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Title: Adamantoise and Adamantortoise Fighting
Post by: CVL14558 on April 13, 2012, 03:22:03 AM
I know there's plenty of these out there, but this one is more based around you wanting to just fight Adamantoise or Adamantortoise for Gil/Traps rather than their harder cousins the Guis (which you may or may not have unlocked)

This is more or less post-game (or extremely long during game [200+ hours for me]) play

okay you don't need Ultimate weapons (but having Omega Weapon for Light is extremely useful)

Weapons (suggested)
Ultima Weapon or Enkindler for Light (if you haven't gotten Omega Weapon [from either of the suggested])
Calamity Spear for Fang (or Kain's Lance upgraded from Calamity Spear)
Eagletalon for Hope (or the Nue upgraded from Eagletalon)

Accessories (suggested)
Genji Gloves (Light and Fang)
Collector's Catalog or Connesseiur Catalog or Genji Gloves (Hope)
Aurora Scarf (Light Fang and Hope)
Imperial Armlet x2 (Light Fang and Hope) <---better than Gaian Ring IMHO

if you are before the end of the game, this get's more difficult and it may not work and you may have to resort to the Death Spam Strategy

Paradigms (in the order of Light/Fang/Hope)

Com/Sab/Rav -- This is to Apply Deprotect/Deshell to the legs (you don't need both but you do need 1) and to apply Deprotect, Deshell, and Imperil (anything else is extra and you must have them on in order to do it with just 1 knock-down)

Com/Com/Rav -- This is used as a ATB Recharge and as the primary Damage Dealer when the Turtle is Knocked Down

Rav/Com/Rav -- This is used to stagger everything

Med/Syn/Syn -- This is your starting point. With Aurora Scarves on all three, you can get Haste and Protect/Protectra on all three fighters BEFORE the turtle's first stomp.

Med/Med/Med -- This is for healing if all three are red or 2 are dazed

Sen/Sen/Sen -- This is for sponging damage from stomps, quake, and Roar/Bay


Start on Med/Syn/Syn and stay there until Haste, Protectra, Shellra, Faithra, Bravera, Veil, and Vigilance are on all three. Keep spamming Cura/Cura/Cure if you only have Tier 2 or Cura/Cura/Cura if you have Omega Weapon on Light.

After you have all buffs switch to Com/Sab/Rav and get one leg staggered (Fang should get Deprotect or Deshell on the turtle by the time you stagger but if not it takes 3 sets of attacks on the next step)

After the Leg is staggered switch to Rav/Com/Rav and immediately use Army of One. If the Turtle Stomps twice before your first Army of One is done switch to Med/Med/Med to cure a bit and quickly switch back. If the Leg has either Deprotect or Deshell it should be around half dead. If that's the case, you only need to do a auto-attack to kill it (maybe a little of a 2nd auto). if it's closer to 3/4 health and deprotect or deshell isn't on it, you will need to do another Army of One and it should be about dead after it completes allowing you to kill it with a quick auto attack. There's a trick to doing the 2nd Army of One immediately, if it looks like it's too much health left for you, switch to Com/Com/Rav during the Army of One sequence and immediately switch back. Then refer to the first half of this step.

If you are half health or less, or the turtle is about to use quake (because the AI made your last bit of auto-attack hit the turtle and not the other leg) switch to Sen/Sen/Sen until the turtle hits you to absorb that damage and then switch to Med/Med/Med to cure.

