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Final Fantasy XII / Patching FFXII international/zodiac job system
« on: January 08, 2013, 12:19:12 PM »
So I'm currently having an issue patching the game.

I have copies of both the english version of the game and the zjs version and I've downloaded the latest english patch (v0.22).

I started by renaming the .iso files to ff12us.iso and ff12zj.iso and then I executed zjs_repack.exe.

Then the command prompt opened and stayed that way for approximately 50 seconds. Afterwards a new .iso file named ff12engzjs.iso appeared in the same folder.

Now the issue is that this new file is less than 1 gb in size which it shouldn't be right? And I can't run it with my ps2 emulator (the latest version). I am able to run both the english version and the zjs version individually but I can't seem to patch the zjs version.


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