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Role-Playing Forum / Ark of Infinity_Informations
« on: June 05, 2012, 12:39:40 AM »

- Dragon Lord
    General Edward Vanheim (Faction Leader)
    Leon Cross
- Metal Chocobo
    Isaac Claywright
    Cilia (golem)


- Ultima
    Caius Inferna (Faction Leader) -bear
    Feraal -cat
    Sinkair Ira Zephyrus -raven/Rook
- rsslayersr
    Alice sar Breh - featherfolk (dove)


    Petyr Greyfang

*For details go to application thread



Captain Nathaniel Marciel - a special envoy of the Emperor, a spy and an assassin who was likely working to an agenda of his own. He was also the man who had brought the Ark of Fire to the Emperor.
General Bartholomew Astal - friend to Edward Vanheim, and according to him, a good man
General Frederic Verde -  known as the Butcher. He was vicious and well known for his opinion that all the peoples of Hellios were freaks and abominations that must be wiped out, Edward Vanheim does not like him
Senna Vash, Edward’s bodyguard and attendant
Valeria Astal - the daughter of a prominent Arcadian noble and the niece of General Bartholomew Astal. Leon's party member.
Dimitri Rozenmarc - comes from a family of frontline soldiers and is very skilled with a spear. Leon's party member.
Steeg the Barbarian - Leon's party member.
Elisa Rivers - an orphan with magical ability, a healer and a Summoner. Leon's party member.


Thenna - councillor of the feline races
Ro - The envoy of the birds, Owl
Captain Kaeda Anima - Captain who was present when Vanheim used Ark of Fire at the valley. He is involved in recruiting civilians or other demi-human who might be interested for the war. Also works for information gathering job. Canine (wolf)
Rangoh - I am guessing he is the representative of the lizards from Ultima's post as it says, "Have Rangoh and his Lizard spies help you if more close quarters spy work is required"
Merking - Representative of the Merfolk in the Council
Tobias Mreast - a young featherfolk who seem to have a tempter (so far). Pesters Alice (rs's character) to be more responsible in her clan.
The featherfolk clan consists of the Breh and the Mreast - located between the sand and the green lands, south of the Trench
Vulpe Vermilus - one of the officials of the Treasure and Bounty Hunters' guild, a bounty hunter himself. Sly and sneaky, not to mention often does under-hand things. Has a major crush on Sinkair. His figure of speech often switches back to slang (he was a slum kid). Uses throwing daggers and a rapier (hasn't mentioned yet). Red fox.


Lyria and Fernis Greyfang - Petyr Greyfang's adopted sister and brother.
Collin - a wolf-man cub who was saved by Darhin. fledged himself to Darhin. (willing slave?)

*Please mark note worthy NPCs by pm. I will add regardless, but sometimes I might miss important NPC as a one-time appearing one.

Ark of Fire (red) - Edward Vanheim (Arcadia Faction Leader)
Ark of Wind (green) - Feraal
Ark of Water (blue) - Unknown
Ark of Earth (yellow) - Unknown
Ark of Void - Unknown

For the sake of order, inform Dragon Lord in case you want to use it, just to make sure no 2 Arks of the same kind happen to be kept by 2 characters unknowingly.

Known Geography

The continent of Era is split into two large landmasses, divided by the large body of water commonly called “the Trench”. On the eastern side of Era lies a volcano field on either side of the Trench. Arcadia and Hellios are located north and south of the Trench accordingly.


Eastern lowlands of Arcadia (Hellios lost contact with the landing party)
the southern coast of Arcadia (there's a small village located where MegaFun's Petyr resides)


the woods of the High Council
the Green Mountains (located between the sand and the green lands, south of the Trench)
the libraries of the Green Mountains (located on this steep mountain, to ensure no treasure hunter from human kind could reach it)
The Iskandar (?) - The pillar of light, the bane of the Arcadian airships. The Featherfolk is controlling the skies, with the aid of the crystal at the summit shooting Arcadian airships down.
City at the foot of the Iskandar - Cilia (Metal Choc's secondary) is heading to get a rare text about the Order of Grey and the Arks from a bookstore owner.


