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It definitely is amazing, I'm finally able to get myself some ribbons now! IZJS is pretty skimpy on them  ;)

The RNG chart can be confusing at first but play around with it, you should get it soon enough (took me many hours haha). If you have any problems figuring it out just post again here and I'll do my best!

I'm pretty sure the one I use is in the description of this youtube video, which should also help you out a bit. Don't follow the videos 100% though because some don't show clearing all the snakes.

I don't clear all the snakes or open the chests, i try not to get his as many times as possible since opening chests and hitting/getting hit advances the RNG, i am for the lowest RNG. The only snakes i clear are the 1s the spawn between each spawn point.

I think it has to be on the 0, as it uses the next line to spawn the enemy. I've tried it though and couldn't get it to work. Does reddas have to have joined your team, or only can you do it as soon as you get the treaty blade?

Figured it out earlier :P, i just went on Lvl 99 Chocobo section on an excel and just made the RNG go to the closest 1 i was near, and ye it has to be 0. I believe Reddas has to join your team first.

Quote from FFWikia.

Obtaining the Treaty Blade in Ancient City of Giruvegan is the trigger for a swarm of merchant inventory changes all over Ivalice, and three other events, one of which was generally believed to be the ability to spawn the LV.99 Red Chocobo; in fact, it is Reddas's joining the party as a guest that makes it possible to spawn the chocobo.

Shame this board isn't very active now-a-days :(, although i suppose i can share with what i am doing :).

What i plan on doing:


Spawn the Ribbon chest in the Abyssal (10%)
Kill Ixion
Kill Shadowseer
Kill Fafnir
Kill Wild Malboro
Kill Piscodaemon
Kill Diabolos
Kill Deathgaze
Kill King Behemoth
Kill Zodiark + Chaos
Attempt to spawn 2 Level 99 Red Chocobos for 2 Ribbons while attempting a RNG steal aswell. Succeeded but killed me :( On the bright side i have now spawned 5 of them and now have 6 Ribbons :D
Gain 6 Gendarme

Get 3 thief cuffs (2/3)

Today i got the ingredients for Whale Whisker L, turns out nobody can wield it, as i thought it was like the Seintegerate, also i finally got 2 Emperor Scales, turns out i don't have anyone who can wield it either, since i also thought it was like the Seintegrate =[. Just got Tournesol and Masamune I, which i can wear but not the Tournesol, i knew Masamune I needs a certain class, little did i know, so did Tournesol, i think i have chosen the most stupidest classes xD

Level 91 Penelo, 75 Ashe, 77 Basch, 50 Fran, 50 Vaan, 51 Balthier, soon be good enough to tackle Trial Mode again :(

Will keep updated.

Sounds like something is eating up the RNG. Do you have Regen or some other buff that's dependant on the RNG? Are there any enemies nearby (particularly the Entite)? You should also check out this video if you haven't already:

Oh i get it now, except, does my RNG have to be on the -1 or the 0?

I am using both these charts: - This has 4 values for Cure but if i put my attack as my weapons attack, it's off and if i even put my base attack which is 12, it's off also. - Then i am using this one also, this seems right, but i don't get how to use this for the Chocobo.

Currently what i am doing for the bottom chart (as the top chart isn't working for me or i am doing it wrong), is that i clear the area then after petrifying the 2 chocobos left and there are no more snakes, i go in a clear area and cast cure 3 times, i then write each value of the cure in each box, this then takes me down the column to where my RNG is, in the E column it says TRUE on some of the boxes but if i get the RNG on the TRUE, the chocobo doesn't spawn.

Am i doing it totally wrong?


I am reading the section on stealing, but what does "MOD" mean, it's saying...

So to steal rare item without thief cuffs, the next random number must be 00-02 mod 100.

Does this mean the last 2 digits in the RNG?

Final Fantasy XII / Re: The RNG Method
« on: July 18, 2011, 10:26:10 PM »
I thought 1 of them had to be above 80 and 1 had to be above 95 and also do they have to be together, and when do i open the chest, before the 80 or after the 95.

Final Fantasy XII / Re: The RNG Method
« on: July 18, 2011, 10:09:41 PM »
I think i have sussed it, i wasn't too show about what to do after entering the last cure but now i realize what to do and why it wasn't working, I THINK.

225503843   967
3285925040   943
148254087   964

The left is my RNG and the Right is what my cure just hit so now the following pattern will be this:

1544605017   932
1732575028   937
1235522268   932
742286006   927
3773939092   967
2633940226   1029
3309725665   1000
1112836606   973
535914326   959
2302599798   946
601148348   969

I'll now highlight what i think i have to do.
1st highlight = Start counting from there
2nd highlight = The RNG i need 1st.
3rd highlight = The RNG i need 2nd.
1st underline = The RNG i need to get to.

