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Zodiac Job System / Party Setup
« on: February 12, 2012, 12:45:30 PM »
So i have a project i'm about to start so i'm back at the hurdle that is organizing a party... easier said that done when you have to consider stuff such as espers and everything. Since i'm useless at deciding stuff like this myself (no truly i am, ask chaos) i figured i'd come here for some suggestions to help me out. Here is what i have so far which is completely open to change.

Vaan - Samurai
Balthier - Uhlan
Fran - Archer
Basch - White Mage (awaiting Oni to congratulate me on this choice)
Ashe - Knight
Penelo - Black Mage

Of Course i've been thinking of having other classes too like the shikari but i'm useless at decisions so i'll leave it like that. Looking forward to help from our resident "pros".

Siliconera interviewed Toriyama and Kitase and they posted what went on. I'll just copy and paste it here for people to read. The questions are in the ""

Serah, Lightning’s sister, is the main character and while Lightning is in Final Fantasy XIII-2 everyone believes she is dead. In addition to changing protagonists, Square Enix peppered areas with hidden items you can reveal with Serah’s moogle, made monsters allies in battle, and designed the game with branching paths. Everyone caught up? Good.

"The theme of Final Fantasy XIII is fighting your destiny. What is the theme of Final Fantasy XIII-2?"

Motomu Toriyama, Director: Rebuilding or playing through the revival [of Cocoon]. At the end of Final Fantasy XIII, Cocoon collapsed and the world was destroyed. In Final Fantasy XIII-2 you will rebuild the world from scratch.

"Why did you decide to make Serah the main character?"

Serah is Lightning’s young sister who turned into a crystal in an early point in Final Fantasy XIII and Lighting goes on a journey to rescue her. In XIII-2, it’s the other way around; the two characters switched places. Lightning still plays an important role in the story, but the main character you play as is Serah who is looking for Lightning.

"In the demo, I saw Lightning was playable. How often will players be able to use her in Final Fantasy XIII-2."

I can’t tell you exactly how playable to use Lightning in the final game. I can tell you – you will mainly be playing as Serah and Noel.

"Can you tell us more about Noel, how he fits in the game and why you wanted to make him a main character in Final Fantasy XIII-2?"

If you looked at Noel and his costume, it suggests he is a native resident of Gran Pulse. In Final Fantasy XIII the story is about Serah and Lightning all took place in Cocoon. Noel who has always been in Gran Pulse has no idea what happened to the sisters, the main characters in XIII. If you haven’t played XIII before you can find yourself almost like Noel because he’s detached from what happened in Final Fantasy XIII. These players can enjoy the events as a new experience.

"Will there be any other characters aside from Serah, Noel, and occasionally Lightning."

At the moment, I can tell you Serah and Noel will be the main characters you play, with Lightning coming in sometimes. There will be over 150 types of monsters you can recruit and you can control these monsters, as well.

Almost all of the main characters from Final Fantasy XIII will make an appearance in some way or another.

"Will there be any new playable characters aside from Noel… and the monsters?"

[Laughs] We can’t disclose anything at the moment. Please be patient and you will find out.

"How did the reception of Final Fantasy XIII affect the sequel? Did you incorporate any fan feedback into Final Fantasy XIII-2?"

Yoshinori Kitase, Producer: We made Final Fantasy XIII with the concept of a story driven game. So much so, some gamers were not very happy with it and criticized XIII and said the game progression was too linear and the world could be more populated. With Final Fantasy XIII-2, we wanted to present a completely different experience with this game. There is more exploration and elements in the environment to interact with.

"Another change is Final Fantasy XIII-2 has multiple objectives. How do these effect the gameplay, will we perhaps see different endings?"

YK: I can’t say much about story branches, but what I can say is we are incorporating lots of replay value. We envision players won’t just play the game for a single playthrough, we want you go through many laps. Each time you go around leading towards another completion there are a lot of discoveries you can find. This leads into the game’s multi-ending system.
"For the new hardware, PlayStation Vita and Wii U, are you planning on working on any Final Fantasy titles for those platforms?"