 General Edward Vanheim of Arcadia used Ark of Fire openly in a battle. (opening post by Dragon Lord)
 In response, Hellios is doubling the patrol and recruiting all available/willing citizens. (ordered by Caius)
 Any Arcadian that gets within arrow distance of Hellios' shoreline will die, no exceptions (ordered by Caius)
 Hellios lost contact from their landing party in the Eastern lowlands of Arcadia.
 Petyr is hunting outside his village to sate his bloodlust
 Isaac is among the navy force of Arcadia attempting to across the Trench. (merfolks had been killed, and hence I am assuming that they had already got past the patrols). The ships will be arriving tomorrow at Hellios shore. The force plan to destroy Iskandar.
 Cilia is attempting to ger a rare text about the Order of the Grey and the Arks from the bookstore in the city at the foot of the Iskandar. She took off with a pair of grand white wings on her back. (she is a golem shape-shifter of Isaac)
 Caius ordered Thenna to ready her assassins, while he leads a small party to raid in order to distract the force heading towards the Iskandar.
 The Ark of Air killed Feraal's employer the moment he touched it. She left with Ark of Air.
 Leon waiting for the attack of Iskandar along with 4 others (Valeria Astal, Dimitri Rozenmarc, Steeg the Barbarian, and Elisa Rivers) in a cave in the hills overlooking Iskandar.
 Alice had been told to visit the High Council and join the upcoming war.
 Darhin saved an wolfman-cub named Collin. Collin fledged himself to Darhin.
 Sinkair is moving to South from Northen border of Hellios to find more information regarding the Ark - heading towards Iskandar to get more information on Feraal. NPC Vulpe is going after her to join.

Sandsea / Asking for an advice..
« on: December 12, 2011, 05:34:48 AM »
Okay, I first thought of posting it somewhere else, but I couldn't think of other proper board. It's not asking strictly for JRPG or anything...

My problem is, my mother had been quite fan of games ever since I introduced her, and even have been a ranker (ranking 90s for a year, and in 80s for two and a half year if I remember correctly) in MapleStory for 3-4 years until she moved to Indonesia, got crappy internet network, and was forced to stop playing online games. Now, she is almost bored to death because she deemed me 'no need to worry over anymore' when I became a university student. She started math tutoring again, she reads all kind of books- but yes, she is still bored, as if you do anything for too long, you get bored of that.

3 years back, I managed to secure Diablo 2 and gave to her.. It kept her entertained for three months until she finished whole campaign and started to try other class characters, and in 2 years she finished leveling them upto Lv. 99 in every character she made.. ...In expansion as well.

Now, my mother, finally got nothing else to do and tried anything she could, asked me to find a new PC game that she wouldn't mind to play.

Problem? I can't think of a game she would like to play.

Not an online game, and she hates strategy games like starcraft/warcraft/age of empires, only game she likes is RPG games like MapleStory or Diablo. Not too fancy and not with too high system requirements, because her laptop isn't that good but she has no wish to buy new one.
Only games I played are like, Gothic 3, which requires quite a bit of the memories and all, so she couldn't play in her laptop.. And now I am playing flashgames, which aren't much of her tastes..

Anyone who can think of the PC games that meet those requirements?

Sandsea / Winter Olympic 2010
« on: February 28, 2010, 11:19:43 AM »
Na, anyone interested in those? I was watching then on my trip to Korea, and I am still here... Watching. It was quite big news about the new figure skating queen.. ;)
Anyone interested or want to say something about any of them? (skating, skiing, etc, etc, etc..)

JRPG games / Asking for help (for a first time starter(me)..)
« on: February 11, 2010, 04:56:19 PM »
Okay, I am planning to start playing this game in a week, I already have it with me but I dare not to start before I finished some of my work, because I'm afraid that I might not be able to control myself. And another problem is, I only played FF series from 1 to 6 all in GBAs, a few in DS, and ALMOST NEVER 3D system adopted by Square Enix. Alright, I will give in Valkyrie Profile in PS2, but that's one of the exceptions I played in someone else's house, and otherwise WoW, Diablo2, and I think that's all, if I count only what I had- not what I played with others. I'm playing this in PC version because I don't have PS2 or PS3 or XBox or what-so-ever, but I am aware how to play with them anyway- I used to play in my cousins' houses before with them.