So hope you still follow me, starting from the 1st highlight, the 1st underline is say 20 lines away exactly, all i need to do is hit myself 2 times for the RNG to go +20 then i should be on the 1st highlight, this is now when i open the chest to get the item?

Final Fantasy XII / Re: The RNG Method
« on: July 18, 2011, 08:53:49 PM »
Can't understand it still =/.

The spread sheet i am using is this 1:

I saw what somebody wrote on the topic i got the spreadsheet from but only understood part of it, here is what was written.

cells in pink are the cells you need to fill in yourself. Have one character at full HP cast cure on themself 3 times in a row, making sure only that character is active in the party. Enter those 3 cure values where it says cure 1, etc. other pink cells that must be filled in are that characters level and mag power, and whether or not the have serenity licensed. the spreadsheet will automatically tell you where those 3 cure values are found consecutively. Find that spot on the spreadsheet, then begin going down, looking at the numbers in the far left column. These are rather long numbers, but you only need to pay attention to the final two digits of these numbers. find a spot where the final two digits end above 80, followed immediately by a number where the final two digits end in 95 or above. you need to get to the line immediately before these two numbers. You can enter that line in target row column, and the spread sheet will tell you how far away you are. If for example you are 56 lines away, hit yourself UNARMED for 0 damage 5 times and cast cure 6 times. hitting yourself advances rng 10 lines, cure advances it one. When you are at the line before those 2 numbers, open the chest for your item.

The bit in bold is what i understand, can anyone simplify this much more, thanks.

Also in the values of that spreadsheet, this is what i entered:

Event Board / Re: FFTogether's Winter Marathon (organisation and sign up)
« on: October 20, 2010, 03:04:31 PM »
Sounds interesting, always wanted to stream, can anyone give me a quick run through of how i stream and maybe link me to not too pricey recording products? Also i only have a SD TV (like 1998) :D since, well... i can't seem to get used to HD. I may decide to get 1 from Christmas though.

Anime & Manga Section / Re: H.O.T.D/High School of the dead
« on: August 25, 2010, 05:19:33 AM »
Amazing manga, just like Shadow Gilgamesh, i also am a huge fan of zombie games/films.

News / Re: The Black Mages have sadly disbanded...
« on: August 17, 2010, 11:13:57 PM »
How the hell could they have copyright issues with Square Enix when Uematsu used to preform music for them? It should be perfectly fine to arrange the music. ???

It's obviously not as simple of how you think it is :P. Also what a shame =[, lets hope Uematsu can find a good replacement.

thats the one i spoke of vaguely. ive tried it a few times but im running on my vaio and i question how legit the rng works, also the only mention ive seen of running in such a way was pretty obscure....*shrugs* was some poster named steel who mentioned getting the bow and trango tower rng worked so maybe its solid...ill try it some more its just the whole zoning part and lack of "clicks" givin its a mounted image. thanks pp

yeah man i saw that u_u shish is harsh. thats why i keep alot of saves XD plus its always fun to go back to good parts. did you shut down on the saving screen? id say try to recover it but thats a whole other motion.

im gonna be doing deathgaze later to get em... u_u
+ now you can try and get the first scale from the wyrm...or was it tyrant? XD w/e..just might be easier to do wyrm and if not just do death gaze....seems like archaeoaevis would be a difficult poach/kill to make anyway let alone the chance of the right drop im sure. gl getting back to your save state.

Too late :P already saved over the save slot :), at Barheim Passage right now, just got bored since i hate doing the Barheim Passage =[. Is it possible to Steal off the Wyrm or Death Gaze, zone and re-steal? Also when am i able to get the Seitengrate?

not to leave the topic but which trick would this be? ive been around the forums abit but havent really hunted down a solid way to do it other then me just running up there in my off time instead of using teleport stuffs XD also i have tryed that one video i saw with the diamond armlet, rab to nalbina waiting fora min thing....gambits off n such.

@Tidus let me know how that hunt ends up. :p

*btw ive actually gone back from a phon coast save to fight the earth tyrant? just to get that T_T...i keep alot of saves....u_u

Well yeah, i would let you know but it shall take a while since my main save got corrupt from doing a hard save =[. Restarting the game again :D.

Zodiac Job System / Re: Daily Update 2: What did you do in IZJS today?
« on: August 11, 2010, 07:22:51 PM »
Only just woke up :o 5:52pm, i know...

But this afternoon i plan on trying to get the Seintegrate bow via the method DarkKefka posted on youtube, then if all goes good, i'll try my best to get the Aldabran Y gun :o.

Scratch all that, turned in on, got to southgate, hard reset, turned back on, my 150 hour main save went corrupt :'(.

Zodiac Job System / Re: Daily Update 2: What did you do in IZJS today?
« on: August 11, 2010, 06:53:47 PM »
Only just woke up :o 5:52pm, i know...

But this afternoon i plan on trying to get the Seintegrate bow via the method DarkKefka posted on youtube, then if all goes good, i'll try my best to get the Aldabran Y gun :o.

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