Afterwards, repeat the last 3 steps on the other leg. If your Buffs wear out before you kill the other leg, switch immediately to Med/Syn/Syn to reapply them and keep cured (it's actually a little better to do this before you kill the other leg anyway because you will lose the Protectra, Shellra, Faithra, and Bravera BEFORE the turtle's stagger is up during the next steps)

After the Turtle Falls down, Immediately switch to Com/Sab/Rav to apply Deprotect Deshell and Imperil (all three are a MUST). Other debuffs are extra (Fang will probably also get Curse, Slow, and Daze on it)

Immediately after you see the turtle is debuffed with Deprotect, Deshell, AND Imperil, switch to Rav/Com/Rav to stagger (use auto-attack). After it get's staggered, use Army of One and during the animation, just when Fang starts the 3-hit-combo that is her last ATB Gauge, switch to Com/Com/Rav and immediately back to Rav/Com/Rav. This refills your ATB gauge on all 3 in order for Light to use another Army of One immediately. During the Army of One animation and just when Fang starts the 3-hit-combo again, switch back to Com/Com/Rav and stay there until the turtle 1: Dies (if you have Omega Weapon, Nue, Calamity Spear, and my suggested accessories with a Max Crystarium) or 2: Stands up

Immediately when it starts standing up, cancel whatever you're doing and immediately switch to Sen/Sen/Sen to lower the damage from the 1-2 stomps that comes (if it uses Roar/Bay and causes all 3 to be dazed, stay Sen/Sen/Sen OR summon (unless you want to save your TP and just take the retry if you die) to absorb the damage from the attack that takes daze off you)

If it uses Roar/Bay and only causes 1 or 2 to get dazed, switch to Med/Med/Med to cure and switch to Sen/Sen/Sen to absorb the damage that will come from the attack that knocks daze off you.

Stay Med/Med/Med to cure to green or high yellow and then switch to Med/Syn/Syn to continue Curing and Re-applying buffs.

Repeat the steps above 1 more time and it should be dead

Target Time with Omega Weapon, Calamity Spear, Nue and my suggested equipment at max crystarium is 20 minutes

you should take it down in less than 10 minutes (unless it uses Roar/Bay most of the time)

I've successfully used this strategy over 500+ fights with the Adamantoise on the Eden Bridge and the Adamantortoise Mission 63 and have only died 3 times the entire sequence (because the Adamantoise Roared, Dazed all 3, Stomped and killed me (even while i was Sen/Sen/Sen))

As far as I know, I am the author of this strategy. If it is similar to someone else's or is exactly like someone else's, it is coincidental because I made up this strategy myself without using the Internet.

i will work on this strategy and apply it to a non-post-game setup (which could still have all the equipment i've said but with 10k or so less HP which makes the strategy change because of the high-damage-dealing-potential of the turtle's stomps and quake)

anyway, more than anything i wanna know what you guyz think

Title: Re: Adamantoise and Adamantortoise Fighting
Post by: Ultima on April 13, 2012, 03:17:26 PM
It's definitely useable but you could cut your time substantially by using Assassination (SAB/SAB/RAV) for debuffs, Tri-Disaster (RAV/RAV/RAV) to stagger and Cerberus (COM/COM/COM) to deal proper damage (Hope is know slouch when it comes to his Ruin spell). Having more of the same role in one paradigm compounds the natural bonuses for each role; SAB gives a bonus to how successful debuffs are, RAV gives a bonus to how quickly the chain gauge increases and COM gives a bonus to damage.

I would also drop the Aurora Scarfs for Daze/Earth resistant accessories.
Title: Re: Adamantoise and Adamantortoise Fighting
Post by: kokushishin on April 14, 2012, 12:52:39 AM

Calamity Spear doesn't really add anything here.

Imperial Armlets are inferior to Gaian Ring: you're taking more damage, but worse, you're taking up 2 of your slots to do so.  Even Gaian Ring+Imperial Armlet would be better.

Honestly I think you'd be better off starting with SYN/SYN/SYN:  your buffs will last longer and Lightning can throw on the Enspells, which have a great base duration and are a sizable chunk of free damage, especially with Imperil.
Title: Re: Adamantoise and Adamantortoise Fighting
Post by: CVL14558 on April 14, 2012, 04:03:44 PM
thanks for the input. keep it coming

i've worked the changes you've suggested and am currently testing the workability (for me with my luckiness XD)

*runs into adamantoise* "LET'S GET IT ON TURTLE!!!" lol