So things I need to know are...

1. What should I keep in mind?
2. Basic informations?
3. I am quite adopted to the online games (Ragnarok, MaypleStory, Yuhon, and more), but how would it different from them? (I liked playing WoW and DoTA, so you maybe able to take example from them and explain to me.)
4. And if anyone is willing, can anyone compare the battle system with FF series?

Um, this would be first time of my play, so... I might ask A LOT of questions...

Written Section / Re: Crow-A Crimson Eyed Assassin-PG15,Story
« on: January 22, 2010, 01:55:04 PM »
I'm actually quite not sure if its PG15 or even higher. It doesn't contain anything like sex (but there are some joke or something related to it maybe) but has a lot of scenes like murder, torture or even themes which are not exactly relevant to age lower than 15 for sure. (Main trouble here is that the main character is an assassin and not a human, so you can't really make him consider human rights)
Furthermore, I'll try to modify anytime if any of the topic is irrelevant or out of limit, so if there's problem just PM me anytime.
Any readers just keep in mind that my posts will be short, but I'll try to keep them posted oft. Currently with my poor condition of life with preparing for various exams for University next year July, I can't really sit infront of computer n have some play time.. (Though I'm trying to ignore my condition very often)
N this story is the story I have written for the 7th time, so u can call it 7th edition started since I was elementary school gr5.

On Jan 22nd, 2010

['..Brother! Thi, this.. What happened? Who, Who did this..!?'
'Are you blind? Wai, wai.. Whose head do you think I am holding now..? ..You saw me picking it up%2

Written Section / Poems from Stories by KainCrow(Currently 11 poems)
« on: November 03, 2009, 08:50:02 AM »
As I am not sure whether my stories are fit to be posted (too much dying people..), I am posting poems from the stories I have written. I will post more as soon as I translate them into English..
Oh, BTW..
[Story title_Subtitle/chapter title_-_the poem's title]

1. [Crow_The Crimson Eyed Assassin]
   Friendship of the Extremes
   Saga of the Darkness (Song)
   The Seven Graces * Part I
   The Seven Graces * Part II

2. [Saga of Rarl'en_The Polaris]
        Saga of Rarl'en - Prologue (Prophecy), a.k.a. Saga of the Transcendent
        Saga of Rarl'en - Story (Prophecy), a.k.a. Saga of the Transcendent
        Saga of Rarl'en_The Polaris_-_The Transcendent and the Bard (Song)
        Saga of Rarl'en_The Polaris_-_Lar Elain (song) -a.k.a. the Labyrinth of Eternity, Winter, and Memory
   ......Rest currently in translation process

        Prophecy for search (oracle)
        Sword, Flower and Shadow (Cipher by metaphor)

1. [Crow]
[Crow_The Crimson Eyed Assassin_-_Departure]

A broken winged one lies on the earth,
A broken sword stands on the ground.
Sadness lies on an Angel's wings,
Or a Devil's wings, no one knows.

The broken wings mend themselves,
The broken sword, reforged and shines.
Time passed, but old wounds of sadness,
Never healed, but widened, deepened.

Tone of Darkness hides one's wounds,
Bur 'tis no cure, wounds exist.
Sadness might be a longer runner,
But Hatred is strong- 'Tis covering Sorrow.

Dying one's heir might hide oneself,
But one is what one is -
Knowing it, dead, and reborn as the son of a dear one,
Happy as ever, healing the wounds of the dear.

No love let one love, No one called one dear,
Onely he, who called the one dear,
Be a light for the one who hides inside frozen tomb,
Wake, see none but a dear one for the one.

One's love never fades,
But he never has confidence with him,
Doubt Oneself, lost in maze,
Art thou worthy o' th' love o' th' dear one?

Uncertainity lies, over his wings, -
Oh, and never fade -
So long, oh my dear,
There, he's gone, who'll never return.

