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The 3-Dimensional Era / From the xkcd webcomic:
« on: August 12, 2009, 10:12:33 PM »
Had to be posted:

The 3-Dimensional Era / Basch
« on: July 30, 2009, 04:27:18 PM »
Does anyone else think that Basch is overpowered?
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

The 3-Dimensional Era / Bahumat (Spoilers)
« on: July 09, 2009, 02:24:37 PM »
After Chapter 9 when you have the very long string of battles there was one that had Bahumat in it. You are supposed to just avoid him as he can pretty much one hit your whole party

I spent literally hours trying to defeat him and eventually succeeded (Repeated kamikaze with Kytes) and then completed the mission... I went to the ring of pacts before the battle with the Chocobos expecting to have unlocked him... But I havent... Have I done anything wrong?

The 3-Dimensional Era / Dance of the Dead
« on: May 31, 2009, 03:46:07 PM »
It is the only mission of Tomaj' I havent completed (after finnishing Ch 8)

Does anyone have any tips?

I have Basch taking on all the zombies and Vampyrs on his own in the narrow bit and is able to kill them indefinately (Thanks to a spam of carbuncles and penelo)

My party is roughly Lv 42

I have been using: Penelo, Basch, Ashe, Kytes and Filo

Thanks for any help

The 3-Dimensional Era / About Random Battles
« on: May 28, 2009, 12:56:28 PM »
This is a funny flash thingie I stumbled upon a while back

Enjoy ;)

The 3-Dimensional Era / One winged angel
« on: May 04, 2009, 08:00:25 PM »
I am easily able to play J-E-N-O-V-A and recently got the sheet music for One Winged Angel... It is *Bleeping* hard stuff!

Has anyone else tried it and any pointers for me? I am going on Grd 6 practical and 8 Theory (All ABRSM)

I cant play it any where near fast enough :S

The 3-Dimensional Era / Music question
« on: April 20, 2009, 04:24:29 PM »
At the end of chapter 8 when
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
is it just me or does it sound like the prelude from FFVII?
I have prelude on my MP3 player (Because I am an FF freak :p) and they sound very very similar.
Are they the same (Apart from the instruments) and was there a reason for this?

The 3-Dimensional Era / Difficulty
« on: April 14, 2009, 06:06:26 PM »
Has anyone else found this game very easy?

When you can one hit most of the bosses surely there is a problem...

My battle with Ultima weapon:
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

It does get harder right...?

I just thought it would be interesting to see places where S-E just didnt realise what their animations looked like...

Spoiler: Screenie from FFVIII (click to show/hide)

Lets ee all their blunders! Get posting

The 3-Dimensional Era / Elnoyle card
« on: March 27, 2009, 08:19:13 PM »
I am currently at Deling city and have just modded Minitaur into adamantines when I realised that I only had 14 Elnoyle cards :O :( >:(

Who plays them on the Deling/Timber/Dollet continent that is playable BEFORE:
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

The 3-Dimensional Era / What SeeD level did you start on?
« on: March 03, 2009, 12:31:16 PM »
I'm just curious as to what people got when they did the Fire Cavern and Dollet Exams.

I got SeeD lvl 10 and my stats were as follows:

Conduct: 50 ( :O... I spent 10 mins defeating the X-ATM092)
Judgement: 100 (This one is easy)
Attack: 100 (I was grinding on the soldiers to draw 100 of all the magic)
Spirit: 100 (The only time I ran was the first X-ATM092 battle where you have to run)
Attitude/Point(s) Deducted (same thing... 100 is still best): 100
Bonus: +1 level


The X-ATM092 took me way to long to defeat... I really should have got 100 Blizagas before taking it on... But my cards were usless then and the gatekeeper pwned me......

The 3-Dimensional Era / Challenges [POSSIBLE SPOILERS]
« on: February 18, 2009, 11:31:02 PM »
I was wondering what challenges have been done by members of these forums for FFVII?
I saw the thread for the Low leveled Tifa challenge but all the Vids werent working.

I might try a SCIENM next time I get my hands on my game and was wondering how hard it is?

Out of interest what is the hardest possible challenge? Is for example a SCIENMNI possible? :O


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