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Title: RP Forum Rules and Guidelines Ver 2.0 [PLEASE READ before making an RP!]
Post by: MK Emaster on July 15, 2008, 01:30:24 PM
Please read this rules before posting, the purpose of this rules and guidelines are for having a friendly forum and keeping this forum Under Control.

Note: All general FF Together Rules are applied in this forum!
You can find the general rules here: Rules and Guidelines (http://www.fftogether.com/forum/index.php?topic=8.0)
Da_Cloud Has gave me the permission to post this rules here.   

Creating new thread, rules and requirements.
When creating a new RP, the following requirements must all be met to a full extent:

- The RP must have a full, and in depth storyline to begin with. Having a beginning story that is only a few lines long will not be allowed. The beginning storyline is the foundation of the RP, so don't forget it!

-  The RP is complete with a form of a character sheet to provide the future participants to an easier access to joining. Here is an example of a character sheet, which you can feel free to use in your RPs:

Name: Your character's name
Age: Your character's age
Gender: Your character's gender
Appearance: The appearance of your character/how he or she looks.
Personality: The personality of your character.
History: Your character's background and past.
Other: Any extra information you may wish to add about your character.

- All RP topics/storylines (both original and unoriginal, unoriginal meaning being inspired from a media based source such as a movie, a tv show, or a video game.) are limited to one RP only, meaning that there cannot be two Matrix RPs taking place at once (The Duplication Rule). Please make sure before creating an RP that the idea has not already been taken. If the idea is taken, but the thread has been inactive for some time, please contact a moderator to inquire permission to create your RP. In the case of popular series, such as Final Fantasy, Star Wars and the like, the moderation team may choose to relax enforcement of this provision; however, forum members must remember that the Duplication Rule may be brought into play at any time without prior notification.

- All original RPs must remain original. Copying someone else's RP without their permission (plagiarism) is not allowed here!

Participating in an RP, rules and requirements.
When participating in a RP, the follow rules must be followed.

- Members must be courteous when participating in an RP. They must wait for other members to take their parts in the RP before participating again. Double posting is the most serious level of this, and will not be tolerated in this forum unless it concerns the creator of the thread organizing/setting up the RP. Such as the beginning of the RP))

- Quality is a must. This forum is not to be an easy way to add to your post count. Please use proper grammar and punctuation when posting. All posts must be at least five lines long. ( that's releted to the RP title, None of gimmicks words like this is count with the five line rule: looooooooooool, Heeeeeeehehehehe?etc
- Respect other members, and no flaming in RP posts! Remember this forum is a friendly forum!

- Only join and participate in an RP if you are willing to take it seriously. Members put a lot of hard work into their RPs and you should respect that to a level that if you are going to participate in their RPs you will be willing to take their work seriously and remain committed to it.


New Member Central

Here are some things that visitors and new forum members should be aware of that will make the forum more user friendly.

No one likes being called a n00b. However,Here we go by skill of writing and creativity, not the number of posts or how long a member has been on the site. If you can?t write a coherent sentence or make a decently creative RP, you may be considered a n00b by some forum members. Anyone charging in here with a ego the size of Texas and thinks they are God's gift to Role Playing are going to have a difficult time. We try to be lenient and understanding but we are all human.

RP Threads subject tags

Then you write a new RP thread you must put some tags after the RP's Subject!
Here are the tags that you really have to put them!!!

your Subject [Only PMs] this means that to Participate you have to PM the RP game Author! and you must fill in the Participating requirements and tell him you like to join the game!

your Subject [everyone welcome to join] this means you can join the game without PM the author just fill in the Participating requirements, this is better than PM tag  ;)

your Subject [Started] it means the is game started! If you allow people to join your game after the game start then put [Started/Y] and if you don't like anyone to join after the game started then put [Started/N]

your Subject [Game Over] it mean the game is over!!!


The No Read, No Create policy

As you are probably aware, it?s not to smart to just post a thread in any forum without reading the forum rules first. There is a low tolerance about what should be included in the first post of an RP. The initial post of an RP should include as much information as you can reasonably provide for the RP. Make sure to give a good bit of background info into the story line that will help foreshadow what could possibly be in the RP so members can decide if they like it or not.

Another major consideration is the creation of Fight RPs, Wrestling threads and the like. They are the most frequently opened type of RP by forum newcomers who don?t think to read the RP forum rules first. The moderation team has little room for leniency in any RP when rules aren't followed, and this is particularly true for threads as volatile violent as wrestling and dueling.

Regardless of being new or not, your thread will be closed without warning if it violates the rules . If your thread is closed, contact a member of the moderation team and ask politely to have it reopened. You will be advised as to the reason(s) that your thread was closed and what is needed to prepare it to continue.
Title: Re: RP Forum Rules and Guidelines
Post by: ElliotMajor on July 16, 2008, 12:22:40 PM
Hmm how about a no powerplaying rule in conjunction to the no-killing without permission
basicly you cannot control other player characters
I.e My post im virdia someone else is cade
Cade gets slammed into a wall
"Cade Run *Bleep* You"
Cade: No i Will Not run
cade gets Thrown Into The Darkness And Dissapears
Title: Re: RP Forum Rules and Guidelines
Post by: MK Emaster on July 16, 2008, 05:53:46 PM
Not about controlling but....
Mike Dice grab virdia and smash his head and die....
* That's Forbidden *
But post like:
Mike Dice grab virdia but virdia resist and run away...
that's acceptable ;)