 YK: For now we are focusing on the three titles to come – Final Fantasy XIII-2, Type-0, and Versus. While we have no plans at the moment, we’re going to come to a point when we have to decide how we’re going to do our best with these new consoles.


Final Fantasy Type-0 / Some Gilgamesh Screens For you
« on: June 14, 2011, 11:10:35 AM »
We finally get to see some close-ups of gilgamesh so i thought i'd share the pics with you.

Current Generation / Pandora's Tower
« on: May 21, 2011, 10:50:42 PM »

Pandora's Tower: Until I Return to Your Side (パンドラの塔 君のもとへ帰るまで Pandora no Tō: Kimi no Moto e Kaeru Made) is an action RPG coming out for the Nintendo WII on 26/5/11 in japan with no confirmation on it coming out to the US/EU. It is being developed by Ganbarion and below is a trailer for you to check it out yourself. Post what you think of the game.

Part 1

Part 2

Official Site

Current Generation / Sonic Generations
« on: April 21, 2011, 11:28:23 AM »

So what do you guys think then.

Sandsea / Post your Christmas Tree
« on: December 03, 2010, 11:35:16 AM »
I Figured since it's christmas and there is already the idea of posting Christmas tree pictures, we may as well have a specific topic for it. So post away, I'll post mine later as my mum has yet to put it up so. =D

Anime & Manga Section / Rave Master
« on: May 23, 2010, 04:28:56 PM »
This is a great anime that to be honest i think should be continued as it just kinda died one day.

Who's seen this.

Looks like nobody likes this =/

Anime & Manga Section / Bleach
« on: May 23, 2010, 02:16:05 PM »
My favourite Anime there is.

Who watches this, what do you think of it?

JRPG games / Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow
« on: May 13, 2010, 10:17:18 AM »
It's a DS Game that is already out in Japan but is coming out for the US This month.

It's a Direct Sequel of the Xbox 360 Game "Blue Dragon" for what i've heard.

Anybody already played it or going to play it?

Also this Game is Action RPG which is different to Blue Dragon's Turn-Based

Challenges / Right I need a Suitable First challenge
« on: April 26, 2010, 05:39:24 PM »
right i want a first challenge but i don't want anything NLB if there is LLG...

also if i was to do LLG i would need help with the whole Barheim sequence... that part is what got me last time..

I myself am swaying towards the LLG [122333] whole challenge as i've found LLG games fun always. Just this game is an annoyance early on

The 3-Dimensional Era / Final Fantasy XIV Disciplines
« on: April 26, 2010, 01:47:44 PM »
I'm just going to write a brief overview of the Disciplines which split into 4 sections

Disciples of Magic - Essentially the Mage's Of Final Fantasy XIV


Conjurer's Use the elements and focus them into spells allowing them to be cast. They Can absorb Aether from their surroundings into wand or cane which channels the elements into spells allowing them to be cast. They can use their elemental magic for both offensive and defensive purposes.

  • Profundity - Enunciate, increasing the magic potency of your next cast. Lengthens cast and recast time
  • Trance Chat - Intensify your next cast, preventing it from being interrupted
  • Spiritbind - Channels the elements, binding yourself and reducing P Consumption by half
  • Roaming Soul - Hum your next spell, allowing movement while casting
  • Purge - Alter an enemy's essence, rendering the target's elemental alignment neutral

Spells -
  • Fire - Deals Fire Damage to enemies within area of effect
  • Cure - Restores Hp of allies within Area of effect
  • Protect - Enhances defense of allies within area of effect
  • Shock Spikes - Armors you with lightning spikes, stunning attacking enemies
  • Frost - Deals Ice Damage over time to enemies within area of effect

Weapons -
  • Radical - No Information yet
  • Wand - No Information yet


Thaumaturge's rely on their powers of sorcery to be effective. They command Dormant Aether inside themselves to be able to use their magical abilties. They use their powers of destruction and with their abilities to enhance their allies and debuff enemies they are amazing support's so they are always welcome

Abilities -
  • Blood Rite - Spill your own blood in a sacrificial rite, enhancing magical potency
  • Punishing Barbs - channel your pain to an enemy, redirecting a portion of damage dealt to you back to the enemy
  • Dark Seal - Focus you mental energies, increasing the accuracy of your next cast
  • Initiation - Bestow your strength on another, granting certain of your enhancing effects to a target ally
  • Paradigm Shift - Amplify your voice, increasing the scope and reducing the range of thaumaturgic spells.