This poem is supposed to be at the near end of the story, but the scene was deleted after 3rd edition of the story.. Well, for my self anyway, I never showed or told about my stories's plot to anyone. I think next one to be translated is also from same story, Crow, but will take few days. Just tell me how it is..

Alright, the second one added.. Thanks to CrescentFox for correcting grammatical mistakes.

[Crow_The Crimson Eyed Assassin_-_Friendship of the Extremes]

Oh, an angel's wings,
For the demons, 'tis to take their life,
An angel's wings, flapping sounds,
To knock the door, of an ever-frozen world.

Frozen, from innocent Edelweiss,
To beautiful birds singing songs of the day,
With rainbow-coloured butterflies and bees,
All, frozen, in an ever-lasting silence.

Flaps, wings stirred,
The chill air of this field may freeze your mind,
Never stop, the angel whispers,
Then flies away in a hurry, to move on.

The azure sun covers the clear white sky,
Thin frost over the angel's wings,
Clasps the angel among frozen things,
Eerie blue light dances around crystalised ones.

Desperate for help,
The angel whispers to them,
Let me go, the souls be held,
Stir the wings, to remain unfrozen.

The ever-frozen world,
of the demons abandoned hell,
seek power, and only power,
The desperate angel, deep in worries.

Eerie calmness scares him,
Nothing moves around the angel,
Soundless, too quiet,
The frightened angel, seeks for help.

Sudden blasts heard afar,
The angel embraces himself to hold,
The explosions, clashing of swords,
A little shadow approaches, muttering to itself.

The hooded child stirs,
Surprised to see an angel half frozen,
Sighs, and speaks to the angel,
'Art thou not a heavenly being?'

'Tis strange, the calmness of the place,
An angel and a demon's fated meeting,
Who would have guessed that the little boy,
None other than a kid, is the Lord of the Demons?

The Demon Lord and the Angel's meeting,
Leaving them close, enough to trust each other,
The tempest approaches, through sufferings,
Such Friendship of the Extremes!

Seemingly an ever-lasting friendship,
who knew it would end in such a way,
'Tis a shame, 'tis indeed,
Their belief destroyed them both.

[Crow_The Crimson Eyed Assassin_-_Saga of the Darkness]

The sky where the stars flow,
'Tis the song of the sliver wolf running fast,
The song of the inheritance of the name 'Pendel'.
The full moon dances without sound,
Only the Sage in the Darkness's mind knows the meaning.

When the song and the dance come together,
The one who comes to extinguish such joyful time,
Covering the moon and stars,
One adopting the Darkness as the Light,
Fear as Rapture, and Despair as Pleasure,
'The one who reigns the Dakness'-

His name's feared,
His beauty is as deadly as the poison of a Basilisk,
His eyes are bloody crimson,
Reigning Death, drinking blood, and feasting over the corpses-
The wars and battles be all his life,
And when everyone dies,
he then reigns over the dead bodies of his own flesh and blood-

But the one who be loved and favored by the Dark Sovereign,
His only kith and kin,
Whom he dared not slay even in the time he lost his mind,
One who dragged the Dark Sovereign to the Light,
The story of the twins who are identical but never the same.

The elder loves the younger and the younger abhors the elder,
However, the weaker brother of the Dark Sovereign being the Wind,
Him the one who can change the Cloud.

The moment he acknowledges the truth behind the shadows,
He changes the Dark Sovereign's mind,
Like what the Wind can do to the Cloud.

The Dark Sovereign strolls under the light,
His wish finally granted,
The Wind abhored the Cloud,
But finally understood the truth.

How can it not be happiness,
The true affection composed in the Darkness,
The story of the Dark Clans,
Began in the Darkness, ended in the Light..

[Crow_The Crimson Eyed Assassin_-_Crow]

A crow of Lone Valley,
Singing happily over a village,
'Caw, caw!' it sings,
'There's death in the village'.

A crow of Lone Valley,
Flying happily over a village,
'Caw, caw!' it sings,
'There's a kin of mine, feasting on death'.

