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Kingdom Hearts / KH:BBS battle mechanic
« on: September 08, 2010, 12:59:07 PM »
Do you like the new combat system used in BBS??SE try to make this game less about hack and slash button smashing and it looks good.

I havent gone far and i would like to know if you are allowed to combo like Sora in the previous games.

Current Generation / The 3rd Birthday
« on: August 15, 2010, 01:37:57 PM »
What game is SquareEnix gonna copy??To me it kinda resembles Resident Evil 5  just like what they did last time.

I dont know what have SquareSoft become.

Current Generation / RPG with multiple class system for PSP
« on: July 18, 2010, 07:09:37 AM »
Hi guys im back again looking for suggestion.I need someone introduce me some RPGs "preferably western" that feature classes/jobs.

I have War of Lion,Dungeons and Dragon but they are both Turn-based startegy.

Current Generation / PSP games for a newcomer
« on: February 28, 2010, 01:03:42 PM »
Hi to eveyone who knows or doesn't know me.Im back and I think will stay for awhile here cuz it is a really sweet site to meet forum friends like pprincess and wee :D

I am going to buy myself a PSP tomorrow.It's my first ever hand-held and i would have to purchase a few games too.Right now MHU,SC:broken destiny,FF:dissidia are on my must-buy list and i might wanna consider God of War and Tekken 6 too.

Are there any ohter games for PSP that are so good u guys may suggest to get instead?I also like games(preferably RPG) with cute animation and vibrant graphic.

Thanks in advance

Current Generation / Violent games
« on: October 21, 2009, 06:59:43 AM »

I was watching the demo of God Of War 3.At first i was really impressed by the graphic of current generation games but now i am shocked by the sheer brutality and gore in it.I know some players like these things but i wanted your opinions.

Sandsea / i was robbed and alomost got killed
« on: October 01, 2009, 11:12:59 AM »
It took place at the car-park in the morning when 4 men jumped off thier bikes and asked me to hand over my waist bag.Two of them closest to me were waving thier chef knives. I think i am lucky for being left completely unscathed for what ever reason.

But the old lady in the news wasn't.She was robbed and brutalized and now sent to the hospital.If i suffered her fate i might not be typing these...

Current Generation / I'm bored and need a new game.
« on: September 23, 2009, 10:27:22 AM »
Can anyone recommend me any good PS2 games??Preferably RPG.

Final Fantasy XII / Ensanguined Shield in Necrohol
« on: April 19, 2009, 02:12:00 PM »
It has 3% to appear and 100% to get it.Anyone knows where is the exact location of it??

Thanks in advance

Zodiac Job System / best/Worst Jobs in IZJS
« on: April 17, 2009, 06:34:33 AM »

Red mage is the easily the best job.Because Red Mage can be as invulnerable as Knight with Zordiak Shield and Blood Shield,Red mage also has powerful magics such as Adhor that rival Black Mage.


There aren't really real worst job in normal or Strong-mode.The only worst job is the one most unsuitable in Weak-mode.In my personally opinion,i would say Time Mage is the worst decision in LLG.

Here are the reasons:
1)Unlike other three mages,Time Mage could only wear Heavy amours.Not being able to equip Mystic Amours means serious handicaps for a Mage as many of the require High Mp and Mag to be effective.

2)Many magics Time Mage has could be replaced via other Jobs/items and motes,rendering Time Mage one of the most replaceable Job in the game.

3)Most unfortunately,Time Mage doesn't have much HP augments nor could equip the best heavy amour to help Time Mage become more resistant to Attack.

One of the Benefits for using Time Mage in LLG is to be able to use every kind of Green Magics,and be able to restore all 3 Mist Charges with just one Ether due lo low Mp.

Zodiac Job System / Espers and License Boards
« on: November 02, 2008, 10:44:34 AM »
The list below show Licenses only become available after getting certain Espers!!

