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Challenges / New Challenge - DDCQLB
« on: May 04, 2009, 10:59:36 PM »
We need some more choices for challenges on this game...

Double-Dual Character Quarter License Board

So on my way back from school, I was thinking of some new challenges and came up with this one.

Let me explain how this game plays:

Double-Dual Character - You can only play 2 people at a time, but you can only have 4 characters (Vaan, Balthier, Fran, and Basch). This allows 6 different combinations of character play.

Vaan - Balthier
Vaan - Fran
Vaan - Basch
Balthier - Fran
Balthier - Basch
Fran - Basch

All of those and vice-versa.

Quarter License Board - You know that red circle on the license board where you start? This part in the license board is very important. Each character gets 1/4 of the license board of your choice. You can think of the license board as a graph and make that red circle the origin. We'll say the horizontal line that the red circle is on is the X-axis, and vertical is the Y-axis. This makes 4 quadrants. Give one quadrant to each character. The only licenses the characters will share are the ones on the axis.

This challenge will be hard, so you better be up for a challenge. You can also add your own rules too, such as No Mages, No Exploits, etc.

Here are some extra rules that you must follow:

-You can not start on Strong Mode.
-No powerleveling.
-No use of codes and/or other cheating device.
-No Guests.*

*To use a guest, you must take away one character from your party (therefore making 2 characters). Otherwise, you must kill the guest.

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