hit around 6400 apiece KotR (HP Damage = 83200)
if the hits hit around 9900 apiece KotR (HP Damage = 128700)
hitting 9999 with each hit of KotR is possible but you'll most likely get in the ballpark of 9980

Total Damage Delt if all attacks are lucky 7's (HP Damage = 1,096,557)
if the KotR hit 6400 apiece (HP Damage = 1,060,755)
if the KotR hit 9900 apiece (HP Damage = 1,151,755)

and emerald weapon has only 1 million HP (so you really don't need the 2nd KotR but just a 7k hit from an attack[deathblow anyone? lol])

but there it is, let me know what you think and, if you watch the video, let me know what you think of it by commenting on it while you're there :3

Also, feel free to post your strategies and stuff here to for everyone to learn from :3

I re-uploaded my video with actual music behind it so that it wouldn't be as dull as it was and have changed the youtube link in the spoiler