A crow sings, and so 'another' sings,
A song of death, the other says,
People's fear, terror and horror,
So they call the 'another',
'The bloody crow of crimson eyes'.

The crow sings, by other's fear,
it flaps its wings, as death approaches,
The dance with silverly, sharp claws calls,
Death comes, and the feast begins.

The feast begins, so the crow sings,
'Caw, caw!', with a tune of sorrow and sadness,
flaping of wings, resembling sobs,
Cry or sing, no way to figure out,
The crow, sings of a requiem, for the death he brought.

People sob, the crow caws,
But the bloody crow, cries with the sobs of humans,
Cry or sing, he is crying,
Once again, his cloak flaps,
and the short requiem, begins again.

[Crow_The Crimson Eyed Assassin_-_The Seven Graces * Part I]

The Seven Graces,
The seven men towering over others,

One be the Fading Shade,
Of such experience, be the shadowy Black Diamond,
Sharp and quick,
Stands for orders,
Swift and fast, attacks of his.

One be the Winter Light,
Of such purity, be the clear Diamond,
Honourable and bright,
Shines for justice,
Sword of his, full of compassion.

One be the Burning Flare,
Of such will, be the blazing Ruby,
Passionate and Enthusiastic,
Battles for the right,
Bursting with will, wild one he is.

One be the Advancing Flood,
Of such calmness, be the shining Sapphire,
Composed and logical,
Waits for chances,
Mind of his, so bright and calm.

One be the Crumbling Land,
Of such stillness, be the steady Opal,
Quiet but loud,
Perceiving for situations,
Voice of his, refreshing and clear.

One be the Dancing Breeze,
Of such rhythm, be the soft Emerald,
Jumping and rolling,
Smiles for others,
Calculative he is, taking quick decisions.

One be the impeneratable Will,
Of such nobility, be the high-ranked Jade,
Free but tamed,
Charismatic for everyone,
He be the Leader of all.

The Seven Graces, Mighty and Strong,
Knowst not the fear and danger.

One alone,
Standing against the Seven Graces,
Sayst to be the invincible,
The Seven Graces stand together,
dare not go against.

The Seven Graces, Towering over others,
But not the One, who stands alone forever,
Their master is he, the one who stood alone,
Who knowst not, what an emotion is.

The Seven Graces,
Be lone but close,
The Seven Masters,
Each owns a group.

*-The following is actually the first stanza of the poem, but I put it seperately as in the story it is introduced separately- This first stanza is actually not widely known in the novel's world, whereas the other stanzas, apart from first stanza, are a well known rumour. Thus, an event occurs due to this poem- As the poem is widely sang by bards without the first stanza, most people know that there is seven men called The Seven Graces. In the event, a group of seven men- bogus Seven Graces happens to visit the Thief & Assassin Guild. However, the real Seven Graces are the Masters of the Seven Guilds of the Western Continent-the seven jobs mentioned in the first stanza, and the leader of the Seven Graces- A man named Vice, the owner of the black diamond, is the master of Assassin Guild.

Mercenaries, Wizards, Bards, and Assasins,
Healers, Merchants, and Holymen,
The Seven Graces,
Of Seven Guilds,
Thou, knowst thee not, of the Seven Graces?

[Crow_The Crimson Eyed Assassin_-_The Seven Graces * Part II]

I be the knight of Darkness,
The first of the Seven Free-knights,
The Leader of the Seven Jewels,
'Tis I, the Black Diamond.

I be the Knight of Light,
The second of the Seven Free-knights,
The Supporter of the Seven Jewels,
'Tis I, the Diamond.

I be the Knight of Flame,
The third of the Seven Free-knights,
The Healer of the Seven Jewels,
'Tis I, the Ruby.

I be the Knight of Water,
The forth of the Seven Free-knights,
The Attacker of the Seven Jewels,
'Tis I, the Sapphire.

I be the Knight of Land,
The fifth of the Seven Free-knights,
The Recorder of the Seven Jewels,
'Tis I, the Opal.

I be the Knight of Wind,
The sixth of the Seven Free-knights,
The Supplier of the Seven Jewels,
'Tis I, the Emerald.