Spells -
  • Drain - Transfers HP from enemies with area of effect to you
  • Gravity - Reduces the movement speed of enemies within area of effect
  • Sacrifice - Consumes HP to restore a portion of the target's HP
  • Siphon TP - Transfers TP from the target to you
  • Absorb ACC - Transfers a portion of the Target's accuracy to you

Weapons -
  • Scepters - No Information Yet
  • Staff - No Information Yet

Disciples Of War - The Weapon Guys


Archers use their Bow's and arrows with deadly precision to bring hell to their foes. They can be deadly accurate even at far distances. They are great tacticians and can help swing the tide of battle in their favour. Though they are not as useful at close range as a user of a sword may be due to limited arrows their postivies outweigh their negatives.

Abilities -
  • Replenish - Involves a blessing of renewal, consuming MP to Replenish your projectiles to full
  • Chameleon - Blend in with your surroundings, conusming TP to reduce enmity
  • Quickstride - Quicken your stride, increasing Movement Speed
  • Retrieval - Search your surroundings, consuming HP to find and gather projectiles
  • Hawk's eye - Your eyes gain hawklike precision, increasing the accuracy of your next attack.

Weapon Skills -
  • Shadowbind - Fetter an Enemy's Shadow, rendering the target immobile
  • Wide Volley - Launch a wide-ranged Assualt, increasing attack power and dealing projectile damage to the target and nearby enemies
  • Quick Nock - Nock and release with blinding speed, shooting multiple arrows at a time in a cone before you. Increases attack power and deals projectile damage
  • Scouring Strike - Deliver a Debilitating blow, increasing attack power and dealing projectile damage. Removes a single enhancement effect from the Target.
  • Shrieker - Loose an attack with a terrifying sound, dealing projectile damage and causing the target to flee in terror.

Weapons -
  • Composite Bows - No Information yet
  • Long Bow - No Information yet


The Lancers are users of Long, Two-handed Polearms allowing them to cause swift damage from a safe distance. They are trained in the use of multiple weapons making them extremly versatile. They can attack from a distance while enhancing their allies.

Abilities -
  • Comrade In Arms - Bolster Morale, consuming TP to place an enfeebling effect on the target which grants attacking party members enhanced TP generation
  • Ferocity - Trigger an adrenaline rush, consuming HP to increase the attack power of your next attack
  • Invigorate - Channel your physical energies, consuming HP to gain TP
  • Collusion - Employ Deception, transferring the enmity generated by your next successful attack to an ally positioned between you and the enemy.
  • Life Surge - Make Sport of an enemy, gaining the ability to absorb HP. While Active successful attacks reduce the targets Evasion.

Weapon Skills -
  • Overrun - Close in on an enemy, increasing TP and dealing piercing Damage. Can Only be executed when the target is unaware of your presence.
  • Feint - Stab With precision and timing, ensuring the success of your next attack. Increasing attack power and deals piercing Damage. Can Only be activated after a target evades an attack.
  • Leg Sweep - Strike Low, dealing blunt damage to all enemies in a cone before you. Does not effect flying targets.
  • Moonrise - Frustrates an enemy's tactics, increasing the attack power and dealing slashing damage. Inhibits TP generation of the target.
  • Skewer - Run your enemies through, increasing attack power and dealing piercing damage to all enemies between you and the target. Slows Non-flying targets.

Weapons -
  • Spear - No Information yet
  • Lance - No Information yet


Gladiators Choose to defend their allies with their vast knowledge and experience with the sword and shield. They choice of weapons vary from daggers to longswords. They're shape or type of blade does not matter.

