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FFTogether's Winter Marathon (2012)

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There has been an idea to do Winter Marathon this year. It's been a while since we did that. But i was wondering who is interested and can you stream.

The idea was to do the Winter Marathon between Christmas and New Years eve, so the start would be on 27 December and the end on 30 December.

Let me know if you can. As it stands now i will probably start.

It's only a possibility for me. Can't say anything for certain. That will be the last week of uni for me and then I'll have one week free. Might have time to stream during the weekend.

Oh no, I'll not be here to watch it  :'( I liked the Summer maraton so much...

Is this marathon still happening?

Shadow Gilgamesh:
since this is all the chatter the topic made, I'd say no.


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