I be the Knight of Wish,
The last of the Seven Free-knights,
The Fighter of the Seven Jewels,
'Tis I, the Jade.

One who granted the Seven Jewels,
Be our master, oh our father,
One who ganted the Seven Skills,
Be our lord, oh our guardian,
Seven different men, oh seven different lives,
One who rulled all, our foster father.

The Seven Graces, We be the Masters,
The Seven Guilds, Guilds originated by our father,
The Seven Graces, Each knowing different sides.

The strongest of us might be the Black Diamond,
Desire moving us, 'tis the Jade.
The Emerald might be the richest,
But one who finds it's worth, is the Diamond.
The Opal makes most beautiful,
What makes it powerful, 'tis the Sapphire,
Though what heals the damege, be the Ruby.

The Seven Graces, All so extreme,
Who be the father, of all haughty and proud?
The Seven Graces, Extremes of all,
Who be the lord, of all noble and honoured?
The Seven Graces, High and Lone,
Who be the master, of all calm and logical?

The Seven Graces speakst,
All different about the one,
One the being must be,
However the descriptions different much.

The Diamond desribes his lord,
'He's the most melancholic introvert.',
The Sapphire describes his mentor,
'The admiring mentor who knows enjoyment!'

The Jade would mutter about his father,
'The warm hearted caring man.',
The Ruby would mutter about his tutor,
'Cruel and heartless, standing for missions only..'

The Opal rather speaks of his friend,
'Understanding and willing, open to any.',
The Diamond rather speaks of his senior,
'Outcasted and unwilling, closed and never interact.'

The Black Diamond would finally decide,
'My master, a sad, sorrowful martyr,
Happy he seems, when he forces himself a smile,
Enjoying he seems, when he laughs a loud,
Cruel he seems, when he massacres and murders,
Willing when he tries something, Unwilling when he refuses,
That's my master, I have known for over two decades.'

The Seven Graces, together as one,
The Seven Graces, knowst the power,
Powerful they are, The Seven Graces.

Those poems possibly contain gram. mistakes, you are welcome to correct me. Lol, though it seems not many are interested.. Chuckle. I will try to translate as fast I can.. And, actually, quite a lot of them are actually songs..

Alright, here we go...

2.[Saga of Rarl'en_The Polaris]
[Saga of Rarl'en_The Polaris_-_Saga of Rarl'en - Prologue (Prophecy)]
[a.k.a. Saga of the Transcendent]

No king had such fate,
No man had such life,
No one can be your parents,
Unless, only of your Body.
Your soul is of no man's,
But only of God's.
Kings, kneel in front of you,
Every knights, will swear upon you,
Your name, which will change soon,
Will be the greatest name in the History,
You must have died, if you are an ordinary man,
As you already passed so many dangers.
You, as an eagle, the king of the sky,
No one dares to shoot you,
Unless, they are fools,
Everyone would welcome you,
Unless they want wars which they will lose,
No one would dare step on your shadow,
Unless they are fearless of fear itself.

[Saga of Rarl'en_The Polaris_-_Saga of Rarl'en - Story (Prophecy)]
[a.k.a. Saga of the Transcendent]

Your soul's high,
But you complete not your fate.
Your love let you not the completion of your will.
Fall of yours, would bring death to you,
Chained, chained by love, faith and Loyalty,
Suffer, suffering by regrets lay deep in your heart,
You will find yourself, deeper in dept of Love.

Your death came nearer, your love came closer,
Which-ever you choose, turns all choice of a fool,
Of fool's, you never choose, you choose none but another life.

[Saga of Rarl'en_The Polaris_-_The Transcendent and the Bard (Song)]

Thou, heard thee not the song of the Drifting Wind,
Thou, seen thee not the dance of the Burning Flare,
Shadow casted Kadarme'a,
The Eternal Home of the Wizards..
Thou, know thee not the name of the Transcendent,
I, the one knowing destiny, dare speak his name.

Mine name be the Transcendent,
Empire Peranne, the place waits for me,
The king of kings, would return to the place..
Name of Ren, being eternal,
Ones who had taken oath to me are nowhere to be seen,
Infinity's name, high and proud,
But none is learned and erudite..

