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The Good Old Days / Final Fantasy VI - Stand Guard
« on: September 15, 2011, 01:53:50 PM »
This is a revision of Final Fantasy III US v1.1, made using LordJ’s excellent FF3usME, and many patches found on this site and elsewhere. It took two and a half months to finish, and there are three patches: one for Easy, one for the original game’s difficulty, and one for Hard. It was my intention to bring the presentation of the game in line with later games in the series, and I re-wrote a bit of the dialog for color.

Short List of Changes:

You may now dash with the cancel button
The font has been changed (Comic Sans)
Spells, items, monsters, etc. have been changed
Gau may now return from any monster formation with less than 6 monsters
Gogo’s command select no longer has a yellow streak in it
Many typos, errors, etc. were corrected
The text has been formatted so that you may name characters whatever you like
The graphics have been changed back to the original game’s uncensored graphics

The relevant download link is here:


- Spooniest


How does one maneuver these iron beasts into locomotion, sir?

The Good Old Days / Final Fantasy VI Remake: Voice Acting Cast?
« on: September 14, 2011, 01:16:19 AM »
This is the cast that I thought would be a good fit. Most of them would be returning from FFIV DS, because I felt that the voice acting in that was very very good.

 Kefka: Mark Hamill
 Terra: Jennifer Hale (Metroid Prime)
 Celes: Emilie-Clarie Barlow (Sailor Moon, can sing)
  Relm: Daniella Macey (Rydia in FFIV DS)
Emp. &
Strago: Lee Everest (Tellah in FFIV DS)
 Locke: Taliesin Jaffe (Edge in FFIV DS)
   Cid: William Frederick (Mysidian Elder in FFIV DS)
 Edgar: Steve Burton (Cloud in Everything)
 Sabin: Yuri Lowenthal (Cecil in FFIV DS)
Shadow: Dameon Clarke (Rubicante in FFIV DS)
  Cyan: Liam O'Brien (Kain in FFIV DS)
   Mog: Jackie Powers (Nall in Lunar)
   Gau: Nancy Davis (Ramus in Lunar)
Ultros: Jeff Bergman (Daffy Duck)

You'll notice that I didn't include a VA for Leo...any ideas?

Written Section / Final Fantasy VI: Stand Guard
« on: August 31, 2011, 02:07:23 PM »
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