I'm trying to arrange license neatly by type or might add some more effects,so use "CRTL+F" well ;)

* means lincenses you can get to by choosing the right Mist Knack without using   

Knight-Mist Knack/Zordiac/Chaos:+390HP,Revive,Excalibur*
          -Mateus:White Magic 6~7  Curaga,Regen,Cleanse,Esuna
          -Hashmal:White Magic 8~9  Faith,Confuse,Bravery,Curaja
          -Belias:Potion Lore 1
          -Shemhazai:Potion Lore 2
          -Cuchulainn:Power Lore
          -Ultima:Power Lore,Telekenesis

            -Cuchulainn:Shade Of Black
            -Famfrit:Magic Lore
            -Exodus/Zeromus:Magic Lore X4
            -Adrammelech:Power Lore
            -Hashmal:Decrease Action Time
            -Ultima:Decrease Action Time

           -Cuchulainn:White Magic 12 Shellga,Protectga
           -Ultima:Pheanix Lore X2
           -Mateus:Gil Toss
           -Adrammelech:Shade of Black
           -Shemhazai:Gun 5~6 Spica 38,Antares 41,Arcturus 44,Fomalhaut 52

              -Zeromus:Magic Lore X2
              -Shemhazai:Shield Evasion
              -Zalera:Blood Sword A 92,Masamune I 117
              -Zordiac:Heavy Amour 9~11

 Monk-Hashma:White Magic 4 Cura,Raise
          -Famfrit:White Magic 10  Dispelga,Araise
          -Chaos:White Magic 11~12  Holy,Esunaga,protectga,Shellga
          -Zordiac:White Magic 13  Renew
          -Shemhazai:Potion Lore 3
          -Ultima:Decrease Action Time X2
          -Zeromus:Sight Unseeing

  Uhlan-Famfrit:Potion Lore 3
          -Mateus:Magic Lore X2
          -Adrammelech:Power Lore
          -Chaos:Black Magic 7~8  Bio,Blindga,Aeroga,Silencega

 Archer -Famfrit:+825HP
           -Chaos: Magic Lore X5
           -Ultima/Zordiac: MPHP,1000 Needles
           -Shemhazai:Heavy Amour 10~12

Time Mage-Mateus:+230HP
                  -Exodus:Power Lore
                  -Famfrit:Power Lore
                  -Hashmal:MP Cost Cut
                  -Adrammelech:White Magic 4  Cura,Raise
                  -Zordiac:Swords 9  Durandal 99,Durandal A 103
                  -Ultima:Swords 7~8  Diamond Sword 73.Runeblade 78,Deathbringer 83 ,Stone Blade 95

White Mage-Chaos:+310HP,Great Swords 2 Defender 90,Save The Queen 92
                   -Exodus:Power Lore
                   -Adrammelech:Power Lore,Darkness
                   -Famfrit:Daggers 5,Numerology  Orichalcum Dirk 79,Platinum Dagger 83   
                   -Zordiac:Great Swords 1  Claymore 83
 Black Mage-Famfrit:+730HP
                   -Adrammelech:Hand-Bombs 2  Fumarole 71,Tumulus 76
                   -Mateus:Hand-Bombs 3  Caldera 83,Volcano 90
                   -Hashmal:Hand-Bombs 4  Volcano T 96
                   -Shemhazai:Heavy Amour 7
                   -Exodus:Heavy Amour 8
                   -Zeromus:Heavy Amour 9

 Red Mage-Famfrit:Power Lore X2
                -Zeromus:MP Cost Cut
                -Ultima:Great Swords 1~2  Claymore 83,Dendender 90,Save The Queen 92
                -Chaos:Great Swords 3  Ultima Blade 109
                -Zordiac:Great Swords 4 Ragarok 117
                -Exodus:Heavy Armour 8~10

               -Cuchulainn:Magic Lore
               -Ultima/Mist Knack:Magic Lore X3*
               -Famfrit:Time Magic 8~10  Vanishga,Warp,Reflectga,slowga,graviga,hastega
               -Exodus:Green Magic 1  Decoy,Oil
               -Shemhazai:Hand-Bombs 3  Caldera 83,Volcano 90
               -Zeromus:Hand-Bombs 4  Volcano T 96

Credited to "Sephirosuy" for his impeccable guides at....

Zodiac Job System / Where to find the chests...
« on: October 26, 2008, 07:34:30 AM »
Didnt see a topic like this around so i will take the lead to start one,and it will be where similar posts go....

Does anyone have a complete FFXII IZJS Guide and know exactly the location of various chests sprawled around cerrobi steppe/subterra..etc...??

I wanna ask where to find the chest containing "ribbon" on the 3rd basement floor or pharos??Whch has 15% to appear.

Anyone with the guide willing to upload chest location in cerrobi steppe??

Thanks in advance

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