Abilities -
  • Rousing Provoke - Use A Threatening gesture to increase enmity
  • Cover - Protect An Ally, Positioning yourself between then and the enemy to redirect damage dealt to yourself instead
  • Rampart - Protect yourself, increasing defense and magical defense.
  • Still Precision - Steady yourself, increasing accuracy and reducing evasion
  • Aegis Boon - Recover behind the safety of your shield, converting a portion of damage sustained when blocking into HP

Weapon Skills -
  • Phalanx - Move deftly from defense to offense, increasing attack power and dealing slashing damage. Increasing enmity. Can only be executed following a block
  • Red Lotus - Call upon the power of flame, increasing attack power and dealing fire damage
  • Shield Bash - Slam an enemy with your shield, dealing blunt damage with a high chance of interrupting casts. Renders the target unable to cast for several seconds.
  • Spinstroke - Feint before attacking, dealing slashing damage to the target. Increases attack power when the target is not engaging you.

The Good Old Days / My Very Own Let's Play Final Fantasy VI
« on: April 12, 2010, 12:59:35 PM »
Well 2 days ago i reached 200 susbscribers so i said i'd do something special. So i foolishly started my first let's play which i had planned to do for pokemon crystal but 200 subscribers came first so here i am..

Would appreciate it if you all gave it a good watching as i get the videos uploaded.. 2 parts already up and 2 ready to be rendered.

Part One - A First Time For Everything
Part Two - So Much Fail
Part Three - Moogle Power
Part Four - Self Proclaimed Ladies Man, Yeah Right!

JRPG games / Maybe you can help with the preparation of my new game
« on: January 19, 2010, 09:16:43 PM »
well i'm going to go through the game again in it's entirety but with a catch. I'm streaming it all for all you to view my epic failures. I'm having trouble picking Characters to use since i failed the stats in my last game and was physically unable to beat bosses such as the fallen, DLC bosses. I had a hard enough time with the normal conqueror and i streamed him twice. First time i finished smoothly but the second time i ended with me having no Revive items left. I had 3 unions and Namul Niram. 2 unions were killed and my trusty tank of a summon was downed too. I had only rushes Union consisting of
*Rush (alive)
*Emmy (Dead)
*Random Soldier (alive)
*Random Soldier (alive)
*Random Soldier (Dead)
I cannot remember the soliders name and i cannot bring myself to load that save back up... to much bad memories of animalcule.....

So I've already decided how i'm going to set my unions but no idea what members. 2 combat Unions,1 hex Union and then 1 healing Union. If i ever swap to 5 unions the 5th one with be Random.

Combat Union #1 - Rush (2h Swords), Emmy,???,???,???
Combat Union #2 - Torgal, Baulson,???,???,???
Hex Union - Perneth,Agipur,Texthon,???,???
Healing Union - Irina,???,???,???,???

So you ask "why does each union have 5 ?'s?". Well my dead readers and newbies, I havn't yet decided to Structure of each Unions so i have no concrete Formation for how many members will consist in each Union. I'm going to do all the Missable Quests before they become Unmissable (Baulson's quest being doing straight away) and if there are any quests that don't require me to be in any form of combat or risk me being pulled into any form of combat (the witch quests) then i will do them as soon as possible. I'm aiming to get to the fallen as low BR as i can so i can start Stat Grinding to it's best. Unless somebody gives me a better reason to get some stats before that with some Solid Evidence to that cause then i'll stick to my plan. Looking forward to any reccomendations so i can get this Cleaned up quick to start my stream.

Thanks in advance,

Your friendly neighborhood Shadow :P

Sandsea / Dazzle Quality test
« on: January 14, 2010, 10:29:09 PM »
now i don't know if this is the right place for this (i never know where the right stuff for place is... you'd know that by looking at my room) but i wanted to see your opinions on this test done with my dazzle DVC 100 which is made for 50hz. Eternal Sonata is a 60hz game which means it records in black and white which you have to change mid recording hence you have to edit and render it. Most of the time when you render a video the Quality of the video goes to hell.

I believe i have gotten good quality while rendering. Would you please all take a look.

Thank you all XD.

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