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Final Fantasy XII / It's 2015..Do you get a regular dose of FF12?
« on: May 11, 2015, 02:58:29 AM »
How goes it folks? Just thought I would reach out to you guys. ;p

As for me, Today I finished farming materials for Durandal and stone sword, and face palmed into coma when I realized I was a corpse fly short for whale whisker... :/

Meet and Greet / Well hello..
« on: March 28, 2015, 04:48:49 PM »
Well I'm 30 from about as far south as you can get in the US.  Been playing the FF  series since practically it started here in US, and beaten all except the ds remakes X-2,  and X III series. Came across here when a friend was helping me learn RNG and figured I'd join community and hopefully make some friends, learn, and share what wisdom I have regarding the series and whatnot. Looking forward to interacting with everyone

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