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Many people probably know this but I scoured the boards and only found one instance of the w-item glitch even being mentioned and it wasn't actually explained how to do it so for those who visit this site looking for info, here are both the standard w-item glitch, and some variations on it, for those who have been somehow kept in the dark on this matter for some time.

Standard W-Item Glitch/Trick
Pretty simple to carry out. Firstly, of course, you must have the w-item materia. Once you have this, you can carry out this glitch/trick on your items that can be used in battle. Firstly, equip the w-item materia on one of your characters. Then, go in to a battle. Wait till it is the turn of the character who has the w-item materia equipped. Select the w-item option from the menu, and select the item you wish to replicate. Use it, then you will have the option to use another item. Select another item [do NOT use it, only select it] using the circle button once. Then press x to cancel that item selection. You will notice your original used item has increased in quantity back to its previous level before you used it as the first item in the w-item turn. Now, continue to press circle once, then x once, and you will notice the original item growing in quantity. You can use this method to increase your quantity of items usable in battle to whatever number you would like (max of 99), and then you can either use an item to complete the w-item, or just press x to go out of the w-item menu and do something else (you could even replicate more items using the same method, just make sure you completely exit the w-item menu before trying this).
As great as this method is for gaining items like vagyrisk claws and megalixirs etc, the issue is it can only be used on items usable in battle, and therefore it is impossible to replicate items such as sources, used to raise stats, which is a shame... but there is a way of getting around this ;)

Improved W-Item Glitch/Trick
So you've pretty much completed the game now, all your characters are level 99, all sidequests are complete, and you're about to start the horrendous task of collecting enough sources by morphing various enemies (my personal preference being the enemies in the sunken gelinka) to get all of your characters' stats up to 255. This would take... well, a hell of a long time. However, there is, luckily, another glitch (hooray  ;D ). Right, first, a personal recommendation, have Yuffie in your party equipped with conformer if you're doing this in the sunken gelinka (which is ideal as all enemies morph into sources). The reason for this is, with the conformer equipped, when she morphs, her damage is equal to a normal attack. No other character has this ability. Anyway, save at the save point as this can go wrong, and also, when you tackle the unknowns and serpent as opposed to the other two enemies (I forget their name xD) you'll be opening the disc tray at the end of battle, which can, very occasionally, lead to the game crashing, so save regularly too. Have Yuffie with morph and conformer equipped. Now go to your inventory, and customise your items so you have items you can use in battle with a quantity of 1 at the top of the menu. If you have no battle-usable items with a quantity of 1, use/sell the ones you do have (not unique items as you can't get them back once they're gone, use potions of something) until you have a good supply of 1-quantitied items, and put them at the top. Equip one of your other two party members with w-item. Right, go into battle, firstly I'll assume you're going against the ones that come in groups as it's slightly easier to explain. These have either 6000 or 9000 health respectively, so Yuffie should be able to one-shot morph them without any additional damage being dealt before-hand. So, line her up to morph. While she is morphing, quickly switch to your character who has w-item, and select and use the top item in your inventory (it should be a 1-quantity battle-usable item as you customised it like so before). Do this as she is morphing, otherwise you're too late. Oh, also, before doing this, make sure you don't already have sources of the type you are morphing in your inventory, otherwise it won't work. Right, now keep this w-item screen open where you have used one item, and do nothing for a couple of seconds. When the morph is complete, the source will appear in the top slot, replacing the consumable you used, as the consumable is no longer there and new items take the first open slot in your inventory. Now scroll to any other usable item and select using circle, then press x. This will increase the quantity of sources instead of the consumable as they are in the slot. Repeat this until you have 99 or however many desired. Then, end the battle and use the sources as you wish. Remember once you use them that you'll need to re-customise a 1-quantity item into that empty slot where the sources you just used were. Now, it is pretty similar but slightly trickier when you face the serpent or unknowns, because these enemies appear on their own, meaning once they are dead, the battle ends. Normally. Anyway, personal tip would be to equip ribbons or any anti-confuse accessory on all party members before going against these guys, as one of the unknowns has an attack, abnormal breath, which can inflict confuse, which is very bad :s So anyway, basically, for these guys, just do exactly the same, but as Yuffie is morphing, as soon as you have selected morph, switch to w-item character, use top item, and open the disc tray. You need to make sure you open it as soon as you can after selecting morph so the battle doesn't end. It can't end with the disc tray open. So anyway, do that, and then just do the select-deselect method to increase the quantity of those sources too. You'll have max stats before you know it :) I do warn you though, save regularly, as opening and closing the disc tray repeatedly can freeze the game occasionally.
So congratulations, you have maximum sources! By the way, with the enemies who appear alone, they all have over 10k health, so with your character who doesn't have morph or w-item, attack them before you morph or w-item so the morph will succeed in killing them. You can do this at any point by the way, not just at the end of the game at level 99, it's just easier then :L Anyway, you have maximum stats and other morph/steal-only items and battle-usable items are maxed (so long as you can get them after receiving w-item (sorry warrior bangle)... well done... but there's one more trick to w-item that allows maximum of almost every item in the game... here it is...

Super W-Item Glitch/Trick
I have limited knowledge of this myself, having performed it only once, briefly, as a test. It is tedious, to say the least. The only way I think you can do this is encountering an enemy that has the ability to steal from you. The only enemies I know that can steal from you who you can use the trick on are the Vice, in the sector 5 slums, the Prowler in the Midgar area of the world map, and the Magic Pot, if you don't give it an elixir, as a counter. This process is tedious because the choice of what item is stolen is random, and steals will often fail if your level is high. Basically, make sure you have a consumable item in your top slot in your inventory that you can use in battle that you have one of. Let the enemy steal an item from you, kill them to retrieve it, and whilst doing the attack to kill, use w-item with another character, using the top-slot item so there is an empty slot. When you kill the enemy, you will get the item back. If it is alone, use the disc tray method again. The item you get back will appear in the empty slot, so repeat the select-deselect process of the w-item trick to multiply it up to 99 or however many you want.
This will get you near enough every item, I'll post the limitations at the end of this post

Further information
According to a post by shademp on, it is possible to use this method to have items take up two slots, allowing for 198 of one type of item in your inventory. Here is their post:
They say that if you steal an item from an enemy that is the same as the first item you use in the w-item method, if you continue to use the select-deselect method to duplicate the items, it will eventually take up two item slots. I have never been able to do this, nor, to be honest, have I tried to that hard. It would only be possible with items you can use in battle, and it could lead to various glitches or bugs. I have not seen proof of this, and judging by that post, neither has shademp, or at least not at the time they posted. It isn't really necessary anyway in my opinion :L

Using the methods outlined above, it is possible to have 99 of almost every item. The items it is not possible to have 99 of are:
All level 4 limit breaks (except great gospel which you can get for Mythril)
Buster Sword
Gatling Gun
Save Crystal
Seraph Comb
Best of luck in using these methods to achieve whatever it is you are trying to, good luck, and I hope this post provides you with the help you need :)

Thanks to Shademp for that post that told me of the ability to get 198 of certain items.