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« on: July 02, 2008, 01:50:16 PM »
Mateus, the second Esper/Summon you fight in FFXII.
Here's another multi armed beast. Mateus has a lance like weapon.
And unlike Belias, Mateus uses her weapon.
Mateus is actually a man who turned into a woman.
Mateus is pretty tough, and with the aid of her Ice Azes,
it seems like you are doomed.But you still have a chance of winning.

Esper Battle: Mateus
Esper's Helper(s): Ice Aze x4
Location: Stillshrine of Miriam
Recommended Level: 33-35

Stuff you will need:

Thundara(Definitely needed)
Mist Knack Level 2 or 3(Optional, but more helpful than Thundara)
Plenty of Ethers

Notice the floating blue monsters with rock fragements?
Those are the Ice Azes. Make sure you kill them first
before attacking Mateus, because they love to annoy
you with lots of Magic. Blizzara is the biggest threat,
because if all four cast it, your in the world of
heavy damage. I place two strategies:

With Thundara:
Have everyone use Thundara on the Ice Azes to get rid of them.
If you need to switch people out for more Thundaras, go ahead.
Be careful about targeting an Ice Aze that is near Mateus.
Just use Libra and see if Mateus has reflect.
After the Ice Azes are gone, use Ethers to bring back
your MP and then keep whacking Mateus. When Mateus gets
low on HP, get ready for Blizzaja,
which causes Ice Damage with the addition of Slip.
Heal when you need to, and soon enough, you'll defeat Mateus.

With Mist Knacks:
Much Easier with this than Thundara.
Just start by having a character aim for
Mateus with his/her strongest Mist Knack.
Then, keep chaining as much as you can.
(press a button you see next to your characters
name in the lower right corner, if there are no more,
use R2 until the button
commands appear again) If you chained more than three, the last blast
that happens when you run out a time will hit everything 
if they are close to eachother. The Ice Azes should be dead, if not,
get your reserves out on to the field to
Thundara the Ice Azes to oblivion. Now, hopefully the Mist Knack you used
chopped off a chunk of Mateus's HP.
Keep attacking and healing when needed
and you will defeat Mateus eventually