Platina's name, reign over the land,
The leader of theirs, bows infront of the king of kings.
Heir of the name Ren, offers the sword,
Knower of the name Infinity, kneels down.
Power of magic, Kadarme'a, The lord of the city offers his wand to thee,
The king of all mercenaries and the Gypsies,
The Contemplator of the World, Sha-arman,
They dare attend on you.

But none towers above others,
One I need, none exists
Is it 'cause me being Transcendent, the heir of Sha-arman?
I now speak, to thee who stood infront of me.
Is destiny of mine such a loner's, the heir of Sha-arman?
None understands I among ones who wants to help I,
Ones who attend on me, all of them knows me not
Thee, The one knowing destiny,
Canst thou banish the loneliness of mine?

Look at the East, oh my king,
When the sun rise, the king's spouse would come.
Look at the North, oh my king,
When the Polaris shines, the king's three companions through king's life would come.
Look at the South, oh my king,
When the Crux banishes, the king's enemy would appear.
Look at the West, oh my king,
When the sun sets, when all the hopes are gone,
The sun will rise again from the East,
The Polaris will shine again from the North,
The Crux will appear again from the South,
The king's glory, would continue.

..What thou meanst by thee words?
I had never loved any and all,
And thus, as well in the future.
I had never believed any and all,
and thus, as well in the future.
Enemies all around me,
What makes difference to it, adding one more?
My question was for my loneliness, what reason makest thee answer such?

The future king, future knight, future mother..
The king, remembers not the king's mother?
The king, remembers not the king's mother died for the king?
Remembers not her volition?
Remembers not her love?
Abandoned by father, died mother, and foster-mother trying to kill thee,
Being the reasons of your impossibility to love,
But your spouse would gain your mind.

You are a lord, you are a king,
But thus you be a lone being.
Your companions be no humans,
But thus they canst solace your mind.
Your enemy as well be no human,
And thus solace, your solitude o' being peerless.

...Thou meanst not I be no human?
What thee meanst by thee words,
The heir of the Sha-armans?

The king's soul be the soul of God, Saga of Transcendent.
The king's nobility is paragon of all knights,
The king's equity is paragon of all kings,
The king's name is admired by all scholars,
The king's love is all bards' song,
Oh, thou, one with the holy name,
Oh, thou, the king..
Heir of the Sha-arman, Mirman greets you, the one with noble destiny.

[Saga of Rarl'en_The Polaris_-_Lar Elain (song)]
[a.k.a. the Labyrinth of Eternity, Winter, and Memory]

Lar Elain, ones who are sleeping...
Sandman dances around you, fairy of dream, dreaner sings aloud,
Scattered wishes of yours be closer, seeking lost tiny key..
Travels to the endless Labyrinth..
Close to me.. Banishing.. To seek reminiscence with thee..
Little butterfly dances alone.. However winter wind be icy fangs..
Winter in the Labyrinth, Field in the Labyrinth, all be frozen ever..

Lar, Elain, Scattered wishes,
Among my banished reminiscences.. who am I, tell me who I am..
The Labyrinth of Winter be the exitless maze, only icy fangs of wind exists,
Freezing cold labyrinth banishes away, with my memory banishing together..
Lar Elain, Banishing memories,
Lar Elain, Beloved person,
Do you.. Remember.. the things we have done together..
Gone.. Gone.. the only things left are groundless shadows.
Only very vague, shadow casted image of yours, can't be seen at all remains..
...Frozen land, the eternal land of ice and snow, thee, moarn not..
The moment winter ends, the spring comes, even thou thee memory banished..
Thou, mourn not.. Winter returned, then thou'd be sad again.. Lar Elain..

I'm in school now, thankfully.. But I have to be out in 10 min! Sigh..

Meet and Greet / Hello~ I am Kain!
« on: October 06, 2009, 10:28:27 AM »
Um, hello to everyone first, I'm KainCrow, and, um, I came to know this website from my friend. Taking account that I can't use internet much, there's high chance I will be very inactive member- but anyway! I will try to be active, nyaha.

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