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Title: [GUIDE/FAQ] Install Custom Firmware for PSP
Post by: Oniangel on May 15, 2011, 01:08:38 AM
Since I received some request to show how to install/flash the CFW I decided to create this guide.

I don't take responsibility for any damaged/broke PSP during the process. The process are tested and proved to work. There's always a chance that the PSP will brick during the flashing precess but the percentage it's really low. Don't worry though a bricked PSP can be recovered without a problem in any case.

1st Step - Determine PSP Model

Of course before starting we need to know the PSP model since the procedure changes every time.

- PSP 1000 (Phat), PSP 2000 (Slim&Lite, no TA-088v3) mounting ANY Firmware.

- PSP 2000 (Slim&Lite, TA-088v3), PSP 3000 (Slim&Bright) mounting Firmware 5.03 or lower.

- PSP 2000 (Slim&Lite, TA-088v3), PSP 3000 (Slim&Bright), PSP N1001 (PSP-Go) mounting Firmware 6.00 up to 6.20.

- PSP 2000 (Slim&Lite, TA-088v3), PSP 3000 (Slim&Bright), PSP N1001 (PSP-Go) mounting Firmware 6.30 up to 6.35.

NOTE: PSP-2000 (Slim&Lite, TA-088v3) or PSP-3000 (Slim&Bright) mounting Firmware from 5.50 up to 5.51 CAN'T be flashed with CFW. Those need to be upgraded to a flashable Firmware, check the above list for flashable ones.

NOTE: The TA-088v3 motherboard was released in late 2000 with the latest models of the PSP 200X (Slim&Lite) and started with 4.01/4.05 Firmware mounted. You can check the Date Code by removing the Battery and checking the code as illustrated in this (http://i56.tinypic.com/1z2nn2h.jpg) image. Any code below 8C can run CFW. If you have a higher one then upgrade Firmware and follow the other guide.

Now let's start the process.

PSP 1000 (Phat), PSP 2000 (Slim&Lite, no TA-088v3)

- a PSP 1000 (Phat) or PSP 2000 (Slim&Lite, no TA-088v3) with ANY OFW.
- PSP Grader (http://www.mediafire.com/?wyj9j0q36ed6mo6) (Credits to Klutsh & RainMotorsports)
- Sony 5.00 Official Firmware (download from PSP Grader)
- a Pandora Battery
- a Memory Stick Pro Duo (min. 64MB and need MagicGate support)

Always remember to have every battery fully charged to avoid any problem.

The common way to install the CFW is by using a Pandora Battery and a Magic Memory Stick.
Note that to obtain a Pandora battery you either need to Hardmod one by yourself, buy one or if you have friend with a CFW PSP ask for it.
If you can't do either of the above and you're running Firmware 5.03 or lower stick to this other guide.

1. Creating a Magic Memory Stick/Pandora Stick

Download and install PSP Grader (http://www.mediafire.com/?wyj9j0q36ed6mo6).
Extract the file and run it.

- You'll be prompted with this window. If you already have the Official 5.00 Firmware then you're already good, else just click the "Download" button and wait for it to complete and when you're ready to go click "Load 5.00 Official eBoot".
- In the "Select Trigger Button" menu choose the button that will trigger the Flash process. (leave it as the L button to avoid issues but remember it).
- Connect your PSP with the PC through the USB cable and enter "USB Mode", the PC should found the PSP by itself or else just check the Drive letter and choose it from the "Target Memory Stick". NOTE: The Memory Stick will be formatted so backup any file you may need.
- When you're ready click on "Create Pandora Stick" and wait till it finishes the process.

NEVER and I repeat NEVER remove the Battery or the Memory Stick suring this process or else you'll brick your PSP for SURE.

2. Flashing the CFW

Now that you have everything you need let's complete the process.

NOTE: If you have a PSP Phat make sure to have at least 33 MB free, for the PSP Slim you'll need 66 MB free or else the files on the MMS will be overwritten.

- Turn your PSP off and remove the normal battery.
- Make sure the Magic Memory Stick/Pandora Stick is inserted and WHILE pressing the chosed trigger button (default is L trigger) insert the Pandora Battery.
- A menu will appear with different choices:
 . Install 5.00 M33: Flash the 5.00 CFW.
 . Install 5.00 OFW: Flash the 5.00 OFW.
 . NAND operation: Enable to dump and recover the NAND.
 . Hardware Info: Enable to see Console Hardware Information.
 . Test M33: Enable to test the 5.00 CFW temporarily.
 . Shutdown: .....duh!
 . Reboot Device: .....duh!

NOTE: It's heavily recommended to dump the NAND so that you can re-flash it in case of PSP malfunction (PSP semi brick) or if the flashing process doesn't end well.

2.1 [Optional] Dumping the NAND

NOTE: If you plan to dump the NAND then make sure to have enough space (33MB for Phat, 66MB for Slim)

- Choose "NAND Operation" and then "Dump NAND".
- Wait for the process to finish and it'll be saved on the MMS as a file named "nand-dump.bin".
- At the end of the process the number of Bad Blocks will be reported (if there's any), though don't worry since are normally created by NAND data cryptation.
- To use your dumped NAND just choose "Restore NAND". (use only when your NAND get damaged)

3. Flashing the CFW

- At the main menu choose "Install 5.04 M33" and wait for the process to finish.
- Press "O" Button to shutdown the PSP.
- Remove the Pandora Battery and insert the Normal one.
- Turn the PSP on and under "System Information" you should see "5.00 m33-4"
- Now you can format your MMS (remove any NAND dump saved) and enjoy your new flashed PSP.

All rights of this guide belongs to the writer.
PM me to ask for the permission to post it on other site.
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