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Current Generation / DLC Quest?? LOLOL
« on: March 19, 2013, 01:38:13 AM »
I just read a bunch about it because it's featured sale on Steam. Check it out, looks hilarious :D I'm going to post in this thread thoughts and whatnot about it :P

Sandsea / Steam-bound
« on: March 14, 2013, 01:40:53 PM »
So I finally got around to setting up my Steam account. Unfortunately (for me) I only have Daggerdale, atm. Controls are awful for that game :x But feel free to add me. Name's the same :D

Final Fantasy XII / Chaining Wyverns with Divers!!
« on: March 03, 2013, 02:38:36 PM »
Ok, so this got picked up on GFAQS, in a thread I've been participating/following. The discovery (?) resulted in the following experiment:

Dive Talon    - Westersand
Vulture           - Mosphoran
Zu                   - Ozmone
Garuda-Egi   - Paramina
Pyrolisk          - Tchita       
Charybterix    - Cerobi
IMDUGUD     - Nam Yensa/Withering Shores

Wyvern - Nam Yensa
Belwyvern - Cerobi
Aeronite - Lhusu/Pharos
DHEED - MH/Skyreach Ridge
AEROS - Ozmone/Shred

Names in all CAPS are rare game. Dheed is a Trophy Rare. Bosses and Marks are excluded. (I killed em all in this save already :P )

Preliminary research shows that all non-boss Fliers are either Divers or Wyverns. This, I think, supports my hypothesis of Fliers being a faux-Classification, so to speak. Its support through lack of alternates, though, so it doesn't mean much.

Getting on to the doing... I started in Balfonheim and went out to Cerobi from there. I chained two Belwyverns to start. In order to avoid continuing the chain with Diver > Diver, I didn't kill any Charybs on my way to the Strahl. Off to Westersand, with a 2-chain on Belwyverns. And that Dive Talon gave me a 3-chain. Now off to Nam Yensa, that being the most Chain friendly destination for a different Wyvern type.

WTF A Urutan just smacked me for 1659 damage with a Tri-Attack?! Wasn't expecting anything short of the Wyvern or a rare game doing more than 0 :x Apparently, I don't have anything that details exactly what Tri-Attack does, other than Split's FAQ saying 'powerful Tri-Attack.' Ugh had Bubble up and it was over 3k. 1/3 total HP maybe? Enough distractions lol back to the experiment.

Forgot about that swarm of Bagolies near the Wyvern spawn point in Simoon Bluff (only spot I could remember that a Wyvern is guaranteed to be at, after killing Wyvern Lord). Break for the win :D I also overestimated Wyvern's power. 0 damage, 4-chain.

I really wish I had one of the more unique Bosses or Marks available. Including Bloodwing in this test would make it a bit more conclusive, IMO. Far as I could tell, Bloodwing is the only non-Boss/Esper, non-Diver, non-Wyvern Flier. Andrammalech could be another possibility for testing, if I hadn't obtained it already. Also, zombies would make that sloppy and hectic. lol

Since I'm in Nam Yensa, I'll take a hop over to Withering Shores and tackle Imdugud, just to add the icing to the cake, then I'll call it a wrap. Maybe I was a victim of the 6-enemy limit, but no-go on Imdugud. Regardless, I think there was enough evidence in the chain up to that point, and it would've just been redundant.

In summary, I chained 2x Belwyverns, 1x Dive Talon, 1x Wyvern for a 4-chain. Unless someone has a better idea, I'm sticking to the theory that Fliers are considered a Classification by the game.


EDIT: The link to GFAQ discussion is:
          Begins with EAski24, at the bottom of the page, and continues from there.

Meet and Greet / noo00oob
« on: February 26, 2013, 04:15:38 PM »
Well isn't this a homey forum? Lot different vibe from Gamefaqs. I caught a couple links to this site (think FF12Grandmaster?) while doing research for completionist/PG files for 12. I've never been overly active on any forum, but GF users might recognize me from FF12, FF4, or FF9 forums there. Those've been my latest projects. Currently working on a FF12 PG, while still dabbling at a 9 PG (only 2:30 saved on the game clock....ugh Excalibur II) and working through NG+ (second playthrough) of 4 on DS. I had a PG of that one on PS, but all the new stuff in the DS version :) Also PG'ed X. Yes, I have borderline OCD and am a completionist. One of the many many charms of the FF series :)

Anyways, just introducing myself properly :)

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